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predix, now with little numbers in brackets:

TDK (55) vs. dodmen (45)
Sam I Yam (40) vs. Lord Esche (60) - esche's gonna bring autotomize vanilluxe or specially defensive togedemaru or some shit and he'll somehow make it work
Erzengel (55) vs. Sacri' (45)
Arifeen (1) vs. Welli0u (99) - again, just predict feen to double every single time and ur fine
Lax (45) vs. Star (55) - idk either player too well sry
J0RIS (35) vs. Lycans (65)
passion (40) vs. Finchinator (60) - im sorry passion :{
Kushalos (45) vs. Void (55) - this match should be good dont let me down

The Kinglax (2) vs. The Hoodrich Hoopas (6)

some matches could go either way but i wouldn't rule out the possibility of a blowout

also: have fun lads you better give us some nice games :} may the best win etc etc
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SM - TDK vs. dodmen
SM- Sam I Yam vs. Lord Esche- lord etch a sketch has a dumb name so I predicted him to lose. one of the less intense matches for sure lol.
SM - Erzengel gel vs. Sacri'- idk who the other guy is but sacri won NU open by haxing me so he's probably super talented
SM - Arifeen vs. Welli0u- losing to arifeen in 2017 is p bad but I heard this guy runs SM RU so maybe something's changed idk
ORAS - Lax vs. Star- 2 mediocre players who rely on strategies like counterteaming and alomomola to win probably. Star is more experienced in cteaming and being mediocre because he's played SPL and is friends with finch so I have to give him the edge here.
ORAS - J0RIS vs. Lycans- universe exploding after this one... highlight match for sure good god
BW - passion vs. Finchinator- worst blowout of the season
BW - Kushalos vs. Void- its bw so whoever hits more hurricanes with moltres will win. Kushalos is really whiny so I'm just assuming he's unlucky.
might need an extension, kushalos was barely available during the week (the only small window he could offer was impossible due to timezones) and i'll be going for a trip over the weekend. depends on what sort of internet access i'll have i guess, but posting this just in case.


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might need an extension, kushalos was barely available during the week (the only small window he could offer was impossible due to timezones) and i'll be going for a trip over the weekend. depends on what sort of internet access i'll have i guess, but posting this just in case.
well I posted the week on monday, and I am busy tomorrow so you'll have at least until Tuesday night, I won't call activity/coin flip unless one or both of you are clearly avoiding playing. Kushalos

TL;DR: don't be me or col49 and you'll be okay


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Got destroyed by Void after choking with mola gg, grats to the Hoopas. Thought you were the strongest lineup at the start of the season so I'm glad a deserving team won this. Props to 49 for having had such a strong draft hope we get to pair up for the next one bud.
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ggs Hoopas, great team you drafted col49, really appreciate the amount of preparations your team has made.
To be honest, I'm surprised how a near crumbled team and still made finals. Kushalos obviously ur the MVP of the team, despite being the worst bidder & team bully, you helped out in all tiers, especially when I was worked up by uni. Honestly, without you the team wouldn't go this far, so kudos to you friend. TDK although you weren't much active in chat, you still brought wins almost every week, hope we get to team up in future tours as well. Erzengel I believed in you when I drafted you, you definitely lived up to that, be a bit more confident in yourself, I am looking forward to seeing more from you! Sam I Yam you're a fuckin lord but pls use gligar lmao, jokes aside, you are an amazing player, and have a lot of potential, proud to have you on the team. J0RIS I always knew you were a god but to see that first hand is something else! Pohjis you can oras ru well no matter how much you say you don't, really appreciate the clutch win in BW when we needed it. passion i wish you weren't this unlucky this season, ik you're tired of the game etc, but im always gonna be ur biggest fan!!! Lax ik there were a lot of shit between you and the team, but i appreciate you to play in the tour, i hope you take the tour a bit more seriously next time, as you're a great player. AJB hope everythings going well irl dude.
far out man. thanks to shake and llamas, this was fun. i'm happy for my team to have been able to get this under their belts for whatever it's worth, they're all great players and teammates that most folks should already be aware of given their resumes to this point. in line w/that, i'll skip out on shout-outs for the most part, but i really feel the obligation to give special mention to Lord Esche (to the point of even using caps, just this once). the rest of the team will surely tell you just how much of a force he was for the team, not only pulling off a ridiculous win rate but proving to be nothing short of a workhorse for the team out of the game. i'd really hope that managers for future tours pay heed, b.c i do feel after this experience that they're doing themselves a disservice by not giving him their attention. shouts to arifeen's team, obviously. i was the first to cheese him for his 50k+ splurge on 2 players, but he pulled together a real impressive lineup. thanks for the chance to redeem my last draft experience, maybe next time i'll learn to play chimpact. even close on a gif like it's 2014



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I will try to keep this short because typing on phone is hard
Thanks col49 for drafting me, I didnt do as well as I would have hoped but I still had a blast. Your vision of the game is awesome, hope we team up again in the future
Lord Esche : you were clearly the mvp of this season, you not only went 8-1 but also helped tremendously the rest of the team in both BW and SM, I really hope you get drafted in Snake. Thanks for always being a good friend too!
Finchinator : we never talked much before so it was really nice getting to know you better. I appreciate your dedication for the game and I hope we get to team up at some other point
Star : Interracting with you was really fun, just like for Finch it was nice to get to know you. Keep on killing it in Slam c:
Lycans : you are one of the nicest dudes around on top of being very good at the game, hope you do great in Snake
dodmen : this was the first team we teamed up after all this time, always a great dude to be around. Gl in Snake :D
Tony : really enjoyed your dedication, you're an absolutely great teammate so I hope we get to renew this experience soon! expecting you to kill it in Snake just like you did in UUPL and Wcop
Mazar : Thanks for sticking around despite not starting for most weeks
Get em in snake too!
Welli0u : it was fun to team up with a french mate, great job all around
Void : you didnt talk that much but thanks for getting your games done despite being busy. great season from you as well!
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Congrats to the hoopas, excellent draft process that ended with an amazing team that probbed to the best throughout the tournament so thats really nice. Good job to 49 for that, and for proving me wrong in terms of his activity (I though he was gonna be inactive, my B :V )

Great finals, great stuff in general around here.
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