Scavengers Ladder Cycles

Ran a fish on Thursday 8/11 at 7PM Eastern using the twist!

1st place: Computerwizard8800 [05:30].
2nd place: Menace02 [05:33].
3rd place: hu tao sweat [07:59].
4th place: yeet dab xd [08:30].
5th place: toxic boosted [29:10].

1. In Sun and Moon, one trainer of this class uses a model with a Z-ring even though he cannot use any Z-moves (exclude trainers in battle facilities.) | Black Belt
2. Using this attack increases the damage of the user’s Belt attack by 20 next turn. | Sniffle
3. The names of these pokemon are fully contained in the names of belt items. (alpha.) | Machamp, Shiftry, Starmie, Swalot

huge ty to turtalkatthing and PartMan for QCing!
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Hosting the tiniest possible odyssey for tomorrow Sunday, August 14th at 8pm PST/11pm EST!
Thanks to cwiz and part for QC'ing!

Used the Time Trial twist so no hints were provided, so a very big congrats to the finishers!
1st place: Teutonic✠Squire [27:21].
2nd place: br otorterra [43:49].
3rd place: yeet dab xd [55:01].
1) Do /scavenge start to begin [start]
2) A certain Pokemon has been seen battling Froslass on two different occasions in the anime. Name the Pokemon, followed by the move involved in both fights. [Abomasnow, Blizzard]
3) A certain Pokemon is the only one to hold a certain TM when being transferred from Gen 1 to Gen 2. Name the Pokemon, followed by the move the TM contains. [Abra, Psych Up]
4) Two Pokemon have 120 more Base Speed than their pre-evolution. Name the slower one followed by its current signature move. [Accelgor, Water Shuriken]
5) Name the Pokemon that gains the most base speed by Mega-Evolving, followed by its former signature move. [Beedrill, Twineedle]
6) An anime character who shares their name with a mainline game Champion owns only one Pokemon. Name the Pokemon followed by its known move. [Beheeyem, Energy Ball]
7) A certain Pokemon has its own official animated short released on January of this year. Name the Pokemon, followed by the move it uses to close out its final battle. [Bidoof, Rollout]
8) A certain LC Pokemon shares the same height as both of its evolutions. Name the Pokemon, followed by the only move it gets via level-up. [Blipbug, Struggle Bug]
9) Name the Pokemon with the highest unique catch rate, followed by the mainline move it only knows in the TCG. [Corphish, Flail]
10) Using /viewhunt and following the pattern of the Pokemon answers (ignore the moves), find the answer to this question. Next, recreate the pattern on said Pokemon's moves, skipping any potential gaps. Answer with the Pokemon followed by the moves in order. [Corvisquire, Agility, Facade, Sand Attack, Snore]
When looking at the answers for Questions 2 thru 9, you can take the first letter of the first answer (Abomasnow), which would be "a", and then the second letter of the second answer (Abra), which would be "b", all the way to the eighth letter of the eighth answer (Corphish), which would be "h". You may also notice that the answers are in alphabetical order and continue from the last Pokemon in the pattern, or Abomasnow would be both the first and second answer. Thus, you can determine that the next answer must be the nearest alphabetically after Corphish and have the letter "i" in its ninth spot. This happens to be Corvisquire. You can then apply the same pattern to Corvisquire's moves, having to skip a move with "b" as its second letter, giving you the final answer! Incidentally, there are no Pokemon or moves with "j" as their tenth letter.
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This cycle flew by like august of wind, and it blew in our next top 3! Or.. our last top 3?

We have a tie for first place! Both our newest voice, Blazeofvictory and splendid driver Teutonic✠Squire managed to get first place with 231 points!
And already rounding out our top three: Third place is great Trivia staff member yeet dab xd, with 185 points!

3yeet dab xd185
18dot Comfey39
19arcavee ◐_<36
21Soft Flex35
23hu tao sweat29
34toxic boosted19
37Chris ☭ tmas??17
37Purple Gummi17
42Tapler ❀14
46Qui-Gon the Flygon13
51tl the legend??12
53BlueFins ° ͜つ °11
53PikachuSean ^~^11
55Hielito fresco9
57Lady Monita8
60linnea gaming7
72Pepsi Man 25
80Gwynt ^-^4
80a pple~sauce?thing4
87Lucas Ranger~3
99ShinyTurtlez ツ2
99The Benz Mafia2
115very large nuts1
115Meteor Beam1
115notcollintan ∑1
115Painter Espeon1
115Gumbearball ?1
115God evening1
115Flying Pichu1

Like last cycle, our twist is Time Trial: Placements for all official hunts will be sorted by the time it takes to finish the hunt, not from the start of the hunt. During these officials no extra hints will be given.

And as you may have read already, Blazeofvictory is Scavengers' newest voice! A hearty congratz to them.

Begin your next operation: Reaching the top of the next cycle. Who will be the one to succeed? It could very well be you!
As it turns out, Smogon posts have a 65k character limit, so it seems every few parts will be getting their own posts.
The previous post with previous parts can be found at

Part 3a of Pokeradar Pearl was hosted at 11:00 CST today.

Part 3a Results:
The official scavenger hunt by WarriorGallade was ended automatically.
1st place: yeet dab xd [43:35].
2nd place: blazeofvictory [47:45].
3rd place: Menace02 [49:05].
4th place: Teutonic✠Squire! [51:45].
5th place: Mystiphox [02:37:13].
Consolation Prize: Sabby60>!!> [02:47:20]

