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This is the subforum where you guys can post your giveaways.

New rule as of 10/26/2010, which is highlighted.

  1. This forum isn't a place where you can beg for a Pokemon.
  2. You may not require participants to have a particular number of posts or join date. We don't exclude our newer members.
  3. If we find that a Giveaway is generating a lot of rule breaking, (by promoting certain activities), the Giveaway will be shut down.
  4. You are not allowed to make people sign up for sites as a condition of the giveaway. This falls under Advertising. You will receive a warning.
  5. Make sure you guys contact us when a Giveaway is over so we can close it. Thanks.
  6. Do not request services directly related to your wifi thread or business. Remember this forum is for giveaways, not people to do work for you. Go to the Requests thread if you wish people to make banners or EV train for you. This rule also means you can't ask people to Luvdisc your thread for "free" Pokemon.
  7. If you are going to ask questions to win your giveaway Pokemon as prizes, make sure it has a definite researchable answer, and not something that is found on pure guesswork. Asking for the local football team of your home town, for example, is fine (if you tell them what hometown you are in), asking for people to guess what your favorite [insert random thing here] is a bad question to ask since its an excuse to increase people's post count needlessly.
  8. All giveaways have a 48 hour time limit.
  9. All members listed on the wifi blacklist that are not on probation are not allowed to host a giveaway.
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