Scavengers Ladder Cycles

fish for November 30th 7 pm EST/12 AM GMT

Note: I have received RO permission to allow finishers to guess the twist after 5 minutes so feel to spend more time looking

1st place: Merlee [05:29].
2nd place: Teutonic✠Squire [09:32].
3rd place: BubidaJeffery! [14:07].
4th place: 111ace111 [17:15].
5th place: mrwhy124 [18:06].
Consolation Prize: Menace02 [18:29], TheAura [21:14], WarriorGallade [36:47], imnewhelppls [01:29:41], toxic boosted [03:24:08]

Bolded nerds got 5 extra points from the twist

1) A gen 2 item can normally only be obtained by completing round 2 of Pokemon Stadium; however, using the English version of the game you can obtain that item by only completing round 1 via a special version of this pokemon. [Psyduck]
2) A gen 4 NPC is a reference to a character in the first film to have a gen 4 pokemon in it. Name the pokemon that they have in game. [Metagross]
3) A character in Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs shares their English name with the Japanese name of a character from Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia. This pokemon shares its category with that name. [Meganium]

The theme for this hunt was the pokemon that take the most loops to capture in pokemon ranger.

QCs by deftinwolf and aQrator, thanks for checks :)
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Hey there Scavengers, what's it like ending a cycle? I've got top 3 finishers and tonight I will go list them yes I'll do.

BubidaJeffery got 135 points and edges out a first place finish! Second place goes to Teutonicsquire, with 113 points. And finally, TheAura follows close behind at third place with 110 points.

10Qui-Gon the Flygon56
12toxic boosted46
14Soft Flex34
15p0ip0le ∆28
20dot Comfey22
23Temp Elo Gwen16
26NewsDan ^-^12
28arcavee ˙͜˙10
28Wan the Avatar ˙͜˙10
28yeet dab xd<('-'<)10
34arch of life8
39ShinyTurtlez ツ6
44They Will Repent5
480_0 Tmm24
48Rory Mercury4
52tl the legend3
61You Will Repent2
61Pepsi Man 22
61Praise Bid o3o f2
61Tapler ❀2
61leaf smoker2
75a staff1
75Torooru ◉◡◉1
75Purple Gummi1
75BoltSapphire *_*1
75Bug Types are Okay1
75Forest fyte1
75Mike the Entei ☾1
75NewsDan-ta Claus1

The twist for December is Jumble! Each of the three answers will highlight some of their own letters. There is a fourth question, which asks to anagram those highlighted letters into a word or phrase belonging to a given category. (e.g. answers may be craboMinablE, sKrelP, mONOtype to give POKEMON)

Just see those solvers playing and holiday alting too. Come on, it's lovely weather for a first place meant for you.
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Mini roundup!
1st place: p^_^okemonvortex. [04:39].
2nd place: Merlee [06:30].
3rd place: Teutonic✠Squire [14:36].
Consolation Prize: rose on water [17:06], tl the legend [20:18], Computerwizard8800 [28:16], bro torterra [28:38], Steve456664♡ [32:01], toxic boosted [32:30], athletic walrus [58:16], ProfSapling [01:10:26], lph [01:22:12], NewsDan ^-^ [01:56:26], aQrator [03:33:35], Gw112 [04:57:51], Menace02 [05:02:30], 111ace111 [05:22:40], WarriorGallade [05:28:30]

QC: PartMan
1st place: BubidaJeffery! [02:57].
2nd place: mrwhy124 [03:07].
3rd place: Wan the Avatar ˙͜˙ [03:17].
Consolation Prize: Merlee [03:26], toxic boosted [04:15], p0ip0le ∆ [05:42], 0_0 Tmm2 [08:12], NewsDan ^-^ [09:02], Soft Flex [10:29], TheAura [10:37], Rory Mercury [13:18], ProfSapling [13:57]

QC: PartMan
1st place: 111ace111 [01:05].
2nd place: p0ip0le ∆ [01:07].
3rd place: Merlee [02:16].
Consolation Prize: Teutonic✠Squire [02:33], BubidaJeffery! [03:37], Computerwizard8800 [03:52], arcavee ˙͜˙ [04:19], a staff [04:48], notbuddha [10:43], Menace02 [12:56], dragonknifeY [13:40], Soft Flex [13:56], mrwhy124 [14:30], toxic boosted [19:33], TheAura [01:03:04], tl the legend [01:15:55], Asxier [01:27:39], oovoov [01:44:43], yeet dab xd<('-'<) [01:50:01], RavioliQueen♛ [02:02:13], LJB14 [02:47:57], AndrewThePenguin [04:03:33], ProfSapling [04:35:40]

QC: LittEleven
Last month's minis can be found here.
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Official Hunt by deftinwolf:
Sunday December 5th at 2:30pm EST

QCs: aQrator + iamnotterrible (ty both)

The official scavenger hunt by deftinwolf was ended automatically.
1st place: Cold snowflake Staurage [03:07].
2nd place: imnewhelppls [05:59].
3rd place: Teutonic✠Padoru [06:13].
4th place: sleet dab xd >.< [12:44].
5th place: Computerblizzard [13:25].
Consolation Prize: ProfSapling [14:06], Devoxys [15:30], Santaroeschen [16:39], Christmace [21:57], toxic boo-sled [28:52], WinterwindGallade [29:31], mrwhy124 [34:24], Winterphox [49:32], NewsDan-ta Claussnowflake [01:21:07]