Part 3a Hunt:
1) 70. Welcome back to Part 3 of Pokeradar Pearl! As a general note, use alphabetical order if a question has multiple answers and PS formatting for Pokemon names. To recap, the team is here: EVs and IVs are not known. Part 2 ended with Zeiol deciding to not rush collecting the gym badges and take his journey more slowly, exploring each area more carefully, and spending more time at Hearthome as his team recovers from recent events. A short walk to Solaceon later, Paleo and Mareep are put back into the daycare. Zeiol's current party consists of Houndoom, Kirlia, Hoppip, Nincada, Nidorino and Stantler. He takes this moment to realize that all of them seem to have been cured from the Pokerus, but as he checked his PC, and noticed that his lowest leveled Pokemon seemed to be infected with it still! What Pokemon was this? [sentret]
2) 71. As he's resting, Zeiol cultivates some of the berries he found while traveling to pass the time. He realizes that the soil seems to dry out really often, and wishes it would stay moist a bit longer so that he'd have to water it less. He thinks back to his visit with the Berry Master and realizes that he could've bought something that would do just this task.What is it? [damp mulch]
3) 72. The berries continually growing, Zeiol decides to pay a visit to the Pokemon News Press in town. There, he notices a brochure recommending the perfect gift for an impatient trainer, which suits his rival Tinston. What is this gift? [quickball]
4) 73. The layout of Solaceon is quite strange the more Zeiol explores it, having to jump off multiple ledges to access certain parts of the town. After obtaining a Seal Case from one of these houses, he feels it's fine to start adventuring again. With Solaceon Town nearby, Zeiol returns to Route 209 and challenges the nearby trainers whose Pokemon are somehow able to use Leech Life against his Nincada. Assuming the VS Seeker was not used, what are all the Pokemon he could have been battling? [bonsly cleffa mimejr]
5) 73. With even more time to spare, Zeiol now looks through his bag to evaluate how useful each item is. He noticed a strange item in his bag, and wasn't sure what it did. He gave it to Stantler, who was now at Level 17 and around half its total HP. A surprising observation was seen; upon Stantler landing a Stomp against a Chansey, a Pokemon he hadn't seen before, Stantler regained 12 HP. What is the maximum damage Stantler could have dealt to this Chansey? [103]
6) 74. The Shell Bell's properties mystify Zeiol, as he forgets to check on the other items. He decides to ask the Daycare Couple if they know any more about it, as they seemed knowledgeable. The Day-Care man hears a mention of Chansey and interrupts Zeiol to narrate, "Ah, Chansey? Back in my day, you'd be lucky to find it in the Safari Zone, let alone capture it, but even here in Sinnoh, it's not all that common. Finding it is lucky, and you'd be even luckier if you pay attention to what it's holding. Normally most Chansey hold an Oval Stone, but some Chansey hold something very slightly different, a Lucky Egg. So I hear you ask, what does this do? Rumor has it, it makes your luck as good as a Chansey's! Hahaha! Well, it's certainly something valuable if it's that rare, aye?", he jovially says. Zeiol realizes he might not get answers about the Shell Bell here, but this story gives him an idea. Perhaps he can combine the Pokeradar with all he's learnt so far to get one of these Lucky Eggs. To ensure that he only encounters Pokemon in patches of Pokeradar-rustling grass, Zeiol acquires multiple of this item. [repel]
7) 75. After some time, Zeiol is able to get his hands on a Lucky Egg from the fourth chained Chansey he encounters, and carefully examines it. It didn't seem all that special, but he held the Daycare couple in high esteem after how well they raised Paleo and Mareep, and decided to try his luck at finding more. As he did this, the appearance of a Bonsly broke the chain, and since he was also running low on Repels, he decided that just one was enough. Upon staking out the nearby areas, Zeiol seemed to sense an atmosphere similar to where he met Cheryl. These two currently accessible locations share their music with that of Eterna Forest. [losttower solaceonruins]
8) 76. The Solaceon Ruins are explored first, amidst the maze of ledges, but Zeiol had no clue that another labyrinth awaited him. Zeiol opts to take the newly-evolved Skiploom, Kirlia, Nidorino, Stantler and Houndoom. The central mural seems to depict odd writing, but he had no clue how to decipher it, and proceeded deeper in. Exploring a bit further led Zeiol to encountering Unown, a strange Pokemon with a Hidden Power. Dead end after dead end, Zeiol was thankful he remembered the route he entered from, or the ruins would truly be inescapable. Before he started exploration, Stantler was given the Exp. Share, as it wanted to observe the ruins more than battle. Houndoom is able to take out a lot of Unown, depletes all of its Bite PP and eventually levels up. Assuming Houndoom has not been in a battle before entering the ruins, it sees these two stats rise the most during the level up. [attack specialattack / atk spa / atk spatk]
9) 77. At the end of a series of twists and turns, he reaches a chamber with no more descending stairs and four items. By now, he's realized that the Unown encountered along the way represent a letter, and concludes that this is as far as the ruins go. Picking up the items, he decides to spend some more time training his team there. This is the only letter of Unown found in the final chamber. [d]
10) 78. As Zeiol continues training, he encounters a very strong Unown, dealing major damage to his team with some timely critical hits. One of Zeiol's party Pokemon is immune to its Hidden Power, while another is weak to it. What are the possible types this Hidden Power could be? [ghost ground psychic]
11) 79. After trying the Pokeradar in the Ruins to no avail, Zeiol finishes up his training. He uses an Escape Rope to return to Solaceon Town, and heads back to the Pokemon Center for a rest. He chooses to put Slowpoke in the daycare, replacing Paleo, and is quite surprised with how much stronger it's gotten. After more relaxation, he decides to ascend the Lost Tower. Zeiol was in for quite a challenge, as the one of the trainers he battled was able to knock out Skiploom in a single hit, and the attack wasn't even a critical hit or super-effective! The opponent's Pokemon hadn't inflicted any damage in quite a few turns so he felt he was safe, even though Bullet Seed kept hitting twice. What made the knock out even more shocking, was that no stat modifiers were in play. What move was used to OHKO Skiploom from full HP? [furycutter]
12) 80. Resolving to pay more attention to battles, Zeiol heals up his team and resumes the ascent. He came across a trainer who used a single Cleffa in battle, morose that Team Galactic had stolen their Pokemon. The aforementioned trainer had a picture of this Pokemon on their outfit. [gyarados]
13) 81. A tiring climb to the top later, Zeiol acquires the Strength HM from the elder. He descends the tower, challenging any trainers who he didn't battle while climbing. A curious thing happens as he's in one such trainer battle. On the first turn, he notices that Skiploom moves before the trainer's Pokemon, while on the second turn, it moves before Skiploom despite no use of priority or leveling up. Zeiol has no clue what to make of this strange happenstance; but this was due to a speed tie, as both the trainer's Pokemon and Skiploom shared the same speed stat of 39. Skiploom could have been battling one of two Pokemon in the Lost Tower for this scenario to occur. What are they? [Murkrow Ponyta]
14) 82. Both explorations completed, Zeiol takes stock of the berries he's grown. He seems to be missing one of the basic berries - the Rawst Berry. A quick trip to the Berry Master later, Zeiol headed to this previous location to obtain a Rawst Berry from a plant. [route206]
15) 83. Anticipating a long trip, Zeiol returns to the daycare to check on Mareep and is surprised at how much it's grown, as it's at Level 27, almost ready to evolve. Paleo replaces Mareep in the daycare, who's glad to be back on the team. After stocking up on plenty of Repels, he heads to Route 206. The berries are found in no time, and the cave seems ominous. It's pitch-black as he enters, only being able to see a short distance around him. Wondering how to see better, he ponders at the mouth of the cave. He remembers an advertisement on TV for the TM for Flash, which does exactly this. However, he recalls it to be sold at Veilstone's Department Store, and decides not to go there yet. He also recalled soon after that ad, a certain trainer was seen using their Pikachu to briefly illuminate caves in Kanto, without the need for Flash. What moves could it have used to do this? [thunder thunderbolt]
16) 84. Sadly, Mareep knew neither Thunder or Thunderbolt, so Zeiol decided to take the gamble and proceed anyway, while trying to remember the path he took. The layout of the cave seemed strange, almost as if it was sealing something. He's once again astonished by the trainers, as a Magnitude 7, then 10 from one's Geodude dealt hefty damage, fainting Nidorino. Another's Bronzor using Imprison was able to seal away one move from both of Zeiol's Pokemon. What Pokemon was Zeiol currently battling with? [kirlia stantler]
17) 85. Closest to the trainers he just battled, Zeiol found this item. [tinymushroom]
