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Welcome to the RU replays thread where you can show off you're competitively-relevant replays!

In order for the thread to maintain good quality, a few guidelines must be met:

- When posting your replay, you must provide at least a one paragraph description of the match, which can involve your thought-process throughout the game or anything else that gives the reader insight on how you decided to play out the match, something interesting that allowed you to win, and/or how executed your strategy in response to your opponents'.

- Avoid replays with joke teams. Keep in mind that posting a good replay with a proper description is a good learning tool for new users and people less acquainted with the tier, so don't take that away from them! The thread in general will be more enjoyable for everyone to read when there are good replays to watch with engaging commentary as opposed to minimally commented replays on Ambipom Vs Ambipom matches.

- Avoid contentless posts and one-liners. It's perfectly fine to comment on another person's post if you want to add something, but be sure your post has substance when doing so (a paragraph minimum will suffice)!

- Don't insult your opponent when describing the match or display any other unsportsmanlike like behavior.

Take Azelfie

More flags more fun

Look at this cash battle against my boi Fineonbae. At first I was like I have no counters to Omastar, and then I realized I lived the 2HKO from Omastar avoiding a Scald burn with Lum Berry on my Scrafty (not Shed Skin what a terrible ability lol.) Unfortunately the manipulation god pulled a crucial double on turn 6 causing me to forfeit my win. After that I go into my Steelix to live a hit from Hoopa but somehow it is able to live (probably some jank investment) But he ends up dying to Life Orb so it was a fair tradeoff. Now for the ultimate match up Broken SpecsPloud x Broken HeadSmash. Obviously he forgot to get his glasses as he misses a crucial Head Smash. He sends out his BlindAnt and gets the easy kill, but what he doesn't expect is the god defensive Emboar putting in the finest of work being able to tank Durant Iron Head and Thunderbolt from Rotom Mow. And that is a GG.

lol all jokes put aside it was a really close match. Sorry I was locked and couldn't speak.
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Quite an interesting match. This rain team revolves around Belly Drum Poliwrath which is in fact quite an underrated threat in Rain. After a Belly Drum nothing really switches into it. Basically what I do is set up rocks/rain and then memento. After the memento I go into Poliwrath, Belly Drum and proceed to wallbreak quite a bit of the opposing team
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One of the games I've most enjoyed playing in ORAS, this is an older replay in the Sharpedo-Aboma meta (Durant A+ conclusion reached) that showcases the importance of playing aggressively against stall teams. Mega Abomasnow and Specs Meloetta are both capable of breaking into the opponent's team, but Abomasnow can't easily switch into anything on the opposing team (Slowking must be scouted for fire coverage) and Meloetta is checked by the combination of Cradily, Steelix, and Drapion.

Going to Abomasnow on turn 14 was not as safe a play as going into Registeel. However, Aromatisse was in range of 2 Blizzards, so my opponent was not likely to switch out of Cradily. As the Steelix is revealed to have Rest with no Sleep Talk, Cradily was the only deterrent to Meloetta pressing Hyper Voice. In addition, Alomomola was at the time burned and somewhat weakened so I was wary of pivoting it into Steelix (the obvious switchin to my Registeel) and have it take additional damage.

Drapion uses Pursuit on Turn 17. This suggests that Drapion is a choiced variant, allowing me to make bold plays on Turn 29 and 30.

Steelix is 3HKOd by Meloetta, so I need to bait it into using Rest. Aromatisse barely survives 2 attacks from Meloetta and my opponent is vigilant on keeping it healthy. Knocking off its Leftovers thus makes my end game win condition fairly clear.


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Similar to the one above this is a very close and good game i had against hilarious's stall a while back, really wanted to post it but i was banned unfortunately and 6agi's post kinda reminded me of it.