1) This Gen 1 Pokemon had no gender differences introduced until Gen 7. [eEvee]
2) Alphabetically list the Pokemon whose images are seen carved as hedge mazes in Parfum Palace's courtyard. [cHandelURe pYroAR SolroCk]
3) The first 5 (of 6 total) letters of this fully evolved Pokemon's name are the first 5 letters of a non signature move's name, however it does not learn the move. [celeBi]
4) Using /viewhunt, find all capitalized letters in the past answers and unscramble them to find an item's name (the answer to this question). [shuca berry]
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Making a fish reservation for Wednesday, December 8, at GMT 16:00 [CST: 10:00 | EST: 11:00 | IST: 21:30]. As always, thanks to aQrator and deftinwolf for taking the time to QC this hunt.

The official scavenger hunt by WarriorGallade was ended automatically.
1st place: imnewhelppls [14:28].
2nd place: Computerblizzard [56:58].
3rd place: cute memer ˙͜˙ [01:39:56].
4th place: Teutonic✠Padoru [01:47:11].
5th place: AndrewThePenguin [01:52:26].
Consolation Prize: damnright [02:35:03], Gargoyle31 [03:17:34]

1) An old man in some mainline Pokemon game told me something about a ratio with a value of around 1.618, and how young people like myself might be into that. Where can this old man be found? (use city/town/etc if applicable) [snOwPoINt CIty]
2) As the old man continues rambling, I dozed off. After a while, I woke up and heard him talking about some shape that looks the same, even if you zoomed out or zoomed in. I then realize that this shape has to be related to where I currently am. What was he talking about? [koch snoWFlakE]
3) Annoyed by my momentary nap, the old man asks me a math question to check if I was paying attention. As per his request, I use whatever I have on-hand to calculate the 12th Fibonacci number and hear the cry of a Pokemon after I obtain the result. What are all the Pokemon who I could have heard? (alpha) [arTICUNo snEaSEl]
4) Twist Q: Certain experience groups in Pokemon use a different formula to calculate the experience needed for the next level depending on the Pokemon's current level. What is such a thing called in mathematics? [piecewise function]
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Reserving GMT 16:00 December 9, Thursday for my first fish(!). Thanks to aQrator and CWiz for QCing the hunt!

1st place: Teutonic✠Padoru [23:15].
2nd place: Santaquil [33:05].
3rd place: Winterphox [47:57].
4th place: WinterwindGallade [48:39].
5th place: cute memer ˙͜˙ [53:03].
Consolation Prize: holiday alt [01:11:05]

1) Except for in its debut generation and Gen VIII (where they can be caught in other Poké balls), this Pokémon couldn't be obtained in any other Pokeball besides the standard one. [sHedINJa / tyrunt / amaura]
2) The Pokemon whose National Dex number is the sum of all final numbered routes in the regions faced this Pokemon of Ash in its debut in the anime. [ScRaGgy]
3) The Pokemon which first used a move introduced in Gen VI in the anime was owned by a certain character. That character shares their japanese voice actor with these human characters in the main anime. (alpha) [mAylENe sAlly]
4) Finally, a Pokemon forme. (PS formatting) [Greninja Ash]
Hope you had fun! :D And look forward to more fishes ^^
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On the first day of scavmas, the scavhunt gave to me: A hidden word among three.
Reserving Monday, 20th December 6 PM UTC [EST 1 PM | IST 11:30 PM] for the First Day of Scavmas Fish. Many thanks to aQrator and dot Comfey for QCing the hunt!


The official scavenger hunt by Cold ❄ Staurage was ended automatically.
1st place: sleet dab xd [14:26].
2nd place: D-Ratios [16:54].
3rd place: Teutonic✠Padoru [17:41].

4th place: Computerblizzard [17:46].
5th place: mrwhy124 [25:56].
Consolation Prize: Qui-Gon the Flygon [26:55], deftinwolf [37:49], bubidajeffery? [47:28], skybounds [51:56], WinterwindGallade [52:59], damnright [01:28:19], Menace02 [01:38:40], ProfSapling [01:46:18]
1) This is the only anime episode to be set in the Sevii Islands. [the searCh For The Legend]
2) A certain Wizards Black Star Promo card was initially created for the Pokemon TCG gameboy game where it was only obtainable with a certain connective feature. Alphabetically list the other cards obtainable with that feature in any game. [Here comEs team rocket Lugia Mew]
3) Excluding event Pokemon, these Flying Type Pokemon, that you can obtain ingame without trading in the core series games, can have a different OT than your player character. (alpha) [PidovE sigilYph speARow wooBAt]
4) Pokemon + Signature Ability. [Yamper Ball Fetch]

Hope you had fun and look forward to the next few days for Scavmas!!
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It's beginning to look a lot like resets.
the first cycle of December has ended! The honour of first place falls on Teutonic✠Padoru with 151 points, followed by Computerblizzard with 93 points and Cold ❄ Staurage with 90 points.