18) 86. As Zeiol proceeds further and further into the cave, it seems even more inescapable, and he grows a bit worried. He decides to head back after reaching the next dead end, while he still remembers the route he took. At the next dead end however, he found a small girl who seemed lost and worried. She introduced herself as Mira, and requested help in reaching the exit, to which Zeiol gladly agreed, putting aside his own fear to reassure her. However after a point, Zeiol wasn't sure where to proceed. He ended up battling even more trainers along the way, and one such trainer's name seemed familiar, almost as if they had gone on a sTori. It didn't seem like they used a Totodile, unfortunately. What Pokemon did this trainer use? [beautifly silcoon]
19) 87. Zeiol realized he hadn't prepared enough, as he ran all out of Repels with the exit nowhere in sight. Despite that, he didn't seem to be encountering too many Pokemon, only around half as many as he'd expected. What Pokemon was he leading with? [stantler]
20) 88. He realizes that this is probably one of the other things Bebe mentioned all the way back in Hearthome, and was thankful. With the encounters reduced in numbers, and upon Mira's suggestion to follow the walls, they were able to reach the exit. With a cheery thanks, Mira left the cave while Zeiol decided to teleport back to Solaceon for some rest. As he's resting, he checks on his Pokemon in the PC and realizes that Nincada, still at Level 19, hasn't seen much action in a while and decides to spend more time with it. Zeiol goes into the Solaceon Ruins, with a relaxing atmosphere, only taking Nincada, Houndoom and Kirlia. Nincada seems to share a fascination for the strange writings on the wall. As it knocks out an Unown blocking the path, it begins to evolve into Ninjask. However, Zeiol senses something strange as the evolution concludes. Sure enough, he's got a new Pokemon in his party, Shedinja. Very confused, he sends both it and Ninjask out. After some observation, he notices that Shedinja didn't have anywhere near Ninjask's acrobatic speed, but it did have slightly different stats and properties, including the Ghost type. It seemed to still retain its memories as a Nincada, which made Zeiol breathe a sigh of relief. Wondering if this too was an effect of the Unown, Zeiol left the ruins. At this point, Zeiol had the chance for his Shedinja to learn some moves that it wouldn’t be able to learn upon evolution in any mainline game after Gen 4. What are all these moves? [doubleteam furycutter screech]
21) 89. Zeiol heads north to Route 210. There, he sees that the route is much larger than he thought it was, and the extra-tall grass exuded a primal aura. "Man, I really didn't look around here my first time through, did I? I don't think I ever would have explored this place if I dashed to Veilstone the first time around, probably.", he thought to himself. As he tries to proceed north, he notices his path is blocked. What Pokemon species is acting as a roadblock? [psyduck]
22) 90. Seeing no way to get past the Psyduck, and not having confidence in his ability to jump over all of them, Zeiol enters the nearby "Cafe Cabin", a place whose products were held in high regard by the Solaceon locals, though all of them seemed to have an annoyed tone when talking of it. Upon entering, he was immediately challenged to battle by a Waitress! Zeiol realizes the reason for everyone's annoyance towards the cafe, as the other cafe patrons also challenge him to battle. Finally, Zeiol's a bit tired from the trainer gauntlet, as he inquires about what the cafe sells. Upon hearing that they only sell Moomoo Milk, Zeiol checked his bag and realized that the milk was more cost-effective than Potions, for how much it healed. Feeling it'd be good to keep his team energized, Zeiol decides to spend exactly a quarter of his money buying milk. If he bought 26 Moomoo Milks, how much money did Zeiol have before he bought anything at the cafe? [52000]
23) 91. After over 20 questions in what definitely felt like an anime filler arc, Zeiol charts a course for Veilstone after a relaxing time at the cafe. Though, he did wish they sold milk by the dozen. The journey through Route 215 is much more manageable the second time around as well, as his team's in high spirits. This time when he enters Veilstone, it feels like a whole new experience. Not quite the metropolis Hearthome or Jubilife were, but a massive settlement in its own right. Like Solaceon, it had a very strange structure, with varying elevations. At the centre of the city, he found a sign and realized why the city looked the way it did. What does the sign describe Veilstone as? [hewn from rock]
24) 92. Next to the sign, an enthusiastic Battle Girl tells Zeiol about Veilstone's game corner, and how she got a TM as a prize from there. This seemed very intriguing to Zeiol, so after a quick stop at the Pokemon Center, he headed there. The game corner's atmosphere was electric, and Zeiol felt hyped to even be in such a place with the energetic music. Upon talking to the main clerk, he realized that he needed a Coin Case to play, but a helpful man there told him where to find one, at a nearby house. A few minutes later, Zeiol is back with a Coin case and ready to game. Assuming Zeiol's money did not change after purchasing the 26 Moomoo Milks, how many coins could he buy if he spent all his money? [1950]
25) 93. Of course, Zeiol decides to play it safe on advice from the same helpful man, and buys 200 coins to start with. He's given the advice to look out for a Clefairy, and that one appearing spells good luck. Before he starts, another passerby reminds him to beware of the red moon, because it makes Clefairy tired. Zeiol is able to get a Clefairy on his fifth reel, but has no clue why it's considered lucky, as he continues to lose coins. As he's down to 160, he rolls triple 7's and he's overjoyed; that's the first jackpot in quite a while. Before Zeiol does anything else, Zeiol notices this number next to the Clefairy, possibly indicating the number of bonuses left in the current round. [15]
26) 94. On his third bonus round, he sees the red moon that the passerby had mentioned. He decided to ignore Clefairy while the moon was red, and this was the right choice. The bonus rounds kept continuing, as did Zeiol's coin stock. The game was quite suspense filled, with timing the slots at the right point as well as paying attention to Clefairy. As the number of bonus rounds climbed, Zeiol drew attention from the crowd, with them cheering him on. As he starts his 9th round, a passerby shouts "If you round can get just one more bonus, you get a big prize! Go for it!". Unfortunately for Zeiol, the Clefairy retreats into its Safari Ball at the end of the 9th round as the collective crowd groans and slowly disperses. Before spinning the slots again out of reflex, Zeiol slowly realizes that despite the loss, he has a bit over two thousand coins, more than he'd be able to earn if he spent all his money! There wasn't a need to continue and risk losing this huge profit. This was a win in his book, but he did wonder, what prize was the crowd talking about? [tm64 / tm64explosion]
27) 95. Done with the game corner for now, Zeiol's slightly sad to leave the upbeat atmosphere behind but realizes he has an adventure to get back to. He goes to the prize exchange corner and is astonished to see that his huge earnings don't get him anywhere near the top prizes. He purchases two things from there, both of which would greatly assist his Ninjask when using Fury Cutter. What did he buy? [metronome widelens]
28) 96. Zeiol feels that rushing to take on Veilstone's gym wasn't a great idea for the time being. Upon further exploration of the city, he meets an ace trainer who theorizes Mt. Coronet is what divides Sinnoh into two halves. This makes sense to Zeiol, as the east and west of Sinnoh seem quite different, given what he's seen of them. What Pokemon makes her think this theory is correct? [shellos]
29) 97. The Department Store nearby, Zeiol enters and is overwhelmed by the range on offer, despite only having 2 badges; Revives, Max Potions, Ultra Balls and more were for sale. After thinking for a while, he starts from the first floor, buying 20 Super Repels, 2 Poke Dolls, 5 Great Balls and 3 Ultra Balls. Ascending to the third floor as he remembers the ad for Flash, he's taken aback by the range of TMs. He buys one of Flash, Natural Gift, Solarbeam and Fire Blast. Zeiol was sure the basement sold Poffins, but it was currently inaccessible. As the second and fourth floors offer nothing useful, Zeiol takes stock of his purchases at the fifth floor's food court. How much money did he spend in total at the Department Store? [30100]
30) 98. Most of his money now expended, Zeiol is happy he made the purchases. "Now I'll be even more prepared!", he thought. Solarbeam is taught to Skiploom, and Fire Blast to Houndoom. Through exploration, he hears that the nearby city, Pastoria is home to a huge variety of Pokemon, and feels this will help prepare him for Veilstone. With that, he proceeded to Route 214 to encounter this trainer class that he hadn't seen before. Assume every trainer before this point has been encountered. [pi]
31) 99. The journey through the route was challenging but doable, a sign to Zeiol that he was proceeding along the right track. Though he was taken aback by PI Carlos' Horn Drill Goldeen, threatening to knock out his Pokemon at any time. He also learnt a bit more about Shedinja's strange properties, as an opposing Kadabra's Psybeam bounced right off it, and it wasn't like Houndoom's immunity to the move. Zeiol theorized this was due to Shedinja's ability, Wonder Guard. Further testing against wild Pokemon, Zeiol realized that only super-effective and indirect damage could knock it out. Since the testing was relatively basic, he didn't realize that these damaging moves could also damage an opposing Pokemon with Wonder Guard, no matter what ability the user had, or what type the foe was. [beatup doomdesire firefang futuresight]

