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time to make this post in tlue ru fashion

bop we did it, back-to-back rupl champ and bw ru goat here

s/o to col49 for drafting this squad full of goats. you're a man of a lot of metagame knowledge in various tiers across multiple generations, but perhaps on the soft-spoken side from the public's perspective. sporadic activity lapses probably hold you back from much sustained tournament success as an individual over the past while, but i think you're 100% capable and hope you get a chance in the near future bop

s/o to my fellow 8-1 goat Lord Esche for beasting it the fck up w/ me, holy you're something else with some of those techs my dude. i can't wait to see you in snake and other future high-level RU tours -- a name to remember for all the managers out there, no doubt bop

s/o to Star for salvaging his shitty existence on this site from being a shitty no-named LC player back in the day, bop we made it

s/o to Tony for being the second manager and always knowing what to say, how to help, etc. -- we don't win this tour without these contributions, bop

s/o to dodmen for being an insanely talented player in multiple tiers and proving it here. fuck playoffs my dude, we had your back, but you got us there despite not even maining RU and I have mad respect for that bop

s/o to Void for completing the most insane, unbeatable, godly BW RU core holy shit nobody can stop us bop dash

s/o to Lycans for coming down from OU to be a goat here, too. much like dodmen, great player who has helped a fuckton and won plenty of times bop

s/o to Welli0u for being quiet, but deadly as fuck. you are young and already playing at a high ass level, can't wait to see you keep going my man bop

s/o to Sacri' for being mad good at this game in general, but really just being a lower tier goat and being a key piece to our consistent success. you know what's up and really proved it here, even if you had a rough week or two in there. hope to see you in snake and spl bop

s/o to Mazar for being there to always help out and occasionally take a game we needed when the time came, wish you got to play a few more but at the end of the day we won and you contributed a bunch and i got nothing but respect for that bop


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well this finished
First of all ggs Kinglax I didn't expect less from a team like yours, I'm not surprised to see you guys playing the finals seeing your strong line up, you have fought well and the battles were pretty funny too.

Thank you for believing in me to play in your team! You're not a talkative guy but you were always there to support us with anything we needed. Your team advice for match up advantages were always accurate... you're a great manager and I hope I was helpful in this season.

You took the co-cap role since the first day and honestly none of us would have done a better job than you, good like in the upcoming Sneak Draft, I know your team will do great!

as everyone have said you are the mvp of the team, thanks for your constant support in every week giving us teams/spreads/amazing sets, apart from all your helpful advice. I hope to see you in future official tournaments and I know you will do great.

I didn't know you well before this tour but I'm glad I met you, you're a cool guy and like in UUPL you're still showing us you can play any low tier of BW in a high level. Good luck in yout future tours and I hope to be your teammate some day again.

I've known you for a while now and I'm glad I got share team in a tour, good luck in the UU open and the others man, I know you got it all you need to get to playoffs.

Since we shared team in UUPL I know the quality of a player you are and I'm nor surprised of what you've done in this season making comebacks of awful match ups and giving the team great ideas. Good luck with your management in the Sneak Draft!

I already had the chance to share team with you and I'm glad I won this one alongside a good teammate like you. Good luck in any tour you decide to play, keep proving that you're a solid player overall.

I know the season didn't start well for you but as always you redeemed yourself in the end and you got to show off your quality as a player, it was a pleasure man! I hope to share team with you again.

I didn't know you at all before this tour but it was cool to have you there, you were always cheering up us with your comments when someone lost a game. It was a pleasure man.

I didn't get to talk with you that much but I know that you're a cool guy and a solid player, good luck in your future tours, I know you'll do great.

I also wanted to give a special mention to those people who were helping me during the tour SableyeMyBae NaCl and ofc Femen for helping me translate this

It was a pretty funny season overall and I hope to play again this tour next year, see ya! n-n
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This was one of the most fun I've had in a tournament ever and I'm glad we were able to win in the end. Not gonna lie, I spent quite a lot of time on preparations for this tournament and it feels real satisfying to know all of it payed off. I wouldn't have wanted to miss a single one of my teammates, the chemistry on this team was perfect and I loved talking, playing and teaming up with every one of you guys. To be honest, after the draft I was a little intimidated being chosen for a team where everyone had prior tournament success and major tour scene recognition under their belt - with the exception of myself. Originally, this was the reason for me wanting to do well in this tournament, proving to others as well as to myself that I can keep up. However, even though this attitude played a role in formulating an ambition for myself, as the tour progressed I noticed there was actually little reason to approach this tournament that way. The entirety of the Hoopas was getting along well from the start and the atmosphere in the team chat was nothing short of amazing to be part of. Therefore, instead of aiming to keep up with the others and doing well myself, I started reaching out to my teammates more and more, offering help at every opportunity that I figured I could help with. I wanted them to do well, because I wanted the team to win rather than achieving personal results. I'm glad I realized that early on, and I'm glad I could do well for the sake of my team.

col49 I had no idea you were planning on drafting me and I was, pleasantly, surprised when you did. Thank you for doing so and offering me the opportunity to be part of this great team. When it comes to this game, your insight on opponents capabilities and team building tendencies that can be exploited is unmatched and truly mind-blowing to me, I really am looking up to that.

Sacri' We've known each other for quite some time (I believe we even started around the same time on Smogon) and you never cease to amaze me when I watch you play, you really are something else. Thank you for being a great friend, and also for always being available for testing, I truly appreciate that!

Tony Helpful-kun indeed, you took over the manager role more than just a few times and you did so brilliantly, despite being busy with WCOP. Even though you didn't play that much you helped whenever and wherever you could, as well as being an amazing chat presence (your use of blobs is A++ btw).

Finchinator bop dash bw ru goat (I hope I did that right...)

Star I know you weren't too happy with playing ORAS, but holy crap you know how to play this game. You always had the teams back, were a lively chat presence (your squabbles with Finch we're always amusing), and clutched some very important wins. It was a pleasure!

dodmen Not to sound cheesy, but you're one of the few players I've always looked up to. I started out in UU about 2 years ago and ever since I can remember you always were and still are an incredible force to be reckoned with in that tier. However, you proved that UU isn't your only field of expertise, you picked SM RU up with great speed and success and I'm glad I was able to team up with you.

Mazar You're one of the people I know the longest on this site and it was fun teaming up with you again after POWC. I know you were somewhat concerned about your overall record in this tour, but let me be the one to say that you were always there when the team needed you, be it unexpectedly filling in for others, or playing some desperately needed test games with me, even when you were drunk.

Lycans I had heard a great deal about you before and what can I say, you certainly live up to the name you've made for yourself. You're mad good at this game, I'm especially impressed by your ability to judge the state of the game correctly and make predictions accordingly. SM or ORAS, it did not matter, you always showed results and competence regardless of the tier you played in.

Welli0u You were one of the teams SM staples, and despite facing some unfortunate match-ups in some games, you still managed to be an invaluable asset to the team and definitely impressed me with your capability as a player. I'm glad you appreciated and trusted the teams I provided you with every now and then, and I am looking forward to seeing more from you!

Void Like many members of this team, I did not know you before this tour but I'm glad I got to team up with you. Despite being busy with WCOP for quite some time, you managed to complete the BW RU core perfectly, and won important games when push came to shove, even closing out the finals for the team.

I'd love to team up with all of you again in future tournaments, and I wish you all the best in Slam & Snake!
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