I know it's not much, but I RNG'd a Timid Litwick with 31/x/30/31/30/31 if you're interested... I'd love to get a heatran or Tyranitar, lemme know if you're interested :)
Intersted in this:
Ninjask | Jolly | Speed Boost
31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31| 31
X-Scissor| Baton Pass
Substitute| Swords Dance
What i have to offer:
timburr impish guts EM:mach punch, drain punch IV's:31/31/27/18/18/28
dratini adamant marvel scale EM:extreme speed IV's:31/31/28/22/17/31
scraggy jolly shed skin EM:dragon dance, ice punch IV's:19/31/6/16/31/31
scraggy impish shed skin EM dragon dance, ice punch IV's:30/31/26/31/27/31
dratini adamant shed skin EM:none IV's:13/31/31/6/30/31
larvitar adamant guts EM:pursuit IV's:22/31/8/5/31/31
pawniard jolly inner focus EM:none IV's:29/31/29/5/7/31
drilbur adamant sand rush EM:none IV's:29/31/31/25/30/31
heracross adamant swarm EM:none IV's:31/31/30/4/25/31
ALL of these where bred by me non-rng.All fully-redi.
Good luck!
I would suggest you remove the Arceus altogether just to be safe. It is more or less a hack despite the RNG being legit.
If you listed the EV's on these, I'll give you some CMT's to start you off.

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