Part 3b results:
The official scavenger hunt by WarriorGallade was ended automatically.
1st place: BubidaJeffery! [01:39:43].
2nd place: yeet dab xd [01:40:56].
3rd place: Menace02 [01:46:35].
4th place: blazeofvictory [02:29:01].
5th place: Teutonic✠Squire! [04:18:10].

Part 3b hunt:
1) 100. As he cycles onto Valor Lakefront, a calm and tranquil breeze from the ocean blows over him. He remembers that he hasn't checked the Pokeradar at all in over 30 questions. Sadly, he sees a silhouette of Nidorino, which he's already obtained. The prior route also seemed home to Houndoom, so Zeiol decided to push forth with no new encounters for the time being. The lake itself was closed to visitors, so Zeiol paid a visit to the luxurious Seven Stars Restaurant, which was also unfortunately closed. Resolving to visit it again, he also notices the rocky terrain of the area. "Perhaps I'll be able to reach those areas someday?", he wonders. As he sees a young woman stranded outside her suite, he uses this Poketch app to help find her key. [dowsingmachine]
2) 101. After returning the key, Zeiol heads to an unspecified location and encounters a Pokemon with a strange held item. Out of all of Zeiol's Pokemon, only Baltoy would have been able to make the Pokemon consume its held item. Assume that unless Zeiol's Pokemon have been specifically stated to have evolved, they have not. What item could the encountered wild Pokemon be holding if this situation occurred? Answer with all possible items. [chartiberry shucaberry]
3) 102. As luck would have it, the Charti Berry holder was Zeiol's next encounter, Swellow. This seemed like an apt counter to Maylene's fighting types, and one Great Ball later, it was captured. Since Pastoria was nearby, Zeiol decided to head there for some rest. After adding the Brave Swellow to his team, he heads to the Great Marsh. He's confused to see no response from the Pokeradar, indicating he can't capture any Pokemon here, but still decides to explore it. Before he enters, he heads to the observatory and talks to a middle-aged man, who recommends this mode of transport within the marsh. [quick trams / quick tram]
4) 103. Zeiol's able to survey the Great Marsh through the observatory's binoculars, and charts out a general route to follow. After being gifted the Defog HM by a kindly Ace Trainer, he encounters a variety of Pokemon, and is saddened that he can't catch them thanks to the Pokeradar's jamming. He makes another mental note to return to the marsh after obtaining the Magma Stone. After some exploration, he finds out something interesting about the Pokemon that can be found here. These two Pokemon are tied for the lowest (non-zero) possible encounter rate in certain areas of the Great Marsh. [azurill bidoof]
5) 104. With the Great Marsh explored, Zeiol decides to explore more of Pastoria city. He encounters the Move Maniac, who offers to re-teach his Pokemon moves for the price of one Heart Scale. Zeiol remembers how he found one of those from his time in the Underground. These two Pokemon that Zeiol owns can each be tutored a damaging move that are identical to each other in all aspects besides type. [ninjask swellow]
6) 105. Consulting with the Maniac, Zeiol realizes that a decent few of his team members can learn fabulous moves. He heads back to the Underground to mine more, but cannot find any more. Paying a visit to one of the houses in Pastoria, he receives an item that might help against incoming Electric type attacks. What item did Zeiol get? [wacanberry]
7) 106. Zeiol also pays a visit to the Scarf Guy, having heard him to be a connoisseur of fashion. However, he didn't think any of Zeiol's Pokemon were worthy of a scarf as is. Making a note to return after he baked more poffins, Zeiol decided to try challenging Pastoria's gym. His current party consists of Skiploom, Swellow, Mareep, Shedinja, Ninjask and Stantler. Mareep being on the verge of evolving, Zeiol uses it to defeat the gym trainers. Before reaching Crasher Wake, he now has a Flaaffy with Discharge. By a Gym trainer using this move, they're able to halve the power of an incoming super-effective attack without affecting stat modifiers. [raindance]
8) 107. Zeiol's surprised by this counter-play to Solarbeam, but is still confident in his victory with both Skiploom and Flaaffy, and challenges Wake to battle. His Gyarados lead doesn't faze Zeiol anymore, who leads with Flaaffy and can already see his victory. Gyarados' Brine does a pittance, and Discharge is a searing OHKO in return. With Quagsire sent in next, Skiploom is up. All Quagsire could do was use Tail Whip while it was scorched by Solarbeam, also knocked out in a single hit. Zeiol's on a roll, and decides to try something new. He realized that while in the gym, a decent few trainers couldn't hit Shedinja. Feeling that Wake would also lack a super-effective move, Shedinja pivots in but falls to Pursuit. This didn't pose an issue, as Flaaffy pivots back in to obliterate Floatzel in a single hit, who could also not deal much damage. This was Zeiol's easiest gym badge yet, and he's thankful that he waited for Mareep to learn Discharge before evolving. Zeiol obtains this badge for defeating Wake. [fen / fenbadge]
9) 108. A surprising consequence of doing the badges out-of-order like this is that Zeiol is unable to battle a certain trainer in Pastoria if he does not meet certain criteria, and returns to the city later. Assume Zeiol does not travel to any new locations. What is this trainer's name (exclude trainer class)? [tinston]
10) 109. Zeiol looks at his Trainer Card, and laughs at this humorous turn of events as he has the Coal, Forest and Fen badges, but not the Cobble badge. "Type advantages really do everything, huh? Guess I'm ready for Maylene now", he wondered as he began the long walk back to Veilstone, not before swapping Flaaffy for Kirlia. He notices a small hut by the seaside on Route 213, and enters it to find an eccentric man titled Dr. Footstep. The doctor asks to analyze Stantler's footprint, to which Zeiol agreed. He's overcome with happiness and relief as he hears Stantler regarding him as a remarkable human and trainer, and one to whom he can attribute his success. Dr. Footstep is also impressed by Stantler's views, and decides to gift it with this item. [footprint ribbon]
11) 110. As he passes by the Valor Lakefront, Zeiol remembered that he found and returned a woman's suite key to her. She had offered him a Lava Cookie for doing so. As he left the suite, he saw an item ball shining in the sunlight, and what looked to be a TM inside. It seemed particularly novel, and the TM had its name very faintly visible from the distance. Zeiol felt this move had some unique applications. These are all the Pokemon that Zeiol owns that can learn this move via TM and successfully use it in battle without the assistance of any other Pokemon or TMs, even if they can't do so at their current levels. [kirlia slowpoke stantler]
12) 111. Since the night draws late, Zeiol spends the night at the lodge near the Lakefront. As the next day dawns, he decides to head to the Seven Stars Restaurant. Since Shedinja hasn't seen too much action, he decides to give it a shot but is taken aback to see that quite a few trainers there are prepared for it. "Is this the power of high society?", he wondered. He also found out a surprising facet to Wonder Guard, that status moves pass through it. These two Pokemon he battled in the restaurant used a Status move matching their own type(s) which knocked out Shedinja. [roselia stunky]
13) 112. He's confident Shedinja will eventually get his chance at the spotlight, and explores the parts of Route 214 that were passed by on his way to Pastoria. He eventually comes up against a Ruin Maniac using a Shieldon and realizes that he's consistently had issues with taking down Steel types. "First the Bronzor, now this? The one time I wish I had Houndoom with me...", he mutters. Out of the Pokemon currently in Zeiol's party, this move with a fixed base power would deal the most damage to Shieldon. [solarbeam]
14) 113. Skiploom's Solarbeam scorches Shieldon, securing a victory for Zeiol. However, Stantler seems to be having bad luck with hitting its moves, despite holding an item purchased from the Game Corner, which draws out battles quite a while. What is the percentage chance that Stantler misses Take Down, given its held item? [6.5%]
15) 114. With the prior exploration now finished, Zeiol returns to Veilstone to notice Team Galactic has a sizable presence. He tries entering their main building, but the doors don't seem to lead anywhere yet. Grunts outside the warehouse also prevent his entry, so Zeiol's confused. He's able to get intel from another grunt that upon proving himself as worthy, this item inside the warehouse will be made available to him. [hm02 / hm02fly]
16) 115. Unsure of how to be classified as "worthy enough", Zeiol heals up his team and enters the gym. Pushing the barricades to solve the puzzle was quite the exhausting endeavor. Running was a no-go, as the gym trainers immediately turned to face Zeiol if he ran within their range. Each of the gym trainers seemed to have a personality of their own; all of them are part of this group. [karate quads]
