Riding the Metronome! Round 1!

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It was mainly first come first serve but I did exercise some discretion in places.


  • Species Clause
  • Timed Battle
  • The rest of the standard clauses should be unchecked. If you're skilled enough to get two freezing moves and freeze with them both, you deserve it!
  • No Pokemon above 600 BST
  • No Ghosts
  • No Steels
  • No Switching
  • All EVs at 85 in each stat, neutral nature, all IVs 31 (I didn't have this rule initially because it's completely unenforceable but I'm sure you guys are trustworthy right?)
  • Metronome is clearly the only move your Pokemon is allowed to have
  • Leppa Berry or Starf Berry are the only items allowed. (So for the time being, only Starf)
Round 1 Pairings!

vs Wombat Sky Forme
reachzero vs RobertHolly
Ryo vs snorlax
Krack vs Coronis
SikhAssassin vs zorbees
macle vs locopoke
Goldenknight14 vs hybrid99
Flamewire vs ReyScarface
soul dance vs mohaji
Staraptor Call vs rojo23
Dubulous vs CTI
Alakapimp vs Keelhauled
Theorymon vs supermarth64
Anata vs mailman
Cost vs Ace Matador.
Mordock vs Blue_Tornado
Deep Thought vs FallenAngel
OGBaLLiN vs iBleedPink
Darkness Wolf vs Blue Blur
Xyphang vs Seafunks
LightWolf vs HeartBurn
Legacy Raider vs lanterminator
Bananasplit vs Batpig
joshe vs joel22
Son of Shadoo vs Sceats
Equinox vs I3east
Giant Enemy Crab vs dachickens
Colonel M vs PurpleWeezing
Clifford vs Phyres
Dogfish44 vs opokemon13
TotalPotato vs Trufflehunter25
KnightoftheWind vs zaktrunks
Towelie vs Blackhawk11
alive vs Afroninja22
Flamewheeler vs RIDICULOUS_
DCJ vs rewindman
Jibaku vs Vacuum
imperfectluck vs Flashstorm1
Pirika vs seven7xenon
latios315 vs bobtheball4
TheFourthChaser vs bojangles
Malfunction vs Cracker
ultimifier vs Lesm46
sprinkles vs PokemonMasterHSA
leak vs _Rewer_
Lady Bug vs kd24
die eter vs Yagami Light
bigfoots vs Max
ohh its rg vs loedoc
jaehutch vs Kovin Gert
Fuzznip vs Perspex
Erodent vs uclafan101
tito vs LightningFusion
Mizuno vs Dan Dan
-Mind- vs Kaxtar
LonelyNess vs Mekkah
boxedout5 vs Pidgeot79 (victory by banning!)
The Plant vs Love Destiny
drcosssack vs Jackal
Atticus vs Jimbo
dbolt vs Great Sage
Minato. vs Huntofthelion
Lhefriel_Medies vs panamaxis
Dragonknight08 vs MetalGarX

I'm going to start making subs on October 23rd. The round will end November 3rd. I won't hesitate to coin flip where both players are inactive.
Whee first post :toast:

I'll PM FallenAngel to try and set up a time. It shouldn't be too hard since my schedule is pretty flexible.

EDIT: Ninja'd by _Rewer_. Darn.
Starf Berry is in Shoddy, Leppa isn't. So I guess everything will need that.

Thanks for banning Ghosts and Steels and the other rules. Tradition for life!
going to be an interesting tournament to do my "debut" in :P

anyways, sending a PM to Wombat Sky Forme so we can do our battle soon.
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