Gen 4 RoA Spotlight Tournament: DPP Ubers [Won by byronthewellwell]

CursedStar vs RageAgainstTheMagearna: CursedStar didn't reply at any point after Saturday so act win for RageAgainstTheMagearna

SOMALIA vs Ara: SOMALIA didn't reply to Ara's scheduling attempt so act win for Ara

5imian vs Rage: Rage stopped responding the scheduling attempts after the weekend so act win for 5imian

Manaphy vs Mr.Bossaru: Mr.Bossaru missed scheduled time by almost an hour so act win for Manaphy

Trick Nyck vs Daruma: Trick Nyck was recently forum banned but the win stands.

Pradyumn06 vs susciety: My man didn't respond to my scheduling attempt so free dub for me :)

giove97 vs zngtt: giove97 didn't respond to zgntt's scheduling attempt so act win to zngtt

Round 2 Pairings:

doc1203 vs Yourwelcomethanku
AnnaMyers vs mitana
ACII vs Pradyumn06
byronthewellwell vs London Beats
SiTuM vs The Dovahneer
Sificon vs skimmythegod
Ophion vs Sharay sisiyoguang
Daruma vs Hrishioo7
RageAgainstTheMagearna vs Ainzcrad
Churielix vs Betapf
CursedStar vs Fc
Rage vs kalifguest22
Manaphy vs Albi
Dinesh Raj Gujjula vs ViZar
Goblin vs Rhmsitb
Dorron vs InkPupil
Eeveekid10 vs airfare
Egior. vs Paulluxx
afuyeas vs Yves Stone
Sagdiyev vs Royal1604
giove97 vs Ara
zngtt vs Gareeb
Raph369 vs Nael222
SOMALIA vs Kale EO Trixiewagon
5imian vs NEON_Voyager
Lartedipissog vs susciety
Mr.Bossaru vs Heysup
Flatemo vs D_C_T_D
Holymolycrabby vs Greentea570
Fogbound Lake vs Bye

The deadline to get these matches done is Monday, September 20th at 11:59 PM GMT-4.
Reminder that replays are MANDATORY. Matches without any replays will be required to play again or will be coinflipped.
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