17) 116. Swellow's presence made the battles speed by, as Zeiol's happy he took the time to find it. He confidently walks up to Maylene and challenges her to battle, leading with Kirlia as she sends out Meditite. Confusions being traded on both sides, Meditite falls with Kirlia at half health. Machoke is sent out next, and a critical hit Brick Break takes out Kirlia. Swellow is up next, and a pair of Wing Attacks KO Machoke. With Maylene's ace, Lucario, up next, Zeiol switches into Stantler to lower its attack by Intimidate. Deciding to take another gamble, he switches into Shedinja after taking a Drain Punch. To his delight, Lucario lacks any coverage for it! Conversely, Shedinja can't do very much damage in return. Coupled with Maylene's use of a Hyper Potion, Zeiol switches to Skiploom as Fury Cutter runs low on PP. The combination of Stun Spore, Leech Seed and Synthesis seals the game given Lucario's lowered attack. Maylene is now defeated, and Zeiol has four out of the eight badges. He also acquires the TM for Drain Punch. Holding either of these two items and using Drain Punch will cause the holder to see a 30% increase in the HP they regain, compared to using the move with no held item. [bigroot lifeorb]
18) 117. The Cobble Badge now in hand, Zeiol exits the gym to see a concerned Dawn, who asks for his help. Apparently, Team Galactic stole her Pokedex, so he tags along with her after healing up at the Pokemon Center to get it back. He challenges the Grunts who stole it to a 2-on-2 battle. Assume the VS. Seeker was not used, and all trainers on the routes explored before have been battled. Ignoring Metronome and any moves called by it, the battle described here was the first time Zeiol was seeing these moves used in battle. [gravity moonlight morningsun psychocut slash]
19) 118. The Grunts scurry away upon defeat, not before declaring that the package was at Pastoria already. Dawn's Pokedex is returned to her and she bids a sincere farewell. As Zeiol contemplates his next move, he realizes that the duo was guarding the warehouse he wanted to explore earlier. Sure enough, he collectly the Fly HM and after teaching it to Swellow, heads to Pastoria to investigate what the Grunt was talking about. However as he attempts to tail the grunt, Tinston challenges him to a battle! Kirlia takes out his Starly, switching to Skiploom who takes out Buizel, then to Stantler who takes out Monferno and finally to Swellow who takes out Roselia. All in all, this was a decisive victory compared to their last battle that made Zeiol proud of his Pokemon. After a quick heal, he continues pursuit of the grunt, who runs as far as the Lakefront. As he's doing so, he hears from the Grunt that Team Galactic obtained the energy to power the device he was carrying from this location. [valleywindworks]
20) 119. Soon after defeating the Grunt, Cynthia spots Zeiol and exchanges pleasantries. She gives Zeiol an item that would help him get past the Psyduck on Route 210, with the promise of delivering an Old Charm to her grandmother in Celestic Town. Where is this item from? [cianwood city]
21) 120. Zeiol's slowly starting to realize his team is pretty full, and he decides to only catch a few more Pokemon. He checks his Town Map, and chooses to Fly to Solaceon Town, since it seems the closest. Not in a rush, he decides to re-explore the surrounding areas and comes across the Hallowed Tower, but it looks more like a pile of rubble than any tower. Upon hearing the legend of Spiritomb from a passerby, he wonders how to encounter it, as the passerby continues to explain. If Zeiol stole one flag from every (different) person he met in the underground, then after battling Spiritomb, what's the minimum amount his score would increase by? You can assume he did nothing else to increase his score. [1090]
22) 121. Zeiol feels that this might be too much effort, and decides to not go through with it, selling the Odd Keystone at a nearby Pokemart. He heads north, dispelling the Psyduck as his Pokeradar reacts. Checking his Pokedex makes him realize there's a really rare Pokemon now available for capture. What is it? [bagon]
23) 122. Before rushing headlong into the route, Zeiol chooses to wait at the Cafe for a while, and ponders his next move. He remembers everything he's observed and heard over the adventure, and decides to compile a definitive set of notes on the Pokeradar, found at After this compilation he pauses for a bit on rule 7; something feels missing. The tiles that can rustle are chosen from a selection of grass patches depending on how close they are to Zeiol. What is the maximum number of tiles that can be selected from?? [80]
24) 123. Zeiol feels it's a good idea to stop by Solaceon's Pokemart to stock up on items. There, he remembers that in another Pokemart he visited, he saw a wood carving of a Pokemon, which looked very quaint and fit in with its locale. What Pokemon was the carving representing? [croagunk]
25) 124. Zeiol decides it's better to take a gamble, selling a decent few of his items, then spending all of his money on Pokeballs of various types and even more Repels. He heads onto the north part of Route 210 and thanks to Swellow using Defog, he can clearly navigate the area despite the setting sun. He shudders to think what a nightmare using the Pokeradar in the fog would be. He sensed that battles here would be long-drawn, unlikely to ever end on the first turn. In such a case, what is the most effective Pokeball Zeiol could use? [dusk / dusk ball]
26) 125. At some point in the chain, Zeiol notices the Pokemon History app on his Poketch, all filled with icons of Bagon. Assuming he had an unbroken chain, what is the lowest chain number which he is guaranteed to have reached? [12 / twelve]
27) 126. Trying to build large chains became harder the more Zeiol tried. Sometimes a Meditite, sometimes a Bibarel, and worst of all, Noctowl broke the chain multiple times, frustrating Zeiol to no end. He wanted to give up. Chains of varying lengths - 6, 12, 21, 14, 30, 22, 32, 25, 16, 9, 26, 35 and more all lay broken as Zeiol's hope dwindled. Every time he failed a chain, the world seemed to change, reverting him to the time before he started, along with all of his supplies restored. This seemed almost like Groundhog day as he retained memories each time. He thought back to the time just before he started; he looked at the Pokeradar one last time and noticed a number faintly embossed on the back, surrounded by the icon of a few stars. which he interpreted to be the minimum chain number he should aim for. Maybe that number has some relation to finding those stars most optimally? What number did he notice? [40]
28) 127. After over a week of real-time with thousands of steps taken, Zeiol is graced with the magical 40th Bagon. Soon after, he sees sparkles in the grass, an unfamiliar sight. Walking into that area, he's blinded by a shimmer as a green Bagon faces him! Zeiol's eyes sparkle as he's in awe of the shiny Pokemon's glittering green. "So that's what this Pokeradar's purpose is. Amazing!", he exclaims. Taking absolute care not to damage it too much, a couple of Nest Balls seal the deal and the new Hasty Bagon, now nicknamed Emerald, is captured. While the Pokeradar rustles again, Zeiol is in no mood to continue and flies back to Solaceon on Swellow for a long and well deserved rest. Any of the wild Bagon Zeiol encountered had a non-zero chance to raise the damage they dealt if they used any of these status moves. [focus energy leer]
29) 128. Before deciding to unwind for a long, long time, Zeiol takes a look at all 39 of his captures; as two of the 41 were knocked out by a critical Discharge. Four of them were holding a strange item, which seemed to give off a menacing aura - just like the Pokemon holding it. What was this item? [dragon fang]
30) 129. As he's relaxing, Zeiol takes a look at a nearby TV. He notices a commercial about TMs, and decides to check his bag. The newly caught Emerald is taught Rock Tomb. The next commercial advertises a place as a nature preserve where exotic Pokemon roam. But as he continues watching, Zeiol realizes he's been to the place and wasn't able to capture anything thanks to the Pokeradar. What location was this? [greatmarsh]
31) 130. Thank you again for making your way through Part 3! As I’m sure you expect, Part 4 will be coming your way sometime soon! Spending more time in Solaceon to recover, Zeiol pays another visit to the news press. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the Pokemon they're looking to write an article about but the chief does mention a reward for him if he's able to do so, a reward that can't be obtained anywhere else in Sinnoh. This intrigues Zeiol, even if he's presently unable to catch the desired Pokemon. After getting the Magma Stone and deactivating the Pokeradar, he could return and obtain it as needed. What is this reward? [diveball]