3Cold ❄ Staurage90
9toxic boo-sled40
9Soft Flex40
12cute memer ˙͜˙35
16dot Snowey27
19NewsDan-ta Claus❄24
22sleet dab xd >.<20
28lph ˙͜˙14
28holiday alt14
30north ∆ poipole13
33Purple Gummi10
36Qui-Gon the Flygon8
36dr ˙͜˙atios8
36ShinyTurtlez ツ8
43StrayFox ❀6
43Pepsi Man 26
48Praise Bid o3o f5
48Amaura Aurora5
48faintEDT or terra?5
54Tapler ❀4
54ae giift4
62arch of life3
62arch of salt3
68tl the legend2
79toxic boosted1
79p0ip0le ∆1
79Max Hailstorm1
79HGC ezlaturbo1
79Santa >_> Dy1
79Forest fyte1
79Feliz Navidadd1
79in a pear tree1
79Kiawe lol1
79a fairly large bee1
79Tis I me1
79someone might suck1

The twist for the next cycle is still Jumble.

However, starting December 20th, the Scavmas carol twist will start to pop up. Look out for the officials coming to you by our various auth members!

Speaking off auth members, TheAura is with us as our newest voice!

The hunts you write. The first place tough. Just finish right, that's points enough. Simply have a wonderful Scavmas time.
On the second day of scavmas, the scavhunt gave to me...

I'm hosting an official on Tuesday, 21st December, 7pm UTC for the second day of Scavmas! Thanks to aQrator and PartMan for qcs.

The official scavenger hunt by lph ˙͜˙ was ended automatically.
1st place: dot Snowey [06:36].
2nd place: holiday alt [07:07].
3rd place: Menace02 [07:41].
4th place: bub+ida=jeffery? [08:26].
5th place: WinterwindGallade [13:26].
Consolation Prize: Computerblizzard [17:20], Cold Staurage [20:06], Teutonic✠Padoru [20:12], sleet dab xd [27:07], Qui-Gon the Flygon [29:36], arcavee ˙͜˙ [37:36], Santaquil [47:20]

1) In a certain generation, this Pokemon can only be caught within an one-hour period. [UxiE]
2) This song (not in game), which was played to calm down some Pokemon, could also apparently nullify the effects of a certain ability. [oRaCion / oración]
3) Using this Gen VI key item could trigger discounts in shops in a certain city. [TMv PAss]
4) It's Christmas time! But there's a demon hidden among the previous answers who might melt all your snow and shudder the ground. Who's that Pokemon? [Camerupt]
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On the third day of scavmas, the scavhunt gave to me...

An official on Wednesday, 22 December, at 11PM UTC! With thanks to aQrator and deftinwolf for their QCs.

1st place: bub+ida=Jeffery [06:38].
2nd place: Teutonic✠Padoru [11:22].
3rd place: Computerblizzard [13:10].
4th place: Merlee [17:59].
5th place: boredcollegegrad [19:41].
Consolation Prize: Christmace [35:36], AndrewThePenguin [01:40:49], Cold Staurage ˙͜˙ [01:46:05], Flex Navidad [01:54:23], holiday alt [02:03:48], sleet dab xd [02:15:55], Qui-Gon the Flygon [04:01:05], fearfire22 [04:02:12], NotYert [04:35:51]

1) In a main series game, one of this trainer's Pokémon knows a move that it cannot normally use, does not get STAB on, and would be super effective on itself. (Include trainer class.) [coolTRainer Dianne]
2) Due to a mistranslation, the English name of this building had its second word changed. (Answer with the most recent name.) [CEladon Condominiums]
3) This application, with "Pokémon" in its name, has three modes and was included with a certain console accessory. (Include the accent in "Pokémon".) [pOkémon tREtta lab main System]
4) Jumble question (use /viewhunt): a Pokémon category. [DESERT CROC]

The twist for this day was Future Sight; unfortunately, nobody guessed their correct placement. Previous twists Snowball and Jumble still applied.
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On the fourth day of scavmas, the scavhunt gave to me...
Official on December 23rd at 2 PM UTC! a wizard qc-ing

1st place: Teutonic✠Padoru [10:37]. +6 (snow ball)
2nd place: bub+ida=jeffery [11:22]. +6 (snow ball+close call) +5(close call same as 1st's main points)
3rd place: deftinwolf [25:25]. +3 (snow ball) +5(future sight)
4th place: Santaquil [27:41]. +1 (snow ball)
5th place: Cold ❄ Staurage [29:48].
Consolation Prize: Gw112 [38:09], NotYert [47:20], Qui-Gon the Flygon [53:28]

1) The citizen of Pyrite Town report the sighting of Shadow Pokemon to this NPC who lives there. [SecC]
2) A Pokemon movie character is based on and voiced by this Japanese national team footballer. [atsutO Uchida]
3) This Pokemon anime character's Japanese name is based on a mountain in Japan and Pokemon Sword. Answer with the Japanese name. [Tsurugi]
4) The capitalized letters in the previous answers can be read as a TCG attack. This 90 HP Pokemon card has that attack. [detective pikachu]

May the Pyuks be with you
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On the fifth day of scavmas, the scavhunt gave to me...

fish on Christmas Eve at 1 pm EST qcs by Aegii and aQrator

The official scavenger hunt by Computerblizzard was ended automatically.
1st place: Qui-Gon the Flygon [28:32].
2nd place: Cold Staurage [35:09].
3rd place: Teutonic✠Padoru [35:39].
4th place: PartMan [44:20].
5th place: fainted torterra [48:58].
Consolation Prize: Menace02 [52:24], WinterwindGallade [52:57]

