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Hello! This thread is here to archive teams across all six old Overused generations and showcase popular playstyles and archetypes of the current metagames. Its aim is to help beginners and intermediate level players to get acclimated to the tiers, or simply to help anyone in need of a solid team to play.

Most of these teams come from the Ruins of Alph room Sample Teams. Those are updated by knowledgeable hosts who will contact top players directly to keep them up to date with the current metagame. Thus, submissions are not open like in current generation tiers.

About credits : It is pretty hard to give proper credits in the oldest generations because of lot of archetypes were created ages ago by long forgotten players and several variants of those have been used by everyone since. "Submitted by" means this is a recent take of a generic playstyle adapted to the current metagame. Those who don't have any mention are so classic no one can even claim if it a special submission of them. If you feel a team has not been credited correctly and have what it takes for us to do so, please PM the host.​
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RBY OverUsed

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thanks to HML am, Nails and Lusch for helping to gather these!

Standard MieDon submitted by Lusch

Victreebel Star Don submitted by FriendOfMrGolem120

Amnesia Lax + Back Gengar submitted by Kaz

JoltCloy + Sing Chansey submitted by Heroic Troller

Standard ZamMie with PhysLax

Zam + Lapras Hyper Beam Spam submitted by Maya Chansey

Alakazam + Zapdos submitted by Nails

Back Zam + Psychic Bro Set-Up submitted by HML am

Egg Lead MieDon Counter Chansey submitted by roudolf13

Freeze Stall submitted by Nails

Jynx + Zapdos with ReflectBoomLax submitted by Djokra
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GSC OverUsed

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thanks to Earthworm, Century Express, choolio, M Dragon and FriendOfMrGolem120 for helping to gather these!

4 Attacks Lax + late game Machamp Boom Offense

Vaporeon Boom Offense

Nidoking + Machamp Offense submitted by Lavos.

Rest Marowak + Belly Drum Snorlax + Heal Bell Support

Misdreavus Stall

ParaWak + Lovely Kiss Snorlax + Spin Cloyster Offense by BKC (updated and submitted by Earthworm)

3 Attacks Egg + Nidoking Offense

Jynx Boom Offense submitted by Lavos.

Double Elec + UmbreonSkarm + Belly Drum Snorlax

Curse Heracross Boom Offense

Starmie + Forretress Stall

Double DogBoom Stall by ABR and BKC

Jynx + Machamp Offense

Jynx + Gengar Offense

Blissey + Snorlax Stall by M Dragon

Nidoking + Gengar Offense submitted by M Dragon
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ADV OverUsed

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Offensive Suicune + Magneton Physical Spam submitted by CZ.

Mixed Offense submitted by thelinearcurve

Starmie TSS submitted by UD

Double Status Zapdos + Dugtrio + CM Celebi Balance submitted by Astamatitos

Jolteon + Double Rock Band TSS submitted by Cowboy Dan

Cloyster Offense w/ AstaRachi submitted by CZ.

MagDol + Double Set-up submitted by CZ.

SkarmMag + Aerodactyl TSS submitted by BKC (updated by Astamatitos)

Forretress TSS submitted by M Dragon

Moltres TSS submitted by eden
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DPP OverUsed

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Lead Azelf + LoomTar Hyper Offense by Jimmy Turtwig

AgiliGross + Fire Water Grass Balance by Excal

Lead Gliscor + Specs Kingdra + Gengar Offense by Seven Thunders

Zapdos + Latias Balance by Jimmy Turtwig

Lead Sash Gross + Machamp Offense by Shadow_Sneak

Lead Empoleon + TR Bronzong + DD Nite Offense by crayon pop

Toxic Spikes + SubTect Tran Balance by BKC

ScarfTar + Suicune Stall by shockproof

Metagross + Swords Dance Scizor Offense by Vay

Skarmory Lead Offense by Pkel SweeTforU

Skarmory + Lucario Offense by DeepBlueC and Excal

Gyarados + Lucario Bulky Offense by Sakito

Torment Heatran Stall by Astamatitos
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question for one of the oras ou sample teams.

how does this deal with sd knock m-scizor? assuming we are using standard spreads here

+2 16+ Atk Scizor-Mega Knock Off (97.5 BP) vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Jellicent: 396-468 (98.2 - 116.1%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO

jellicent is not a counter and this team is kind of forced to rely on spikes thunder wave ferrothorn & i guess sd gliscor to handle m-scizor which is not really reliable in the long term. maybe it would be better to run a colbur berry or speedy jellicent but this could still be situational depending on the match up

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