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Hello, welcome to the RMT Archive nomination thread! I know this has been stagnant for a while, but, we've finally got it up and running again! The RMT archive index has been updated, and for the first time, CAP teams have been included!

Here, you're free to nominate OU RMTs you feel deserves a spot in the RMT Archive. Keep the following in mind, though: We're looking for teams that bring something new to the table. Teams that perfect a certain strategy or combination. Teams that popularize a new set or obscure way of playing a certain Pokémon. Those are the kind of teams that we want to see here. DO NOT automatically nominate a team just because it has pretty pictures, lengthy descriptions, or a colorful threat list. Remember, we are trying to tell a story of the development of the metagame of a generation through RMTs, so make sure to nominate teams that meet the aforementioned criteria!

With that said, I'd like to lay down a few ground rules:

    • Only let one person nominate a team.
    • There's no need to post here saying "I agree with this nomination". If I see any of this, your post will be deleted and possibly infracted.

    • This is self-explanatory. Explain why you nominated a team in a few brief sentences.

    • Please refrain from posting your own teams, if it deserves a spot it'll be nominated.

Here's the format for nominating teams. Failure to follow this format will result in your post being ignored:

Title of the team: Make sure to hyper-link to the actual thread.

Justification: Brief summary of why you think the team should be added.






For anyone wondering what new teams were included in the RMT Archive, I've added them below in HIDE tags with their respective paragraphs.

April 2010 - Balanced

This team focuses on a quirky balanced nature and the support of a dual Calm Mind core. Calm Mind Jirachi was just beginning to see an increase in usage during this era, and this team exemplifies why that is perfectly. Spikes support from the likes of Skarmory alongside the durability of Tyranitar and RestTalk Rotom-H round out the team by causing difficulties for opposing teams that have to switch a lot, all to open up holes for the Calm Mind duo to clean up the late-game.

Heavenly Star - reyscarface
September 2009 - Bulky Offense

This bulky offensive team by reyscarface really paved the way for many more teams like it. Offensive Suicune defines the team by setting up on and taking advantage of what many of the other Pokemon on the team lure. Once the Blissey falls, which Metagross, Scizor, and Gliscor work toward, Suicune and Heatran will mess up whatever's left. Reyscarface's style of "high risk, high reward" really shows with the team, as the reward for being risky with his Pokemon pays off.

Team Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - Philip7086
January 2010 - Bulky Offense

Philip's take on an offensive team is very interesting and shows excellent team-building skills. HeaTrap stars in this RMT, excelling at luring and eliminating Blissey so that a tag-team of Calm Mind users in Suicune and Jirachi can sweep easy. The double dragons in Salamence and Latias force a lot of switches and reveal a lot of a team as they do massive damage. All of this backed by dual screens from Uxie makes this team formidable even in drawn out battles.

Enclose, Murciélago! - reyscarface
July 2010 - Balance

Balanced teams have been popular for awhile already, and while much is known about them, Enclose, Murciélago demonstrates that there are still ways to shake it up. Enclose, Murciélago is based on layer damage, which the lead easily sets up due to the lead orientation at the time of the team's creation. With a combination of uncommon Pokemon, such as RestTalk Heatran and Choice Specs Rotom-A, this team's emphasis is on applying offensive pressure, walling opponents, and shuffling them around to rack up entry hazard damage. The team's success and excellent presentation, coupled with the rise it gave to Choice Specs Rotom-A and specially defensive Heatran, makes Enclose, Murciélago an excellent choice for the archive.

Kevin Garrett Stall - Kevin Garrett
September 2010 - Stall

Kevin Garrett has been one of the best stall players of the 4th Generation competitive scene. Kevin Garrett Stall represents an extremely solid defensive team that manages to keep in check all of the powerful threats of the past Generation. As most stall teams it's based upon residual damage caused by Stealth Rock, Spikes and Toxic Spikes and has in Forretress the fulcrum of its strategy. Scarf-Tyranitar is used as a failsafe revenge killer to finish off weakened foes and common stall breakers such as Swords Dance Lucario and mixed-Dragonite, which are notoriously problematic for this kind of teams. Stylistically this is a magnificent RMT: it has an extremely clean layout, detailed descriptions for each team member and a comprehensive threat list. If you're building a 4th Generation stall team, then you can't miss this thread.

Tyranitar Stall - Taylor
July 2009 - Stall

Taylor’s team demonstrated one of the earliest usages of Choice Scarf Tyranitar, an unusual choice for stall teams of the time. The team as a whole is solidly constructed, utilizing entry hazards alongside bulky walls and Rotom-w for spinblocking to overwhelm the opponent. All in all, Taylor’s Tyranitar Stall is a well-built team and featured a creative solution to combating Trick and Rotom-A. Scarf Tyranitar serves the role of eliminating opposing spinblockers, notably Rotom-A, so that the team can safely Rapid Spin away opposing entry hazards. In addition, Tyranitar can perform effectively as a late-game sweeper. After the set became known, Scarf Tyranitar rocketed in usage, eventually becoming the #1 most used Tyranitar set.

Goodbye Gen. 4 - Lady bug
September 2010 - Stall

Lady Bug’s approach to stall is very unique, which is impressive considering that stall teams typically use similar defensive cores. By abusing the lesser-known teamstyle of hail stall alongside uncommon yet effective team members, Lady Bug gains a psychological edge over opponents not used to the team’s unusual structure. Abomasnow contributes to the team by taking advantage of the OU tier’s lack of hail resists, while Nidoqueen and Spiritomb serve as creative choices for the roles of entry hazard user and spinblocker, respectively. The remainder of the team is fortified by the remarkably solid SkarmBliss defensive combination, with Starmie to counter opposing threats and spin away entry hazards. Overall, the team's solid and creative implementation of hail stall earns Lady Bug a well-deserved spot in the RMT archive.


Banned deucer.
If you are nominating teams, make sure they are not already covered in this post.


Teams that have already been discussed and have, for one reason or another, not been selected for addition. If you feel as if a team below deserves a second chance, feel free to nominate it again explaining why it deserves a spot and we'll re-consider it.

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