SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

Note that I was just referring to availability as TM.
Knock off has historically always been a tutored move or egg move when not normally learned, and aside USUM, it was always in postgame or grindy to obtain.

Not something i'd ever go out of my way considering stuff like Bite and Shadow Claw are super common

Trick room is there, don't worry, check better
can confirm from stream knock off is in the game- great tusk aka paradox donphan gets it


Ability: Light Power
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Kingambit sits down DURING Battle too? While badass, this gives me the feeling that he'll become SLOWER upon evolving.
That's honestly for the best, since it might get that one Ability that boost their Attack AND Special Attack by percentage depending on how many of their trainer's Pokémon fainted, the more the higher.

I would not be surprised if for some reason, Kingambit's Special Attack is a lot higher than Bisharp and Attack barely increasing by ten. Makes for a scary cleaner lategame for singles.

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