RU Stage 13 - Alt Identification Thread

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oh my gosh you found me
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All top 46 please ID yourselves

Congratulations to Manly Team for making #1! They will be guaranteed a spot on the rotating council!

Only post in this thread if your alts are one or some of the above!

Simply make a post bolding which alts are yours.

Also remember, just because your alt is listed above DOES NOT mean you'll be on the Council (unless you are Manly Team). I have to weigh in the other factors as well for picking the two misc seats!

This thread will close when voting starts later this week, so identify yourselves ASAP please! Voting will take place sometime on this following weekend, and the Pokemon that are to be voted on are Cresselia and Snover!

Level 51

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I'm v(o_o)v, ban cress, rocking da ladder, i can has alt, Level 51, and cress for ubers.


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Alright, the council has been chosen! For the sake of keeping the council odd-numbered, Oglemi has decided to vote for this round in addition to myself and the 7 handpicked council members.

1) Molk
2) Level-51
3) Limitless
4) Double01
5) Hot N Cold
6) Nails
7) SilentVerse

Council members, please try to organize a time to discuss the suspects on IRC, and remember to post in the suspect discussion threads if you have not done so already! You may start to send in your votes this Sunday on December 23rd, and as always, PM me and Oglemi your votes and give some reasoning alongside your votes as well!

Edit: On Windsong's request, we have removed him from the council, and to keep the council an odd number, Oglemi will sit out on this vote as well.
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