Part 4 Results:

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1st place: blazeofvictory [54:07].
2nd place: yeet dab xd [01:02:39].
3rd place: BubidaJeffery! [01:29:37].
4th place: Teutonic✠Squire [01:30:01].
5th place: Menace02 [01:47:38].
Consolation Prize: AbuBatata [03:08:29], TokenSnack [04:02:35]

Part 4 Hunt:

1) 131. Part 4, Pokeradar Pearl. Use alphabetical order if a question has multiple answers, PS formatting for Pokemon names, or nicknames if a Pokemon was given one instead. To recap, the team is here: - Slowpoke and Baltoy are still in the daycare. The events of Part 3 culminate in Zeiol obtaining the Fen and Cobble badges, as well as learning how to effectively utilize the Pokeradar, and using it to obtain a shiny Bagon nicknamed Emerald. Zeiol takes Emerald to the Ruins, who finds it surprisingly calming. Emerald also seems to have a fascination for the writing on the wall, just like Nincada did. After this, Zeiol decides that rushing back onto Route 210 would not be a good idea, and he looks at his Town Map. He notices that he hasn't explored the routes connecting Hearthome to Pastoria, and notices a landmark near a mansion owned by one Mr. Backlot, rumored to be home to exotic Pokemon. Marking that landmark as his next point of interest, as it's a short journey away. Where does Zeiol decide to go to? [trophy garden]
2) 132. As he heads to the Trophy Garden from Solaceon, Zeiol's challenged by somebody he doesn't expect. This trainer class can only be battled at night. [policeman]
3) 133. Despite being challenged to a battle out of nowhere, Zeiol is easily victorious. He continues exploring Route 212. Here, Emerald's first trainer battle is against a Pokemon that can KO Shedinja with at least one of its moves. this trainer's Pokemon has the highest BST out of all Pokemon on this route that can do so. Answer with [trainer class] [name] (Exclude any trainers that need travelling more than half the route to battle) [Pokemon Ranger Jeffrey / pkmn ranger jeffrey]
4) 134. Exploring along the route and battling even more wild Pokemon and trainers allows Zeiol to observe the effects of Houndoom's ability for the first time, the Pokeradar staying unused in his bag for the time being. What are all the Pokemon he could be battling? [chatot hoothoot kricketune]
5) 135. Zeiol is surprised to see trainers here using items on their Pokemon, as it draws out the battles a considerable amount. What are all the items used by this route's trainers? [full restore]
6) 136. Zeiol also learns some surprising info from a youngster on the route, who narrates "The owner of [...] also owns the Pokemon Mansion!". Zeiol realizes that the youngster's words were cut off by a flock of approaching Starly. Even though Zeiol didn't quite hear what was said, he was able to piece together the details and realized that he knows what the youngster was saying. What words did Zeiol not hear? [amity square]
7) 137. Feeling hopeful that he could negotiate entry into Amity Square, Zeiol enters the mansion and is taken aback by the luxury and grandeur. The red carpet, antique statues and being fully staffed with butlers and maids alike was a sight to behold. The east of the mansion was blocked off from access, which Zeiol was disappointed to hear; he was sure he'd heard rare berries grew there. He heads over to Mr. Backlot's room, who is all too glad to brag about his Pokemon, and nothing else. It didn't seem like Zeiol could get a word in edgewise, and he decided to give up on his dreams of Amity Square. Mr. Backlot described a Pokemon that was fully evolved, but only in its debut generation. What Pokemon could he be talking about? [chansey porygon]
8) 138. Zeiol decides to take a look at his Pokedex to see if he can capture anything in the Trophy Garden, and to his dismay, nothing showed up. As he was about it put it down, he noticed that he did have two encounters available; one on this route, and another should he journey all the way to Pastoria. What are they? [grimer smeargle]
9) 139. Having never heard of Smeargle before, Zeiol decides to see what it's all about. Finding one is comically easy compared to the recent 40 Bagon chain. One Dusk Ball later, it's captured. He notices that it has only one move, Sketch, and it having only 1 PP is strange. He decides to recon back to Hearthome for some rest and to plan his next move. He remembers how the Day-Care couple were very knowledgeable when it came to moves with their recommendation on Mareep, and a quick flight to Solaceon later, he pays them a visit. Of course, both of them are happy to see Zeiol after quite a while. After catching up on pleasantries and checking up on Slowpoke and Baltoy, they explain how Sketch works, being able to permanently copy a foe's move, and how Smeargle gets a new Sketch every so often. After this, they also mention a strange fact. If Sketch is used to copy some other moves, then during battle Smeargle will always end up with a move that has a maximum of 5 PP, regardless of opponent - but neither move normally has 5 PP. Of course, this is assuming none of Smeargle's moves ever fail or are used more than once. This sounds absolutely bizarre to Zeiol, as he's unable to figure it out. What moves could Smeargle Sketch that would make this situation possible? [mimic transform]
10) 140. Before continuing further south onto Route 212, Zeiol decides to fly back to Hearthome to plan, as the route looks to be his toughest expedition yet. With Fantina still not at her Gym, getting the Relic Badge isn't an option presently. Smeargle seems like it'd be a great Pokemon to use, but Zeiol has absolutely no clue how to make it work. He remembers the Day-Care couple's warning that Sketch permanently copies a move, which is why he had to put even greater thought into deciding. After a long time, he's unable to come up with anything and temporarily boxes it. Suddenly, a flash of inspiration strikes him. He remembers two moves; one that he saw a trainer's Pokemon using on Route 214, and another that he remembered Nincada learning. On their own, the two moves seemed situational at best, but Zeiol considered that if they could be combined, he'd have a brilliant way to achieve victory against a vast majority of Pokemon. What are these two moves? [horndrill mindreader]
11) 141. Zeiol's positively giggling with excitement, remembering his battle with PI Carlos and Horn Drill's terrifying threat. If it could be guaranteed to hit, then he'd have a very strong team member. Of course, since neither Ninjask or Shedinja still knows Mind Reader, there's only one Pokemon Zeiol could encounter and thereby Sketch from at this time. What is it? [meditite]
12) 142. After a relatively painless encounter, Smeargle now knows Mind Reader and Zeiol flies to Veilstone, heading down to Route 214 after making sure Smeargle has another Sketch available. If he wants to Sketch Horn Drill, he'd have to use this Key item. [vs seeker]
13) 143. Without much trouble, Horn Drill is successfully Sketched. The questionably sure-fire strategy all set up, Zeiol's excited to try it out on some of the (same) route's trainers using his VS Seeker. However it's here that he realizes a flaw with it! For whatever reason, some opponents seem unaffected by Horn Drill whenever Smeargle uses it. It's not a situation as if the move misses, it simply doesn't affect the foes. Zeiol's confused, and wonders what the issue might be, but then notices his Smeargle's level is notably lower than the opponent's. Concluding that to be the cause, Zeiol makes sure to level it up and upon testing it out on wild Pokemon obtains odd findings. It works on some Pokemon but not others, all the more puzzling. What are all the Pokemon that Horn Drill could fail against on this route (excluding type-based immunities), regardless of Smeargle's level? [geodude graveler shieldon sudowoodo]
14) 144. Flying back to Hearthome, Zeiol changes his party lineup to Ninjask, Kirlia, Swellow, Shedinja, Smeargle and Skiploom. He remembers something he didn't quite do at the Backlot Mansion; exploring the left wing. Unfortunately, there's no five-maid challenge waiting for him as he's denied entry. A bit disappointed, he decides to continue all the way to Pastoria along the route. He comes across a woman offering TMs in exchange for ten shards of the same color. One such TM caught Zeiol's fancy, as it activated the ability of one of his party Pokemon. 10 shards seemed like a lot, so Zeiol decided to return at a later time. What move was this? [sunnyday]
15) 145. With a surprisingly uneventful route, Zeiol returns to Pastoria with his team still in good condition, forgetting to catch Grimer entirely. He feels that maybe it's time to take the trek to Celestic Town. Challenged by a pair of Ace Trainers, Zeiol faces his toughest battle yet. The combo of Raichu and Gyarados using Thunderbolt and Bite without Zeiol's strongest team members seems like a recipe for disaster, and that's what it is. However, Skiploom's combination of Stun Spore and Leech Seed allowed Swellow to just barely take the win, using Fly to stall for extra recovery. Zeiol realizes that he'd easily have lost this battle, and returns to Solaceon to regroup. With a switched up party, he's able to better navigate the route. The route was Zeiol's first meeting with this trainer class. [doubleteam]
16) 146. With some difficulty, Zeiol makes it to Celestic Town in no small part thanks to Paleo and Flaaffy's efforts. After a quick rest at the Pokemon Center, he looks around the town. It gave off a rustic and quaint atmosphere, similar to Eterna. The shrine in the town center also reminded him of the one in Johto's Ilex Forest he saw on TV a long time ago. Returning back to the Center to swap out his party, he meets a man who's intrigued by Zeiol's Pokemon. Upon noticing that Zeiol's Pokemon seems to adore him, he gifts this item. [greatball]
17) 147. Before continuing into the ruins, Zeiol visits one of the houses and obtains the Analog Watch for his Poketch. In that house, he sees an intriguing Pokemon outside of its Pokeball. Zeiol could have obtained this Pokemon at some point before his third badge by talking to a NPC, but he hadn't noticed their presence and so didn't obtain it. What Pokemon is this? [happiny]
18) 148. Exploring even more of the town lets him learn more of Mt. Coronet's history and importance, being so close to the town. He looks at his town map and was startled by the distance he's covered up to this point, moving around most of Sinnoh. In one of the buildings, he sees the picture of a Pokemon that greatly resembles the one on the PC box wallpaper he unlocked many questions ago. What Pokemon is this? [dialga]
19) 149. As he approaches the shrine, an elderly woman alerts Zeiol about a green spaceman threatening to blow the town up with a bomb. Concerned, Zeiol heads over only to notice a Galactic Grunt. "Ah Galactic, when will you ever learn?", he wispfully says. As the Grunt refuses to leave without a fight, Zeiol quickly defeats him. With this, Cynthia's grandmother approaches him and he hands over the Old Charm. Zeiol is invited into the Celestic Ruins, which seem to give off the same ethereal feel as Solaceon's did, but no Unown are in sight. At the cave's end, he sees a painting describing three strange figures forming a triangle, surrounding a shining sphere. While the explanation he heard made sense, he chose to talk with more elders of the town to confirm his understanding. One such elder was able to identify a Pokemon relevant to this legend upon hearing where Zeiol came from. What Pokemon is this? [mesprit]
