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Two observations:

:Latios: for the BW OU Vr, the old one by Rewer is still linked. Here is the link for new one maintained by Caetano:

:Ferrothorn:Also for BW, you have the BW Cores thread listed here. That as a resource is really outdated (last post was in 2016) with sets that aren't really good anymore posted there. Though one could argue that it helps to a degree explaning the methodology behind creating a core, but the combinations there are no longer relevant in the current metagame with some sets being illegal (Sand Rush Stoutland, Shadow Tag, and Spore are all featured). It is also redundant with the BW Hub which is linked as a resource which contains more modern examples of pairs, but differs in that the BW Hub is current and still being posted in whereas the BW Cores post is a relic.

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