Riski's Pokemon Thread

CMT for: (post in my thread please)

Female - Water Absorb - Careful
OT Karen 65491 HeartGold
Curse/Encore/Recover (HGSS)/Earthquake
Hidden Power type is Dark 70

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Hi, sorry everyone who made requests recently. I'm going to be too busy indefinitely to trade pokemon. Sorry.

My trade status is off indefinitely.
Folks, Riski is taking a break from Pokemon and may or may not come back. I intend to keep this topic open unless I hear a request to close from Riski.

Not easy for us older folks to juggle work and pokemon at the same time.
CMT for

Yorterrie - female (Jolly)
/31/31/17/30/31 pickup (which will become sand paddle on evolution).
Not redistributable.

Mamepato - female (Jolly)
Hey, Mixxer. Your post helped my topic avoid the purge. I owe you one. As a gift, you can pick up the Yorterrie and Mamepato whenever it's convenient for us both. I have EVed versions of both if you'd like them too.
Great RNG guides! They helped me out greatly since I'm new to RNGing and this site! Thanks a ton for them!

By the way, I don't have many great tradeables, but would you consider selling the Event Shiny Raikou with HP Ice 70 and all original moves? I would gladly pay $5-$10 for it. I would send the money via paypal FIRST since I am offering the deal (proper etiquette) and you seem trustworthy.
Hi, Phantom. I'm glad you like the guides.

Sorry, but I can't sell a pokemon to you. I seriously doubt it's legal to do so. Edit: though it might be perfectly legal for you to hire someone to RNG the game cartridge you personally own. But rather than getting into moral and legal grey areas, keep on learning RNG. :-)
To be honest, I'm not entirely sure I still have that Raikou on my 4th gen game. I did a stupid and used the transfer procedure to get a copy up on gen 5, but I didn't know the procedure would grab every single copy of the Raikou including the clone. So yeah, not sure if any of my other cartridges still have a copy of it on Gen 4.
Gen V is okay too, I don't honestly mind. I could trade you something first on Gen IV if you want (If I have something you'd like that is lol) and then you could trade me the Raikou on Gen V.

I've been trying to RNG now for almost a month, and I had pretty much given up... I litterally searched, RNG for noobs, and you were the first person to come up :D I now have a shiny Trapinch :D
Thanks again, you really helped me out :)
CMT for

Tangela female - #114 (Relaxed) regeneration: 31/31/31/21/31/31
Egg moves: leaf storm, leech seed, sleep powder. Unfortunately her speed IV is perfect.

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