Official RU Stage 10 Suspect Voting

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Voting on Noivern and Reuniclus

Two notes:

1) As of this round, Council members who played 20 RU games and proved that they did so (whether they be ladder games or tournament games). will be able to vote for the suspect test, this is in effect as of this round. If you noticed council members on the voting list that didn't ID in the suspect thread, that's why :) If anyone on say SS would like proof that all the council members followed this, i'd be happy to provide screenshots.

2) i will not be voting this round, i was quite busy during the past two weeks and didn't have the time or the motivation to get reqs for this test through either method.

If you qualified but your name is not on the list, then send me a PM and either atomicllamas or i will get it sorted out. Likewise, if you're getting the "You have insufficient privileges to reply here" message, then also PM one of us.

When voting, use the following format

Noivern: Ban
Reuniclus: Ban
Noivern: Do Not Ban
Reuniclus: Do Not Ban
For example, a voting post would look like.....

Noivern: Ban
Reuniclus: Do Not Ban
A Simple Majority of 51% will be required to ban any of these suspects from RU.

NOTE TO NEW VOTERS: this forum is moderated, if you submit your post but don't see it show up in the thread, then don't worry, it's perfectly normal. Also, if you don't why these Pokemon were suspected, refer to the OP of the RU NP thread, it has a paragraph providing some reasoning.

If you have 4 or more suspect votes and have participated in suspect discussions, PM me with a list of your suspect votes along with a few links to your posts, remember that the latter part is subjective.

You'll have until Tuesday, June 9th to vote!

Final Note: if you're a PR Mod, remember to manually delete your post! :]
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