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Hi there! This is my art thread :P
I've been getting into art, and I recently drew Amoonguss and Alomomola together for the RU Cores thread, and I found it very entertaining and fun. I'm doing this as a hobby, and I will be taking requests. However, I'm only doing one request at a time so it may take a while, if I get a lot of requests, that is.

Finished stuff:

Request List:

Rotom-Fan with a balloon for Modeling Clay
Mime Jr. for fleurdyleurse
Kingler and Cacturne for Cacturne
Hydreigon with sunglasses for Spydreigon
Ampharos with username next to it for Ampharaohs
Metagross hurting Hydreigon for Meteordash
Lapras for Deceived
Glalie for Snaquaza
Swampert for Ununhexium
Noivern for Kangaaroo
Eevee for Blizzardhail
Wooper for Swirlyder
Shaymin for LightningLuxray
Infernape for Feliburn
Politoed for Politoed
Ryu and Lucario for BurgerCarbink
Wynaut with a Scarf for Scarfnaut
Super Saiyan Jynx

Enjoy! I will love to hear your feedback, because it will help me improve. Thanks everyone for taking the time to view my art!
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Wow. I wish I was good at drawing ;~;.
Good Job!
No wait, not good...

GREAT!!! :3
P.S. May I request a Rotom Fan with a balloon o3o?
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lol your art style is really cute and i wish i could draw c:.

can you do something w/ a kingler and a cacturne in it? i wanna rep two of my fav mons


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Can you draw me a swampert and/or weavile? I would do it myself but my artwork looks like somebody mashed my hand with thumbscrews and a hammer


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wow ur shit

draw me a sneasel and then ill admit you're good. put me at the top of your priorities too


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I can definitely see the effort that you're putting into your drawings! Given that it was your first time trying digital art, the Amoonguss and Alomamola in the RU Cores image look very nice and accurate to their actual appearances, and you seem to have a good grasp on how shadows and highlights work on each of them. Keep up the good work on that front!

For that same RU Cores piece though, try not to leave the typography and background as an afterthought. Although the image was more about depicting the Pokemon themselves, you still want to make sure viewers know immediately the name of the thread that they're meant to represent! As it is now, the plain, unformatted "RU Cores" text doesn't engage me in reading it all that much; its color is similar to the background colors behind it, so it ends up blending in with the background, and the flat text looks somewhat out of place among the more detailed, shaded illustrations above it. I see that you have access to Adobe Illustrator, which is a great program for text manipulation, so try experimenting with it! Play around with adding Stroke to your text, as well as using the Warp, Stylize, and 3D effects to get some interesting results. The best advice I could give on this subject is to look up some Illustrator tutorials online: studying and practicing by them can teach you a lot more than you might think it would!

As for some technical critique on the artwork itself, for the piece you're working on for LzrGunPewPew and Cinco Diablo, the Riolu's two arms have some radically different shapes to them, when they should be more similar or symmetrical. Also, the right arm sorta looks like its sprouting out of Riolu's neck/collar , so pay close attention to where you draw it in so that it makes more sense. I will say though that the Quagsire looks fairly accurate to its actual appearance, so good job on that! And the image overall is pretty cute too :)

Hopefully this was all of some help! You have good potential as an artist, so I hope to see more of your work, and to see you continue to improve!


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I like that a lot!! The only issue I have is that this is Little Cup based, and on anything Little Cup related ~half the Pokemon should be Misdreavus according to usage stats xD

I'd love to see how it looks colored in!
i cant really draw so my criticisms mean like nothing but i think thats a really cool drawing and the magnemite is really cute. the meinfoo looks weird but i cant put my finger on why. otherwise thats a really awesome wip :]


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I told myself I'd reply to this, so here goes.

First off, the lineart is just as it's expected to be, and it's good that the pose of Amoongus is more relaxed and not just have its arms hanging on the sides. The shading is nice and corresponds well to their shapes, except in some areas: the top of Alomomola does not need any shade (assuming the light source is directly above), and since Amoongus has a large cap, pretty much its whole face can be in the shade, and then brighten up when you approach the stomach. And lastly, your choice of font is pretty much as standard as it can get, so go here and pick out something nicer for it, or browse the other categories. I'd also suggest just making the font white to complement the forum background, no need to throw another color in there.

Bottom line though, this is easily something that could be submitted to The Workshop and then be accepted with open arms, so pat yourself on the back for it.

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