Was trying to go for the calm mind virizion sweep, for me to do that i had to remove golbat's item, keep it at around 55%, burn amoonguss and pursuit trap melo. I was trying to force golbat into coming in on stealth rocks so I could double to my uxie as it came in and force it to take the knock off, that was quite difficult to do though because my opponent basically outplayed me a bunch of times and never actually went into it, i'm eventually able to guess correctly and knock its item off, then i had to make it come in on stealth rocks once more, forcing kind of the same situation, but instead of knocking off i would just have to go for psyshock as i died to toxic, keeping bat low.
I won the 50/50 at around turn 45 calm minding on the bat switch when he could have phazed me out and was able to knock it out, that imo p much sealed it since there wasnt much he could have done about melo getting pursuit trapped.
I consider games that come down to 50/50s to be generally good so i decided to post this one and hopefully liven up the thread a little bit(also to brag a little, as everyone else does here xD)


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This was an interesting game that matchup wise I definitely had an advantage so all the more props to you for managing to play calmly and well and take advantage of my mistakes.

I led with Alomomola because I noticed you had no cleric (Uxie rarely runs Heal Bell in any tier) so I thought I could vomit out status moves and force you to take a Toxic in exchange for getting SR which I could Defog later. This ends up working, although Refresh Blastoise is surprisingly annoying for my team since it's such a good Alomomola counter.

Still I learn your Virizion set and manage to counter you and make you look silly by Clear Smogging your boosts so I'm sure by turn 9 I have a gigantic advantage and feel free to make random predictions, hoping Durant comes in. I don't have Spore since I'm an AV set to counter Omastar but this makes me an even better counter to CM Virizion too which works in my favor.

I needlessly let my Amoonguss get burned in turn 17 which ends up being critical since a healthy Amoonguss would almost always be able to counter Virizion. I probably should just be more patient and go to Poliwrath or Golbat to Defog on Blastoise. However don't blame me too much, as I said Blastoise is very annoying and if it Toxics my Poliwrath I may have to use Rest which means my primary Houndoom counter and Durant check is immobilized to some extent. If they run boosting moves, which I didn't about yet, they could sweep fairly easily if I made a mistake. Overall Defogging with Golbat would have been a better choice though. I also made a mistake later which the Burn adds to.

By turn 31 I do manage to get the Defog off and Uxie is dead at the expense of losing Golbats eviolite and some health. I overestimated my defenses and thought I could live a boosted HP, but even if I can't I believe I have a winning advantage still - it's nearly impossible to fight a full stall team without hazards with offense if they have a good matchup which I still do.

I was worried about Pursuit Houndoom on turn 36 which is why I used Knock Off with Meloetta even though I have Psychic, and although this idea is logical (no more LO means I survive any move) my follow up contradicts this idea - I should have healed Amoonguss' burn as having a turn was the whole point of Knock Off. Regrettably I let Meloetta take a fleeing Pursuit which basically costs her life unless I can get in on Blastoise.

After Golbat dies on turn 44 (this surprised me) I realize finally my position is very dangerous and Virizion can sweep me, it is however somewhat vulnerable to status and chip damage. Maybe at this point I'm already worse, completely squandering my advantage. Switching out to Steelix was stupid but I thought Heavy Slam would do more damage, luckily my opponent thought so to and switched out needlessly. He probably could have just won by staying in here. But just two turns later he recovers from the blunder (recover is a strong word he's probably still better anyways) and manages to predict my Meloetta switch in and eliminates it, so I cannot heal Amoonguss. It was not a mind blowing double switch but props to him for understanding my goals and importantly my very safe playstyle.

Killing Houndoom and Rhyperior is not enough and by turn 62 when Virizion is sweeping and breaking through Amoonguss it is clear I am lost unless I get a ridiculous amount of 50/50s with Poliwrath Circle Throw, and probably a few crits to.

That didn't happen so I lost.

Fun to play lighthouses as always, thanks for the game. I think the take away should be that even in the face of near hopeless matchup you should keep calm, these type of games show that decent players can really punish you for going on ladder auto pilot.
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