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<p>In a tier filled with the sturdiest walls and the most devastating attackers, it's not hard to imagine why Sandslash isn't used nearly as much as its Sand Rush abusing colleague, Excadrill. Excadrill boasts a much higher Attack stat, Speed stat, and better defensive typing; so why would you consider Sandslash for a position on your team? The answer to that question is the lack of the seemingly beneficial Steel typing and bulk. In a tier plagued with Fighting-types, Excadrill has difficulty defeating the omnipresent Air Ballon Terrakion and Breloom. Air Ballon Terrakion can either use Rock Polish as Excadrill breaks its ballon and proceed to OHKO with Close Combat; on the other hand, Breloom resists Earthquake, and has access to a powerful Technician boosted STAB Mach Punch to make short work of Excadrill. Sandslash's lack of Steel typing and a great Defense stat let it make short work of Terrakion and Breloom. Thus, when considering Sandslash on your team, you need to make sure you're playing it to its strengths as it is largely outclassed by Excadrill.</p>

name: Swords Dance
move 1: Swords Dance
move 2: Earthquake
move 3: Stone Edge
move 4: Return / Rapid Spin
item: Life Orb / Leftovers
Nature: Jolly
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe


<p>With an okay Attack stat and decent Speed in sand, Sandslash makes for a good sweeper. Swords Dance is the most important move of the set, boosting Sandslash's decent Attack stat to great levels, thus increasing its likely hood of sweeping. Earthquake is Sandslash's best STAB move, hitting things that don't resist it for good damage, especially with a Life Orb equipped. Stone Edge is a subtle advantage that Sandslash has over Excadrill, as Excadrill is forced to run Rock Slide as it doesn't have access to the covenanted Stone Edge. Stone Edge hits the Flying and Grass-types that are immune and resist Earthquake. Finally, Return is useful for taking down Breloom, a foe that Excadrill can only dream of demolishing. Rapid Spin is an okay option over Return, but without Return, you're getting rid of Sandslash's main advantage of Excadrill in that Sandslash can defeat Breloom.</p>


<p>Life Orb is the item of choice as even with a Swords Dance boost, because Pokemon like Gliscor and Amoonguss will make short work of Sandslash's that don't utilize Life Orb. Leftovers is a viable alternative if you want a bulky sweepers as opposed to a more offensive one; however, the drop in power is frustrating. A Jolly nature with maximum Speed investment is necessary as Sandslash is pretty slow, even with a Sand Rush boost. Although running a Adamant nature may seem viable, but Sandslash will be outspeed by Choice Scarf Terrakion and Garchomp; however, be sure to note that Adamant Sandslash with maximum Speed investment does outspeed Choice Scarf Genesect, though.</p>

<p>Although Excadrill is Sandslash's Sand Rush sweeping rival, Excadrill makes a surprisingly good partner to Sandslash. Sandslash can weaken many of Excadrill's checks, like physically defensive Politoed, Shed Shell Skarmory, and Bronzor, easing Excadrill's sweeping the later part of the game. Because both Sandslash and Excadrill have problems with defensive Steel-types like Skarmory and Bronzong, Chandelure makes for a great partner. Chandelure can trap and OHKO the aforementioned Steel-types, allowing Sandslash to sweep with ease. Obviously, a Pokemon with he Sand Stream ability is a must for any team trying to use Sandslash. Tyranitar is great for its ability to take special hits that Sandslash can't take, while also providing Stealth Rock and Sand Stream for Stealth Rock for Sandslash. Additionally, Tyranitar is a great counter to the popular Chandelure, one of the most dangerous threats in DW. Hippowdon is a viable partner as its a solid check to most of DW's heavy hitting physical attackers, like opposing Sandslash, Excadrill, and Garchomp. Similarly to Tyranitar, Hippowdon can set up Sand Stream and Stealth Rock for Sandslash. Unfortunately, if you're using Sandslash, your team will have at least three Water-type weak Pokemon because Sandslash should only be used in conjunction with Excadrill and a Sand Stream user. Sturdy Water-type resists include but are not limited to Latias, Breloom, Celebi, and the plethora of Water Absorb users.</p>

[Other Options]

<p>A Sand Rush defensive Rapid Spin set is feasible as it's unique enough to warrant usage as a fast, sturdy Rapid Spin user; however, Excadrill does this job with superior defensive typing, HP stat and Special Defense stat. However, Sandslash doesn't have to worry about the many Fighting-types in DW. When considering a defensive Rapid Spin Sandslash for your team, remember that DW is filled with other Rapid Spin with better defensive typings who occupy better niches; Tentacruel is great on defensive rain teams for checking Keldeo, Forretress has excellent defensive typing and can check a multitude of threats, and Starmie can check Keldeo while providing an offensive presence. When considering a defensive Rapid Spin set, remember that it only warrants use as a fast, sturdy Rapin Spinner that can defeat Fighting-types.</p>

<p>Moveslot wise, Sandslash doesn't have many viable moves. X-Scissor is an okay option for hitting the likes of Reuniculus, but Sandslash will have difficulty beating Reuniculus anyways. Aerial Ace is a good option to demolish Breloom, but has very little use otherwise. However, Rock Slide is a solid alternative to Stone Edge if you're worried about accuracy. Toxic can be used to cripple bulky waters that switch into Sandslash, but Skarmory, Gliscor, and Bronzong are all popular Sandslash counters and they don't care about Toxic. Shadow Claw is an interesting option to hit Gengar, but Stone Edge will get the job done. Brick Break may seem like a viable option, but the "EdgeQuake" combo provides great coverage so there's no real need for Brick Break, or any other coverage move.</p>

[Checks and Counters]

<p>Even with a Life Orb and a Swords Dance boost, Sandslash is still stopped cold by a number of threats. Skarmory laughs at most moves that Sandslash throws at it, can set up Spikes which gives you an incremental advantage, and can Whirlwind away your opponent's team to oblivion. Bronzong resists the infamous "EdgeQuake" coverage moves that Sandslash has access to, can set up Stealth Rock, and can Hidden Power Ice Sandslash to bits and pieces. Gliscor is a good check to Sandslash as the bat can either Toxic stall Sandslash with a combination of Toxic, Substitute, and Protect, or it can take Sandslash down with a series of Ice Fangs. Generally, any sturdy physical wall can take on Sandslash as its Attack stat is mediocre; this includes, but is not limited physically defensive Politoed, standard Amoonguss, and Jellicent.</p>


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Just saying

Sandslash can weaken many of Excadrill's checks, like physically defensive Politoed,
Physically defensive Politoed can't touch a +2 Excadrill, since it's dying.

Furthermore, if you're going to mention Excadrill, you may as well say that you'll be stacking on 3 Water-weaknesses (pretty bad news), which needs to be fixed on your team pretty much ASAP. Latias, Breloom (shaky), Celebi, Virizion, Water Absorbers (and the like), are all very important on such a team.


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What's a moot point? I'm not in any way telling you to scrap using Sandslash, all I am saying is that the 3x water weakness needs to be addressed in the set, and teammates that help you take on water attacks need big mentions. This is all about writing the analysis and has nothing to do with Sandslash's viability in the tier. Tone down the hostility.
At one point in your thing you refer to Sandslash as "Sand Slash". I think in the 1st sentence of the 2nd paragraph of Additional Comments.

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