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The hybrid individual/team tournament is back in the form of RoA Olympics 4. Once again, it will feature the same tiers as RoA Olympics 2 & 3.

Tiers featured:
6x Ubers tiers: RBY Ubers / GSC Ubers / ADV Ubers / DPP Ubers / BW Ubers / ORAS Ubers
6x OU tiers: RBY OU / GSC OU / ADV OU / DPP OU / BW OU / ORAS OU
6x UU tiers: RBY UU / GSC UU / ADV UU / DPP UU / BW UU / ORAS UU
2x Legendary tiers: DPP LC / ORAS Doubles OU

Tournament Format

There will be a mini tournament for each tier (all in the same thread this time), all of which will have 16 spots, 1 spot for each team. All of these mini tournaments will be single elimination, first-to-2-wins (bo3 wins) every round and players who progress through 2-3 rounds will represent their teams in 3rd-1st place finals to determine who receives gold, silver and bronze medal sprites - with gold worth 3 points, silver worth 2 points and bronze worth 1 points to a team in the overall standings. Pairings will be random each round. There will also be a generous deadline each round with minimal extensions.

Final 16 teams are: Americas, Argentina, Asia-Pacific, Brazil, Europe, France, German Confederation, Independent Olympians, India, Italy, Latin America, Mediterranean, Spain, UK, USA East, USA Midwest.

Each team will have 10 players and each player can be picked for a maximum of 3 tiers. 2 tiers per player is average (20 tiers) while players playing less than 3 tiers can be substituted in as long as the maximum tiers they play is still 3. Substitutions are only available in round 1 and must be from the roster of 10. You cannot sub-in a player that you have subbed out of another tier. Captains can play.

The overall winning team will get to display a blue and green
RoA Olympic Trophy in their signatures, while the 1st, 2nd and 3rd individuals in each of the minitours will get to display

Captains: [AME] Lord Thorx, [ARG] ElectricityCat, [ASA] Mister Tim, [BRA] Shakur, [EUR] Djokra, [FRA] Wenderz, [GEC] FriendOfMrGolem120, [IDP] Lasen, [IND] Eseque, [ITA] Pais, [LA] Sadlysius [MED] SamuelBest , [SPA] xJoelituh, [UK] Diophantine, [EAS] Sprinkles, [MWS] Mannat

Round 1 (34/40 matches complete)

RBY Ubers (2/2)

[GEC] Lusch ‹0-2› [ASA] Hipmonlee
[MED] Averardo ‹0-2› [MWS] Nails

RBY OU (2/2)

[MWS] Nails ‹0-2› [GEC] FriendOfMrGolem120
[ITA] ErPeris ‹1-2› [SPA] Ranshiin

RBY UU (2/2)

[IDP] Fille ‹0-2› [MWS] EB0LA
[GEC] Lusch ‹2-1› [LA] ZDen

GSC Ubers (2/2)

[ASA] Earthworm ‹2-1› [ITA] shine on district
[GEC] FriendOfMrGolem120 ‹1-2› [IDP] Mr.378

GSC OU (2/2)

[EUR] Djokra ‹2-1› [AME] Lord Thorx
[SPA] Sceptross ‹2-0› [MED] Oibaf

GSC UU (2/2)

[ASA] Earthworm ‹0-2› [LA] Raichy
[UK] Diophantine ‹2-1› [ITA] shine on district

ADV Ubers (2/2)

[SPA] SoulWind ‹1-2› [ASA] Earthworm
[GEC] Melle2402 ‹2-0› [IND] Dj Breloominati♬

ADV OU (1/2)

[LA] Sadlysius ‹2-0› [AME] roystopror
[IDP] Exiline vs [ASA] Lord Ninjax

ADV UU (2/2)

[EAS] gorgie ‹1-2› [SPA] Eeveeto
[IDP] Chill Shadow ‹2-0› [BRA] Ren-chon

DPP Ubers (1/2)

[BRA] CaCaTuA ‹2-0› [UK] Cam
[LA] Zwein vs [MWS] TSR

DPP OU (2/2)

[SPA] Sinkyr ‹1-2› [IND] So Noisy
[LA] Haru ‹1-2› [MED] H.M.N.I.P

DPP UU (1/2)

[MWS] fatty ‹2-1› [MED] H.M.N.I.P
[ASA] Lord Ninjax vs [EAS] Donphantastic

DPP LC (2/2)

[FRA] Wabane ‹2-0› [UK] HSOWA
[EUR] Alkione ‹2-1› [EAS] Yami

BW Ubers (1/2)

[EUR] Cynara vs [LA] Aishia
[EAS] Insult ‹0-2› [MED] Micaiah

BW OU (2/2)

[SPA] SoulWind ‹0-2› [IDP] Fille
[BRA] Caetano93 ‹2-1› [EAS] Insult

BW UU (2/2)

[LA] ZDen ‹2-0› [EAS] Finchinator
[MED] Empo ‹1-2› [SPA] Real FV13

ORAS Ubers (2/2)

[MED] Micaiah ‹2-0› [EAS] Insult
[EUR] Mysterious M ‹2-1› [IDP] Lasen

ORAS OU (0/2)

[LA] xImRaptor ‹0-*W› [GEC] xray
[ARG] MegaLucario vs [ITA] Lopunny Kicks

ORAS UU (2/2)

[IND] Dj Breloominati♬ ‹0-2› [UK] Hamhamhamham
[IDP] Skysolo ‹0-2› [EUR] bugzinator

ORAS Doubles OU (2/2)

[MED] SMB ‹2-0› [ITA] umbreon098
[EAS] Yami ‹1-2› [AME] LightScreener

Pairings done by the Smogon Bracketmaker

Play a first-to-2 wins (bo3 wins) versus your opponent in the correct tier and report the score you won or lost by (2-x).

Semi-finals Deadline: 05:59AM EST / 11:59AM CET Monday October 28th
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