20) 150. Zeiol finally obtains the HM for Surf, as Cynthia's grandmother explains what it does. She bids him a farewell and slowly walks out, leaving Zeiol to take in the atmosphere. He decides to check if Fantina is back at the Hearthome gym, as having Surf would possibly be a great benefit should he continue exploration. As he leaves the ruins, he meets this character. [cyrus]
21) 151. Unnerved by his demeanor and the perfect world Cyrus speaks of creating, Zeiol nervously waits till he finishes talking. As Cyrus departs, Zeiol couldn't help but think that they'd almost have battled here, and didn't feel that was an opponent that could be beaten. Since Eterna city is nearby, Zeiol decides to go through Mt. Coronet to get there. On the nearby route, he obtains these four berries. [aspear grepa iapapa pecha / aspear berry grepa berry iapapa berry pecha berry]
22) 152. Zeiol sees that Swablu is now available for capture on Route 211, but decides not to capture it, his team's getting quite full at this point. Unfortunately, a gray boulder blocks the path to Eterna. Another one blocks a path leading deeper into the mountain. It seems impossible to break with Rock Smash, but Zeiol makes a mental note of this. Without collecting any items here, he flies back to Hearthome, confident that Houndoom will decimate the gym. Math was never his strong suit, so he got some of the questions wrong. However, he was quite surprised by some of the gym trainers who used the strongest possible normal type move that didn't KO the user. What Pokemon could he have been battling? [drifblim drifloon]
23) 153. With the Stockpile and Spit Up combo dealing great damage to Skiploom and Flaaffy, Zeiol decides to heal his team using the multitude of Sitrus Berries he has before challenging Fantina. But before he heads into the final chamber, he thinks back to his battles with the gym trainers; some of them seemed to be using exceptionally powerful Pokemon and he's sure Fantina would have them too. These gym trainers share at least one Pokemon with Fantina. Answer as [trainer class] [name] for each trainer. [ace trainer allen ace trainer catherine]
24) 154. A few minutes later, he's face to face with the mauve maiden who he first met exactly a hundred (!!!) questions ago. Fantina is, of course, delighted to see a familiar face after so long, and accepts the challenge. Zeiol leads Houndoom against her Drifblim, and uses Howl to set up twice, taking little damage from Gust. Drifblim falls to the next Bite, but its Aftermath leaves Houndoom at low health. Her Gengar is up next, and it's able to take out Houndoom via Confuse Ray. Swellow switches in, and takes a strong Poison Jab, leaving it at low HP and poisoning it in the process. Fortuitously, this activates Swellow's Guts ability, as it cleanly OHKOs Gengar with a Fly. Lastly, her ace Mismagius is up. A towering level 36, more than 7 higher than Zeiol's highest. Swellow is able to land a Wing Attack before falling to Poison damage, as Flaaffy's up next, using Thunder Wave to slow the malevolent macabre down. However, its held Sitrus Berry allows it to survive the Charge + Discharge combo as Flaaffy falls to a Magical Leaf. Skiploom lands a Leech Seed, through Synthesis, SolarBeam and paralysis luck is able to take out Mismagius. A tough battle well defeated, Zeiol now holds the Relic Badge. At some point in this battle, Fantina used an item on one of her Pokemon. What item was this? [hyperpotion]
25) 155. At the end of the long-fought battle, Zeiol is greeted by a dazzling light to see Skiploom evolve into Jumpluff! As he's reminded that he can now Surf outside of battle, he realizes that he needs to find a Pokemon that can do so. None of the Pokemon in his party can do so, but then he remembers that he actually does have two such Pokemon. If he were to use one item in his bag, he'd be able to obtain another one as well! What are these Pokemon that can learn Surf? [nidoking sentret slowpoke]
26) 156. As Zeiol heads out of the gym, he's glad that he doesn't have to do any more math for gym puzzles. He realizes that if he can cross water, then a lot of new locations become accessible. He meets Cynthia outside the Gym, who recommends visiting the library in Canalave as it contains a wealth of knowledge on legends. Feeling this relates to the Magma Stone, he makes a mental note of it. As next course of action, he flies to Solaceon and withdraws Slowpoke from the daycare, who's now grown to an astonishing Level 34, the highest by far among all his team. He decides to walk back from Solaceon and observe where he can use this new move, rather than flying back. Heading back to Route 209 for the first time in a while, Zeiol notices an item ball blocking a certain area on the route. If he doesn't pick that item up, then this other item on the route will be permanently inaccessible to him. [tm19 / tm19gigadrain]
27) 157. Surfing was exhilarating, the water streaking by him as warm winds surrounded Zeiol. It truly felt like a new frontier had opened up. While other badges field moves were neat, Surf was on a whole new level. Feeling that he might encounter tough Pokemon on the waters, Zeiol checks his TM case and is pleasantly surprised to notice something. If a specific TM was used on one of Zeiol's Pokemon, then it would not have to wait until Level 38 to get a damaging STAB move for one of its types. What move could be contained in this TM? [shadowball shadowclaw]
28) 158. Shedinja now knowing Shadow Claw, Zeiol continues the trek back to Eterna. It felt refreshing to pass by familiar locales of Mt. Coronet and Cycling Road. Before he knew it, he was already there. As he was about to leave from the east, he remembered that he hadn't visited the Underground Man in ages. For all the treasure he obtained there, he felt it was worth catching up with him. After briefing him on the details, he was mightily impressed and decided to award Zeiol with exactly one item. Because Zeiol was able to obtain the Wobbuffet Doll, he would receive this item as a reward. [digger drill]
29) 159. "Secret bases, my boy! You'd be surprised how fun it is to have a retreat of your own, and with so many places to choose from. The lads in Hoenn had to deal with Secret Power and limited choice, but the Underground is where it's at!", the Underground man exclaims. As Zeiol makes his Secret Base, he notices that it's filled with a lot of boulders, limiting how much he can effectively use it. However, if only a few of them were removed, then the others could blend into the background. If Zeiol removed exactly six boulders from his secret base, then his flag would be this color. [gold]
30) 160. Done with the Underground for now, Zeiol makes sure to bury a variety of Spheres so that they grow, allowing him more trading options in future. He realizes that he can now leave Eterna from the west, and decides to replace Slowpoke with Nidorino, who hasn't seen action for a long time. Entering Eterna Forest after so long, the somber atmosphere puts him at ease. He remembered a large mansion blocked off by trees, and with Nidorino's help is able to cut them down to enter it. The mansion terrifies Zeiol as he enters it. There's not a soul to be seen, and not a sound to be heard but a faint echo of static in the distance. Trepidly, he ventures forth but is confident that his Pokemon will protect him. The statues looked as if they were glaring, which didn't help matters.** With this Pokemon of his in the lead slot, Zeiol has the highest chance to successfully run from any wild encounters, no matter what level they were.** [sentret]
31) 161. Unfortunately, Sentret’s ability didn’t cross his mind so Zeiol chose to lead with Ninjask instead. Its acrobatic speed allowed it to confound the ghosts that slowly surrounded Zeiol, who had long since run out of Repels. He was glad that he'd brought Ninjask with him. The central room contains a massive dining table, but it looked so worn down and decrepit that Zeiol was taken aback. "What...what happened here? This place seems abandoned, but something's here. I can feel it, and it's not good. I should get out of here soon.", he resolves. In a room to the left of this one, Zeiol obtains this item, which sheds even more mystery on the location. [old gateau]
32) 162. "Old Gateau? Was this place known for cakes or something? It might look old, but something seems to still keep that edible.", Zeiol wonders. He proceeds to the central chamber on the top floor. Even though all he encounters is Gastly, he's certain that something else is lurking in the shadows. Some paintings seemed to be staring at him, but faded their gaze if he observed them closely. As Zeiol explored the rooms more and more, shivers went down his spine. The route he took, the room layout, the decor, everything was far too similar to the Backlot mansion! Fearful, he decides to quickly finish exploration and head out. One of the rooms seemed to have a working TV, which was very strange as the place otherwise appeared to have no electricity. Having taken a cursory look at all the rooms, Zeiol decided to take a second look. Something didn't add up, he sensed there was something hiding nearby. If the conditions were met, Zeiol could encounter these two Pokemon here. [gengar rotom]
33) 163. As his exploration wraps up, Zeiol decides to take another look at the Dining room. Scary as it was, it left an unmistakable sense of grandeur. However as he did so, he saw a butler standing in the room, on the opposite end of the table. This was strange, as no footsteps were heard - by all accounts there should be no way for someone else to be there. As Zeiol cautiously observed him, the butler appeared to float away to the west as his legs did not move. This promptly spooked Zeiol, and he bolted for the door, which was thankfully not locked. Thus concluded his exploration of the Old Chateau, not a moment too soon. Being back in the forest calmed him down, and he decided to take a look at all the items he found there to better get a clue of what just happened. One such item had a faint description talking about two beings and an original one. For the purposes of this question assume that he has not used the Dowsing Machine to find any items, and that the only items found Underground were Heart Scales. If Zeiol sees this specific description, then what other items is he guaranteed to have obtained along his journey? [fistplate mindplate]
34) 164. As he exits the forest from the entrance near Eterna, Zeiol notices a thin path leading around the forest. Curious, he follows it and realizes that it's a shortcut! Along the path, he's gifted this accessory from a kindly Aroma Lady. [bigtree]
35) 165. Zeiol makes a mental note to use this path if he ever needs to make the trek from Eterna to Floaroma. As he pops out onto Route 205, he notices a huge body of water to the west. Remembering that he can now Surf, he decides to go to Floaroma's Pokemon Center to withdraw Slowpoke. As he does so, he similarly notices the large water stretch near the windworks. He remembers his first encounter with the Pokerus there, and cycles along. Before depositing Nidorino, he decides to explore the route to the south as he vaguely remembers something. Sure enough, a tree blocked the path, and it was promptly cut down. As a result of this, Zeiol now has access to this TM. [captivate / tm78 / tm78captivate]
36) 166. Thank you, once again for experiencing the journey of Part 4. Logic might say this is the halfway point, but this series didn’t start logically, did it? Part 5, coming to you soon! With Slowpoke back in his party, Zeiol takes a quick trip to the windworks and obtains a TM for Thunderbolt. If he continued surfing along the water from Route 205, then he'd reach this new location. [fuego ironworks]
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Hosting a fish this Sunday, August 28th at 13:00 UTC (06:00 PDT, 09:00 EDT, 15:00 CEDT, 18:30 IST)