1) At this location the player can experience a Powerful Blizzard. [CoNtesT HALL]
2) If you hatch a 40 egg cycle egg entirely today in Heart Gold it will take this many steps to hatch (include steps in your answer, assume none of your party pokemon have flame body or magma armor). [9430 StEPs]
3) In the English dub of the anime, two different locations have had the same name. One of them only appeared in a special and the other only in a Pokemon movie. Alphabetically list the legendary pokemon that have fought at this location. [dEOxys, RayquazA]
4) A story where the main characters are found dead on Christmas was referenced in an episode of the anime in a scene featuring James and his growlithe, what were the names of those characters? (alphabetical order) [Nello, Patrasche]

no perfect scores but Teutonic✠Padoru predicted 3rd place correctly so thats +5 points
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On the sixth day of scavmas, the scavhunt gave to me...

Christmas fish for Christmas day. Hosted at 11 PM EST. QCed by aQrator and turtalkatthing

1st place: Computerblizzard [01:36]. (perfect score) (future sight)
2nd place: Teutonic✠Padoru [03:27]. (perfect score)
3rd place: bubidajeffery [04:09]. (perfect score) (future sight)
4th place: Cold ❄ Staurage [05:08]. (future sight)
5th place: WinterwindGallade [05:34].
Consolation Prize: Qui-Gon the Flygon [06:22], Menace02 [07:29] (perfect score), NotYert [37:34], sleet dab xd [56:06]

There was no question for Top Tier Distractions, unfortunately.
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On the seventh day of scavmas, the scavhunt gave to me...

A fish will be flying in at Sunday, December 26, GMT 16:00 [CST: 10:00 | EST: 11:00 | IST: 21:30]. As always, thanks to aQrator and deftinwolf for taking the time to QC this hunt.

The official scavenger hunt by warriorgallade was ended automatically.
1st place: Teutonic✠Padoru [26:06].
2nd place: Computerblizzard [29:46].
* 3rd place: bubidajeffery [52:26].
4th place: Menace02 [01:12:08].

Players with * correctly guessed their position via future sight.
Nobody was able to get a Perfect Score.
There was no question for Top-tier distractions.

1) Certain things can be lost in translation over time. In some mainline games, a certain Pokemon could be encountered in the overworld, battled and caught. In at least one of these games, you could also receive an egg containing a pre-evolution of the aforementioned Pokemon. has details on this egg listed on a certain page. According to the egg's summary box on this page(the one containing its ability, moves upon hatching, etc.) what location do you receive it at? [Toshi jAhaSota 26]
2) If you're training to battle strong foes like Volcarona, Super Training might be the way to go. Certain super-training missions have an opponent Pokemon that can hit Volcarona for super-effective damage with at least one of its STAB types. After completing a mission with such an opponent, you can be awarded with a Dubious Disc or Up-Grade. Surprisingly, you realize that your own Pokemon has not gotten any stronger despite the mission not being secret super training! If you could battle such an opponent, what title would its super training mission have? [wHat an upStart! magIkarP is moving up! 56]
3) Speaking of strange events, sometime during Gen 6 there was a a particular event, the first of its kind, which lasted for a little over 5 months. When it was ongoing, depending on how many of a certain object you collected you could get a serial code for various items and mythical Pokemon redeemable through Mystery Gift. What were all the items you could directly obtain through this event? Use alphabetical order and the singular form of the item. [Luxuryball masterbalL Nugget rArecandy suPErpotion 74]
4) Jumble Q: After spending even more time super-training your Pokemon and using the items from the scraps event to make them as strong as possible, you decide to explore the Hoenn region. You hear about a location that wouldn't be accessible if you didn't have at least some number of Pokemon with you, among other conditions; but you already had a full party of 6, and realizing you meet the other conditions, you go off to look for this place, which you're easily able to find. What is this place?[pathless plain 20]
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On the eighth day of scavmas, the scavhunt gave to me...

Hosting the next Scavmas official on December 27th at 16:30 UTC (PST: 8:30, EST: 11:30, 17:30 CET, IST: 22:00)
Thanks to deftinwolf and TurtalKatThing for QCing!

1st place: bubidajeffery [16:02]. (+2 from time is money)
2nd place: NotYert [17:13]. (+5 from time is money)
3rd place: WinterwindGallade [20:35].
4th place: Computerblizzard [21:17]. (+5 from time is money)
5th place: Qui-Gon the Flygon [32:16]

No one guessed their placement.
Due to an alphabetical order error in Q3, perfect score was disabled for this official.
No top tier distraction question was provided.

Thank you all for playing this definitely a fish and not a regular hunt! The full hunt can be found here:
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We interrupt these daily carols to bring you the 2021 scav awards! It will once again be accompanied by an odyssey, and it will be hosted at December 28th, 15:00 UTC (7 AM PST, 10AM EST, 16:00 CET, 20:30 IST).
The hunt was created by yours truly and QCd by fellow hosts PartMan and dot Comfey! Thanks to both, and thanks to TheAura for being our fourth host!
We hope to see you there!

