Salary Cap Tournament - Signups

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bids cannot be decimals. 5.5k is not a valid bid. kthx
read the OP or I will hurt you

Hosted by @Lady Salamence and @GemOftheDay ; Approved by the Tournament Director Team

Basic Rules
Standard BW2 OU. Your team must be usable on the BW2 OU ladder, with the possible exception of a Pokémon getting banned during the tournament, which will have no effect on the tournament.

Read this thread.

Please note this will be a 64 player, handpicked tournament based on activity. No RNG, no first-come-first-serve.


Now here's where it gets complicated.

This is a drafting tournament. You draft Pokémon in order to use them on your team.

Each player has 80k cash to spend, and has a maximum of 10 Pokémon they can have. You cannot have multiple Pokémon of the same species.

Tier - Minimum Price Cost - Availiability

OU - 10k - 5
UU - 5k - 7
RU/NU - no minimum bid - 10

Minimum Price Cost - The minimum amount of money you must use to put a bid on a Pokémon.
For example, Politoed. As an OU Pokémon, it costs 10k. If someone sent in a bid for Politoed and bid 7k, that bid would not count.

Availability - The amount of Pokémon available. If 10 people bid for Politoed, only 5 would actually get it.

There will be 2 bidding rounds.

Bidding Round 1 (part of Signups): PM, after you post in this thread, your bids. Sample bid would be like this:

Salamence: 13k
Swellow: 8k
Politoed: 20k
Musharna: 1k
Combusken: 9k
Espeon: 10k
Pikachu: 2k
Gyarados: 14k
Ninetales: 5k (note that this does not count, as it is below the minimum bid for the Pokémon's tier
One all 64 handpicked slots are finished, an update will be posted, either in a new thread or in a post, with the second Bidding Round.

I will post which Pokémon have been bid on, and how many are left. Let's assume our sample bidder was one of the bidders, and another bidder bid for a Salamence (12k), Dragonite (14k), and Swellow (10k).

Salamence: 3 left
Swellow: 5 left
Politoed: 4 left
Espeon: 4 left
Gyarados: 4 left
Dragonite: 4 left
Bidder 1: Salamence, Swellow, Politoed, Musharna, Combusken, Espeon, Pikachu, Gyarados [3k Remaining]
Bidder 2: Salamence, Dragonite, Swellow [44k Remaining]
Then you can send in another batch of bids with your remaining money, after which Round 1 will start.

If 2 people bid for the same Pokémon at the same price, and not enough of that Pokémon is left, the first to PM gets it.


(remember its handpicked and you must send in a PM with your bid. being on here doesn't necessarily mean you're playing)
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^posted that while half-asleep. i did read signups but fell asleep before i could pm you my bids

now i have to go to school so i'll pm them in the afternoon
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