Rigged (Monotype Edition) Round 1

I wanted to do the first predicts but w/e =D

Namranan vs MetaRiolu7 - The Police are on the side of Metariolu7.
Decem vs maroon - Happened...
Confluxx vs Baloor - Happened...
Kev vs Ssalbap - ssalbap is rude, while Kev is also rude he liked my winpost the other day so I think we're friends now.
H.M.N.I.P vs Skysolo - Ubers vs dpp, edge to skysolo because he has at least played this generation.
byronthewellwell vs wehavecancer - I'm hoping this guy survives the battle. I bless you in your battle with cancer.
Juuno vs PinkDragonTamer - I'm pretty sure Juuno is a weeb so she's fire.
avarice vs Estarossa - Avarice is like my favorite name change of all time.
LuckyPiper vs RAP Yogurt - This fucking IDIOT. He may have showed me How to Play Pokemon and played for like 2 years prior to me joining, but since then he hasn't put in the blood sweat and tears I have. The only interaction this dude has had with Pokemon recently is the Lewd Gardevoir pictures on his computer, and while that may have let him beat me in arm wrestling it won't help him out on the real battlefield. sit down little boy because I'm about to show you why they call me a Mono random (whatever that means but I think it's a good thing).
Waszap vs Chaitanya - Zap will probably get banned for signing up on 2 alts :3
snaga vs GotCookies - My friends will laugh at me if I bold cookies and I saw a log of Snaga saying "get LuckyPiper" in Lpl so I like him.
Wanka vs Pak - Pak is fire and I don't rlly see wanka play much, + the chance of wanka surviving until they play is lower because he has a habit of texting and driving.
Harpp vs Iggy96 - Isn't iggy one of bowsers Kids.
DYA vs Caspell - DYA seems more of a weeb.
zugubu royale vs Jolly Togekiss ^-^ - I Like Jolly Togekiss but I'd have to predict against Zugubu and I simply can not.
iLlama vs Winemom87 - I like iLlama and if he loses he'll probably quit again so I hope he wins.
ed wins vs Mr. Miner - His name says it all.
boulicrok vs EnzoLapras - Lapras is fire
Dak Prescott vs Seager - Seager once lucked me in a seasonal and I expect him to recreate that magic here.
Ferno vs Yami - Ferno is a bully and Yami is the most fragile person i know, I expect a mental breakdown around turn 5 and then ferno wins by default.
Havens vs StarBlim - Bolding starblim is for sure a sin.
Jho vs Panther-T - Booker-T and Mr-T have finally found a successor, but I don't expect much of him just yet.
Vodoom vs dahli - Peachyclouds is fire
DugZa vs Floss - Floss once used fire punch gallade to kill a scizor and I still can't fathom what the fire punch was for, I guess he was preparing for bug but like ???? why
Sabella vs Jytcampbell - Sabella got fighting vs dark vs us in ulc that dude is super fire.
RudyRudy. vs Gammbitt - these are some horrid usernames, gammbitt is slightly better
schwipper vs FIR SoulSurfer - Schwipper had the common sense to not add the "FIR" in front of his name. massive edge to him.
Mateeus vs TheTacoMan - Staravia isnt in gen 8
TSR vs TJ - TJ sounds like it would be a character in hey Arnold.
The Consort vs Kaguya Lys - Kaguya tried to hide his replays but Eien forced him to post them. the Consort now knows everything about Kaguya Lys and literally can not lose.
K3ppr vs Fylkir Pudin - I have personally been a Fylkir fan since his debut and I'm glad I got him on here. Goat.
Bluxio vs I am bu - I drafted bluxio in my first GPL and I don't think he played a game, I will forever bold his opp.
Days for Dabs vs tier - DfD is fire and Tiers only good type got absolutely smashed this gen.
Azelea vs SirSkit - SirSkit is so Nice I'd feel bad bolding against him.
Crashy vs Dandy Highwayman - I've seen these 2 play a lot, I think crashy probably has the better overall record.
Nailec vs Riku Sakuraba - Riku is fire as fuck.
Cam vs Bebo - Idk
Twilight Solace vs SectoniaServant - Mr Abby has already proven himself in COD, will he recreate that same magic here, In this tour?
Ampha vs Kipkluif - What the fuck does this say.
EricSaysHi vs Nexecutioner - Ericsayshi is quite honestly one of the worst usernames I know of.
Devinp0 vs A Random Rift - Rifts contribution to the mono community is giving vid one of attributes teams in his stream chat.
Ronman5 vs DemonBldz - DemonBldz Is someone I have never seen a game, However sadly I have seen Ronman play. Massive edge to DemonBldz
isuckstbattles vs Acey - Danse Macabre - Acey is nice, the other guy literally can't spell
Tico Meu vs Kalib_32 - get the fuck out of Kalib_32's way. this man is a monster. a Machine of destruction.
neomon vs Cheese5555 - Ok sorry to whoevers name I attacked. cheese5555 is a bottom1 name and his avatar makes it even worse.
Kaif vs jcbc - this guy is pretty nice he pmed me the other day.
Pajamazz vs Shokkking - ShoKKKing is racist.
Roxiee vs crucify - Roxie will win with some aids set
agenS vs yedla - 2 bad names. The other guy has a capital at the end of his name so sorrY.
The Thunderbirds vs Reyzark - Not sure but the thunderbirds is kinda sus
Y8 vs OprahN -Ara and losing are 2 words that do not belong together.
Htaras vs Derpeddeath - Derpeddeath is funny but not in a good way, you're usually laughing at him not with him.
TechnoRaptor vs aGroove - this was tough but I got a notification that agroove liked my post.
InfernoDragon vs RottenInfernape - Infernape is an Ugly Pokemon and INFERNODRAGON sounds like he eats chumps for breakfast. massive edge.
Souw vs SanicResh - ????
chimp vs Fakee - Eien I think Waszap signed up on an alt, I expect him to be removed from the tour which gives Fakee a win by default
Blimax vs Orbit - Cute name
silver97 vs Triopsman - No clue but my gut bolded this guy
boyn vs Haider787 - Chef Boynardee
Yuitaeth vs KingBrine41 - Kev called act on this guy because he hadnt logged in for a year but he instantly logged in and called Kev out, funny guy.
Platanomajoncho vs Kadon YT - assuming Kadon YT made that name for youtube publicity I'm not ever bolding him.
TezGreninja vs Mordecai & Rigby - Tezzy is fire and this other guy forgot that Pops was the only good character.
Koalacance vs blinkboy - I really liked BlingkBlingkboy in johnny test, massive edge.
Maxerus vs Noctrine - this could go either way but Maxerus is cute.

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