The official scavenger hunt by aQrator, dot Snowey, PartMan, and TheAura ❄ was ended automatically.
1st place: Christmace [02:35:00].
2nd place: holiday alt [02:41:30].
3rd place: Teutonic✠Padoru [02:59:35].
4th place: Menace02 [03:00:08].
5th place: TurtalKatThing [03:22:17].
Consolation Prize: WinterwindGallade [03:23:44], b=UB*Ida-Jeffery [03:26:06], Qui-Gon the Flygon [03:47:12]

We hoped you enjoyed the show! Once again thank you to my fellow hosts PartMan, dot Comfey and TheAura for helping out with hosting! Scav Awards 2021 has been a success in my eyes thanks to the three of you. The results of the 2021 scav awards can be found here!
Like last time, look forward to the full recording later. It needs a little bit of work :smogduck:.

In the meantime, the accompanying odyssey can be found here:

Q1. A certain e-reader game with a water-type Pokémon as its titular character requires TCG cards of these four Pokémon, of which its titular character is not one. List alphabetically. | ChincHou, marEep, marill, totodile |
Q2. This is the move that can deal the highest amount of any hidden attack on a TCG card. | Spiral damage |
Q3. According to in-game television, this move is best to use as a goalkeeper in football. | spiky shiEld |
Q4. This item boosts a Pokémon's speed and permanently lowers said Pokémon's special attack until a different item of the same item type is used on it. | jolly mint |
Q5. These Pokémon were used during Clubsplosion that share no types with any other Pokémon used during Clubsplosion. List alphabetically. | druddigoN gothorita |
Q6. A Royal Pokémon was seen on a certain Super Smash Bros. series' stage variation. These Pokémon were seen alongside it in the background. List alphabetically. | blAziken, infernape, tepiG |
Q7. One of the creepiest interactions in Pokémon ever happens in the city with the largest population, where a certain NPC says this line after the player steps out of an elevator. | "no, you'Re not the one." |
Q8. This item sharply boosts the special defense of a certain Pokémon. | deepseAscale |
Q9. This company was responsible for the release of Pokémon: La revista oficial. | panIni group; panini |
Q10. During sentry duty, you come across the footprint showcased here: . Which Pokémon is this? | sHieldon |
Q11. In order to become friends with Nincada (and add them to the connection orb), you must unlock these two dungeons. List alphabetically. | Freedom coast, stealth caVern |
Q12. Two Conquest warriors share their name with the last name of two composers of Sun and Moon music. These fully evolved Pokémon are their perfect links. List alphabetically. | empoleon, Scolipede |
Q13. In the same episode as where Zinnia was introduced in the Pokémon Adventures manga, this Pokémon was also introduced in the manga. | latios-mEga |
Q14. 12 days ago today (UTC), this Pokémon was reintroduced in an animated Pokémon series after 16 years of absence. | kadabRa |
Q15. Alphabetically list the non-flying type moves in triple battles that can damage exactly one Pokémon regardless of its user position, but only one at a time. | aura sphere, dark pulse, dragon pulse, flying press, water pulse |
Q16. This ability is only a hidden ability for a non-zero amount of non-gen 5 Pokémon, and only a primary ability for a gen 5 Pokémon. | wonder skin |
Q17. This electric type Pokémon has the characteristic "likes to run" in the Adventures manga. | chuchu |
Q18. This ranger character loves special scents, having two quests requesting poison type Pokémon for their smell. | Oscar |
Q19. Alphabetically list the perfect links of the warrior or warlord with the second highest possible power in the game. | gAllade, mewTwo |
Q20. A numbered route with an HM in it that you can pick up is exclusively shown on one TCG card of this Pokémon. | lArvesta |
Q21. This is the name of the town where you obtain the Pokédex in X and Y. | aQuacoRde; aquacorde town |
Q22. This is the tallest human character in the Pokémon games. | az |
Q23. This unevolved Pokémon without a branched evolution in its evolutionary line has two evolved formes with a differently colored energy shot than the unevolved Pokémon (and each other) in Super Training. | porYgon |
Q24. This non-legendary, non-mythical gen 5 Pokémon who cannot change formes has no moveset in both the normal and super series of the Battle Subway. List alphabetically. | basculin-bluE-striped |
Q25. This anime exclusive character is seen with an orange pattern below one of his eyes in one episode, and with the same pattern in green in another. | brodiE |
Q26. These Japanese voice actresses voice two Pokémon in Pokémon Puzzle League. List alphabetically. | rikako aikawa, satomi koorogi; aikawa Rikako, koOrogi saTomi |
Q27. JUMBLE: You already know the answer, you just heard the sentence a few questions ago. | The Scavenger of the Year is aQrator; aQrator is the Scavenger of the Year |
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On the ninth day of scavmas, the scavhunt gave to me...
(9 comes after 10 in the official song it's ok)

Hosted Day 9 of the Scavmas Carol on December 28th at 8:30 PM EST / December 29th at 1:30 AM GMT!

