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art by the goat Denial
Hello and welcome to the RU Swiss Tournament! This tournament is a Type B tournament for the 2024 RU Circuit. This year we will follow the format used by Smogon Masters, more details here:
stolen from Meri Berry
  • There will be an amount of rounds proportional to how many players sign up equal to how many rounds it would take for a single player to be undefeated. For example, we will have 6 rounds for 64 players, 7 for 128, and 8 for 256.
  • For each round, you will be matched up with someone that has the same record as you in the tournament. For example, if you are 2-1, you will be matched up against someone with the same rating as you.
  • As soon as you hit 3 losses (X-3), you are eliminated from the tournament entirely. This is done to avoid the issues of high drop rate and burnout.
  • Once all rounds are done, everyone with 2 or less losses will be added to a single elimination bracket (Top Cut), where they will be first seeded by record, then strength of opponent. If there are not enough players to make a complete bracket, byes will be given to the highest seed players. This will continue until there is 1 person remaining, which will be the winner.

  • Standard SV RU
  • Each round will be Best of 3, and you are allowed to switch teams between games.
  • All changes that happen in the tier during the middle of the week will not apply until the next round.
  • You are expected to know and follow all general tournament rules.
  • VMs are only thing that matters for activity. Use this guide to ensure you don't lose via activity or coinflip.

Round One

Ted bumdey  vs  Master Chief
Royal5888  vs  yovan33321
Ashbala  vs  hjkhj
rubycandy  vs  Stampi
Sddi6  vs  Diodia
Wappy.kBs  vs  Seed Sower
Forest Guardian  vs  ZeroKitss
Hats  vs  gulch
GoldCat  vs  tkarthikeya54
des121  vs  Hairoll
btboy  vs  billclintonlol
FlamingoPokeman  vs  Oathkeeper
EviGaro  vs  cicepece11
Flabeauf  vs  Ming549
megasalappo  vs  Canard
Cielau  vs  TsuShirogane
hi.naming is hard  vs  BluBirD
adorluigi  vs  HoopsspooH
LittEleven  vs  Arakd’eau ㋛
Astrø  vs  Ryu
Queen of Bean  vs  BloodAce
timgittly  vs  Daharan
Found then Lost  vs  Squeeby
vodkacrazymanvc  vs  Hubriz
Feliburn  vs  NoivernSkrub
Jollitoed  vs  Django
Genzfello  vs  cjwwkwkqk9
Lightniong  vs  sufys
teal6  vs  TomatoZause
Albret  vs  LillianOfficial
Jonen  vs  SatoruCrono
TAG2Y2  vs  TyCarter
HeroSabis  vs  Kindyy
StreetBoom  vs  Toto
denfrus  vs  Ac1D_13
JesusGameplays2  vs  DugZa
Eagles911  vs  ismelllikesocksbro
memedose46  vs  mclagno
DaviDXrt  vs  Corperate n
PokemonCestDur  vs  Mister McLovin
MachJacob  vs  shiny_ralt
KeshBa54  vs  eifo
Theia  vs  xXcrossbowXx
Waylaid  vs  C0nfiden1 0yster
corvere  vs  Intergers
feen  vs  lihj
atomicllamas  vs  sasha
Wellhell  vs  Saadhak
Elfuseon  vs  Metallica126
Bouff  vs  Mister Magnus
Xiri  vs  frankjosh
Kza  vs  Bye 5
Ampha  vs  Bye 6
MatLaTomate  vs  Sabella
Rarelyme  vs  Dlanyer
Sir Tetris  vs  toinha
Riruia  vs  giove97
roxie  vs  Bye 11
neomon  vs  Bye 12
DHUVANESH  vs  TheFranklin
THE_CHUNGLER  vs  Bye 14
BeepBoopHeeHoo  vs  Stories
Beraldo  vs  Bye 16
cow_anime96  vs  Bye 17

Deadline is Sunday June 16th at 23:59 GMT -4


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Guys i wont be abble to battle 9 am to 3 30 pm kathmandu time cus i have school :)
what are u doing by posting here, check your opponent in the OP and contact them by DMing them.


Riruia vs giove97

in as sub

DHUVANESH vs TheFranklin

Sir Tetris vs toinha


Xiri vs frankjosh

In as sub

Bouff vs Mister Magnus
in as sub

MatLaTomate vs Sabella
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