Final Results:
1st place: bubidajeffery [21:30].
2nd place: Christmace [29:16].
3rd place: holiday alt [30:53] (PERFECT SCORE).
4th place: Teutonic✠Padoru [31:51].
5th place: NewsDan-ta Claus❄ [36:08].
Consolation Prize: Computerblizzard [49:56], acluous [01:00:49], Qui-Gon the Flygon [01:13:52]

1) This Pokemon has the skill that can grant the largest damage multiplier at Skill Level 1 and is found in the Main Stages of Pokemon Shuffle. Answer Format for all questions: "[Answer] [Scrabble Score]" [EmpoLEon 12]
2) A certain lucky skill in Pokemon Masters EX shares its name with a unique ability. This Pokemon is part of a sync pair that gets said lucky skill through the sync grid, and has a unique ability in the main-series games. [SAbLeye 12]
3) During Pokeathlon events that utilize the skill stat, two other stats most commonly affect performance in the same event. Out of all Pokemon whose highest stats are the three aforementioned stats (i.e. all three stats are equal and higher than the others), this Pokemon has the lowest performance stat total. [viCTrEebEl 17]
4) JUMBLE Question! 1 Pokemon (don't forget Scrabble!) [Celesteela 12]

Thank you both aQrator and iamnotterrible for QCing :)
Thanks for participating, and hope to see you next time!
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repost to align the days again.
On the tenth day of scavmas, the scav hunt gave to me...

I'm hosting an official! Wednesday December 29th, 15:00 UTC (7 AM PST, 10AM EST, 16:00 CET, 20:30 IST)

Thanks to deftinwolf and TurtalKatThing for their QCs!

The official scavenger hunt by aQrator was ended automatically.
1st place: bubidajeffery [09:35].
2nd place: Teutonic✠Padoru [25:23].
3rd place: holiday alt [29:44].
4th place: Qui-Gon the Flygon [28:29].
5th place: NotYert [44:29].
Consolation Prize: WinterwindGallade [44:17].

BubidaJeffery also correctly predicted their placement!
holiday alt and NotYert won their jousts against Qui-Gon the Flygon and WinterwindGallade, respectively, and thus moved up a spot.

Thank you all for playing! The full hunt can be found here.
Q1. A wild Pokémon in this location is always level 100 when encountered, though it cannot be captured. | RamaNaS park, 19; diStortIon room, 17 |
Q2. One hideaway in the grand underground is only accessible when you are in a certain town. Among the encounters in said hideaway (after obtaining the national dex), this Pokémon has the highest BST. | HouNdoom, 14 |
Q3. Today, my (BDSP) Trophy Garden is filled with Plusle and Minun. Which Pokémon will be available a week from now? List alphabetically. | JIgglypUff, meOwth, 44 |
JUMBLE: A non-Sinnoh location where you can find a Sinnoh character. | Sinjoh Ruins, 21
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On the twelfth day of Scavsmas, the Scav hunt gave to me...

Hosted an official for December 31st, 1 P.M. EST (6 P.M. GMT).

Thanks to turtalkatthing and deftinwolf for QC'ing.

1st place: Teutonic✠Padoru
2nd place: Menace02
3rd place:
NewsDan-ta Claus❄
4th place:
TheAura ❄
5th place:
Consolation Prize:

'Twas the night before ~~Scavsmas~~ New Scavs', and all through Trick House, not a monster was stirring, not even this mouse.|MarIlL 8
The Meteorite was found in Mt. Chimney with care, traded for a stone in this place that's not here.|jOyful Game corner 34
The Pokémon sumo wrestled for a prize made of lead, but the prize was used later in this episode instead.|oUtrageOus forTunes 22
And Mom in her apron, Pikachu with a cap, can be found Pirating Flags with You on this map.|cObalt cOaSt 17
When from the Tree of Life some void starts to scatter, following this attack where only the closest does matter.|Waza_yobI_03 25
Away to the Tower, a Cannon of Flash, in the Palm-er of his hand this wore a Focus Sash.|heatraN 10
The Moon of a Beast War that only few know, had the voice of this person with Origins in another show.|rEd 4
Hey look, it's the wandering Silvereyes here! Sorry, had to make that reference, name the Hisuian deer.|WyrdEer 14
With this unfestive driver that's slow and not quick, might also be feline considering the nick.|turtaLkAtthing 22
A Flying cloud-blower, planned for a Gen III game, I think it had this Romanized Japanese Category Name. (i.e., Romaji, based on individual kana)|oOtaka 10
"Not Dash-ers, not dancers, but prancers to sit in, on these Pokémon we're farmin' and blitzin'!" (Alpha)|giRafaRig ponyta raPidasH stantlEr 47
"Through Ultra Shiny! Through Night Unison! Through Full Metal Wall! Toward this Stadium we'll dash, dash away all!"|GIant HeartH 18
With least fatal retired Atlantic hurricane nearby, her original name came back after X and Y.|PalErMo 11
So up to the housetop, the coursers they flew, with a sleigh full of toys... and some Pokémon too?! Who wrote this?!|meowTH 14
Sorry, I digress, back to the roof, Santa used this item which made him go Poof.|vanISH seed 17
I see Drew up ahead, Harley's also around, this winner emerged victorious with losers abound.|soLidad 9
Santa put on his Goggles, but it wasn't sand in his boot, for this item only costs 250 grams of soot.|blue Flute 14
Steel yourself, the niece is back. Who cares about Santa? Play this bonus track!|appEal☆lOve 17
Her eyes—how they twinkle! Her dimples, how merry! Where's this Mega fluffy cloud in Shuffle, you hear me?|GaLErie rouge 14
Exploring a dungeon you will be given a bow, you can get this one no matter your aura, you know?|browN bow 18
The secret of Strength held tight in Gold Teeth, give him dentures and his secret he'll bequeath.|bAoba 9
Santa's no Welch to need to fill his belly, this date ended the contest of jars of jelly. (Format Month DD YYYY e.g., January 01 1975)|jUly 31 2000 14
Needing courage, Santa Special Summoned Azelf, with no Weakness, this Attack Energized our health.|deep balaNce 18
Some diamond thieves were hiding under the bed! But 1000 of this Pokémon impeded.|biNAcle 11
They stole an exhibit—there was no artwork—not Stone but this Pokémon turned with a jerk.|kabutoPs 16
The Ticket's not luck, just follow your nose, this once unnamed assistant helped this case close.|ROseanne 8
Delivered the gifts, Santa left with a whistle... opening a door and this sprang out like a missile!|reGisteel 10
The final mission, drive it out of our sight, in what way should Santa proceed with this fight? [2] [17/26] [24] [9/16]-[3] [1/13/20/22/27] [5/14] [21] [6/18] [12] [4/8/11] [7/10/23/25] [15/19]|Go for an All-Out Pummeling with a one High Horsepower open sleigh 92

Messed up the jumble, sorry. As an apology, please listen to my rendition of the 12 Days of Scavsmas!
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On the eleventh day of scavmas, the scavhunt gave to me...

The Eleventh Day of Scavmas will be held on December 30th at 2:00pm EST.

thank you to QCers turtalkatthing + aQrator

1st place: Teutonic✠Padoru [07:32].
2nd place: holiday alt [14:15].
3rd place: Menace02 [18:49].
4th place: Computerblizzard [23:37].
5th place: bubida=jeffer.y? [25:41].
Consolation Prize: TheAura ❄ [29:05], CharjabugTheChilly [31:06], Qui-Gon the Flygon [48:36], WinterwindGallade [50:55], yeet dab xd(>'-')> [59:37], Christmace [01:15:40], lph ˙͜˙ [01:36:40]


1) Three Pokemon total have this non signature ability. All 3 share a type and, for all of them, it is their secondary ability. [ArEna Trap 11]
2) In the Adventure manga, Lt. Surge is credited with naming this move. [aEroblaST 11]
3) [cORrosIve Gas SMog 25]
4) Using /viewhunt, find all capitalized letters in the past answers and unscramble them to find an item's name (the answer to this question). [Metagrossite 15]


Have a good day!
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Happy new Scavs everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the 12 Days of Scavmas.

Teutonic✠Padoru got first place with a whopping 518 points, BubidaJeffery got second place with a blazing 420 points, and Computerblizzard got third place with an impressive 281 points!

5holiday alt204
6Qui-Gon the Flygon154
7TheAura ❄150
12dot Snowey77
14NewsDan-ta Claus❄72
16Soft Flex50
17sleet dab xd45
21fainted torterra25
33Praise Bid o3o f14
36lph ˙͜˙10
36arcavee ˙͜˙10
41Pepsi Man 29
41tl the legend9
44ShinyTurtlez ツ8
44gallant's pear8
47north ∆ poipole7
48Forest fyte6
48Lucas Ranger ❄6
52ae giift5
52yeet dab xd(>'-')>5
52dot Comfey5
58crepuscular goomy4
64arch of life3
64Purple Gummi3
64Goro Yagami3
72StrayFox ❀2
84toxic boo-sled1
84elf bowling1
84hu tao feet1
84Wan the Avatar ˙͜˙1
84Mega Eevee X1
84Tapler ❀1
84In A Pear Tree1
84100 gecs fan1
84Ban Hero1
84tidal otter1

Our First January twist is Puzzle Party: During the cycle, there will be official puzzle hunts worth points equal to that of a miniofficial, which consist entirely of puzzles, including standard scavs puzzle types!

In unrelated news, TeutonicSquire has returned as our newest Room Voice, deftinwolf has returned to become our newest Room Owner!

If your new years resolution is to make scav hunts and finish first, you're in luck! You can do all that just be giving it your all! Good luck!
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Mini roundup!

The mini scavenger hunt by aQrator was ended automatically.
1st place: Merlee [03:48].
2nd place: WinterwindGallade [09:37].
3rd place: Gargoyle31 [14:12].
Consolation Prize: PartMan [24:33], imnewhelppls [31:29], buBidajeffery [02:31:07], Cold ❄ Staurage [02:32:25], arcavee ˙͜˙ [03:46:40], Menace02 [03:47:51], Qui-Gon the Flygon [03:58:33]

QC: Computerwizard8800
The mini scavenger hunt by deftinwolf was ended automatically.
1st place: Christmace [02:41].
2nd place: Computerblizzard [03:07].
3rd place: Menace02 [03:52].
Consolation Prize: TheAura ❄ [04:14], bubidajeffery [04:16], Teutonic✠Padoru [05:47], Merlee [07:19], p0ip0le [09:56], holiday alt [11:47], Qui-Gon the Flygon [02:52:59]

QC: TurtalKatThing

Last month's minis can be found here.


Have a good day!
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Hosting a quick Tori's sTori on January 9th, 20:00 UTC (12:00PM PST, 3PM EST, 21:00 CEST, Jan 9th 01:30 IST)

Thanks to Pokemonvortex and TurtalKatThing for their QCs!

EDIT: Postponing this a day bc since I can't put it earlier

The official scavenger hunt by aQrator was ended automatically.
1st place: Teutonic✠Squire [54:19].
2nd place: WarriorGallade [01:21:23].
3rd place: bubidajeffery [01:28:44].
4th place: 111ace111 [02:16:06].
5th place: Computerwizard8800 [02:23:33].

Thank you all for playing! The full Tori's sTori will be released whenever it's actually done.

You can find the hunt here:


Q1. Hello everyone and welcome to a quick Nuzlocke sTori. On this challenging challenge mode run, I will walk you through my second ever run through White 2 as a Nuzlocke, which started just a few days ago. I'll not use items in battle (other than held items and the various types of Poké Ball). I stop by Floccesy's Poké Mart and buy 10 Poké Balls. On Floccesy Ranch, I caught a Lillipup, who handed me the third rarest item it could pick up after a single battle. What item did it have? | Hyper Potion |
Q2. Routes 19 and 20, as well as Aspertia City, Floccesy Town and its Ranch are littered with items, so I grab every single one I can get my hands on. The locations are also full of battle ready trainers, which I also challenge to grind my remaining three Pokémon. After fighting the final gym trainer, I went back to the Aspertia Pokémon Center, sold everything I could not use in battle, and collect some medals. While there's plenty of hint medals, I also obtained some bronze coloured medals, including one for my frequent Pokémon center visits. Alphabetically list the (non-hint) medals I am guaranteed to have as of right now. | Dowsing Beginner, First Step, Pokémon Center Fan, Smart Shopper |
Q3. I'll fast forward to the first gym battle against Cheren, where a hardfought battle between two Lillipups ended in the final death of team Tori. How much money do I have prior to battling Cheren? | 6314
3000 - starting money
-200*10=-2000: Buying 10 Poké Balls
600 - Aspertia Hugh
150 - Aspertia Potion
275 - Aspertia Gym X Defend
100 - Aspertia Gym Fresh Water
160*2=320 - Aspertia Gym trainers
Total Aspertia: 2445
150 - Route 19 Potion
150 - Floccesy Potion
175 - Floccesy X Speed
200*2=400 Floccesy School Kids
Total Floccesy: 875
Total: 3320
100 - Route 20 Paralyz Heal
80*3=240 - Route 20 trainers
2*150=300 - Ranch Potions
600 - Lillipup Hyper Potion
100 - Ranch Paralyz Heal
250 - Ranch X Attack
900 - Ranch Hugh
280 - Ranch Janitor
112*2 - Ranch Lass & Youngster
Total Ranch: 2994
Total: 6314
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I'm hosting an official! Thursday January 13th, 19:00 UTC (11 AM PST, 2PM EST, 20:00 CET, 00:30 IST)

Thanks to deftinwolf and TurtalKatThing for their QCs!

The official scavenger hunt by aQrator was ended automatically.
1st place: Menace02 [33:04].
2nd place: 111ace111 [41:41].
3rd place: bubida! jeffery? [43:14].
4th place: Luca12379 [01:04:07].
5th place: Computerwizard8800 [01:09:46].

Thank you all for playing! The hunt can be found here:
1) Alphabetically list the TCG moves that could be made a GX move. [Air Slash, Dragon Claw, Tackle]
2) This move can draw 6 prizes if its opponent is a VMAX card and is KOd by the damage of the move (without any other effects affecting the move). [Beast Game GX / Beast Game]
3) To make the most of Beast Game GX, you need to attach a lot of energy, preferably Grass Energy. A certain Pokémon has a card with an ability that allows you to attach as many grass energy as you like during your turn, but not to Buzzwole & Pheromosa GX. However, using one of three abilities will allow you to move the energy from any other Pokémon to (a benched) Buzzwole & Pheromosa GX. In order, list the Pokémon with the former ability, and the three abilities(/Poké Powers/Poké Bodies) that allow the energy transfer of grass energy in alphabertical order. [Cherrim, Energy Trans, Hyper Transfer, Leaf Trans]
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I'm hosting a puzzle party and you're all invited! Saturday January 15th, 15:30 UTC (7:30 AM PST, 10:30AM EST, 16:30 CET, 21:00 IST)
Thanks to deftinwolf and Computerwizard8800 for QCing!

1st place: Teutonic✠Squire [04:29].
2nd place: bubidajeffery [09:49].
3rd place: Qui-Gon the Flygon [22:17].
Consolation Prize: boredcollegegort [47:27], Luca12379 [01:08:10], Purple Gummi [01:08:21]

Hope you all enjoyed the party! The full hunt can be found here:\
Q1. Time for a Puzzle Party with Cryptics! Check /rfaq cryptics for more information. Here's the first: Concealed with this pass I'm Ian, a Pokémon. | concealed indicated a hidden word. Here, it's hiding in plain sight: pass I'm Ian= ; Passimian |
Q2. a Pokémon reversed LAN in programming language. | lan reversed = nal, programming language=lua. nal in lua =; Lunala |
Q3. item plan timed oddly. | oddly indicates an anagram. plan timed is an anagram of; Mind Plate |
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