thanks to Computerwizard8800 and PartMan for their QCs!

The official scavenger hunt by aQrator was ended automatically.
1st place: WarriorGallade [02:31].
2nd place: yeet dab xd [03:06].
3rd place: blazeofvictory [03:12].
4th place: Teutonic✠Squire [05:48].
5th place: Sabby60>!!> [08:46].
Consolation Prize: fuzzyfoam [16:54], Purple Gummi [19:00]

2) Sprites of formes of these Pokémon could be found in the Shadows of Almia files, but cannot be found in the game proper. List alphabetically, only give the name of the Pokémon (so without the forme). [Burmy, Cherrim, Gastrodon, Shellos, Wormadam]
3) Art in the files of Pokémon Conquest portrays these two Pokémon that cannot be found in the final version of the game. List alphabetically. [Growlithe, Moltres]
4) In Blue Rescue Team, these two items, which are referred to in game but can never be obtained as an item, have the same effect as a Link Box if they were used from the bag. List alphabetically. [Mime Jr. Fig, Weavile Fig]
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Hosting another fish on August 31st, 15:00 UTC (08:00 PDT, 11:00 EDT, 17:00 CEDT, 20:30 IST)

Thanks to PartMan and dot Comfey for their QCs!

The official scavenger hunt by aQrator was ended automatically.
1st place: blazeofvictory [43:05].

1) These TCG Abilities have also been a Pokémon power and a Poké-POWER. List alphabetically. [Drive Off, Emerge, Energy Evolution, Fragrance Trap]
2) These TCG Abilities have also been a Pokémon power and a Poké-BODY. List alphabetically. [Energy Burn, Retreat Aid, Submerge]
3) This Poké-POWER has also been a Poké-BODY. [Supreme Command]
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Do you remember? Another cycle of Scavengers?

We once again have the same three users in our top 3, though the order has shaken up a bit!
First place is once again Blazeofvictory with 222 points!
Second place is yeet dab xd with 212 points!
And third place is Teutonic✠Squire with 146 points!

2yeet dab xd212
6GrassyStorm ✿❁80
10arcavee ˙︵˙54
13dot Comfey41
15Soft Flex35
25Chris ☭ tmas??18
29bro torterra ㅴ17
36Purple Gummi13
39Tapler ❀12
39Thunder! Emerald?12
45Qui-Gon the Flygon8
50Gwynt ^-^7
50carryt64 <7
54tl the legend??6
65toxic boosted5
65linnea gaming5
65Kia we lol5
73Dratios ☭4
73ShinyTurtlez ツ4
73The Benz Mafia4
73Gumbearball ?4
73Praise Bid o3o f4
85a pple~sauce?thing3
94I love pink cat2
94hu tao sweat2
94Dorron ☆2
94Zip It!2
94lilac flower2
110Dasocks (^~^)☂1
110Flying Pichu1
110Tis i me1
110Lucas Ranger~1
110PikachuSean ^~^1

Our September Twist is Scavengers Feud: After finishing an official, you can PM the host an answer for each question that you think will be the most common incorrect answer given by other players. You get 2 points for each one that you guess correctly. This twist does not apply to odysseys.

And we have some positive news alongside it! pants has returned to the Moderator position once again, both in the room and globally! Oh, and I got Gmod too.

Someday you'll be remembered here in September if you start making hunts and finishing first!


Have a good day!
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Mini roundup!

The mini scavenger hunt by TheAura was ended automatically.
1st place: yeet dab xd [11:14].
2nd place: Teutonic✠Squire [15:01].
3rd place: Zipzapadam [50:34].
Consolation Prize: 111ace111 [56:46], TokenSnack [01:31:08], blazeofvictory [01:35:32], Menace02 [03:57:39]

QC: Computerwizard8800
The mini scavenger hunt by deftinwolf was ended automatically.
1st place: dot Comfey [01:53].
2nd place: 111ace111 [02:07].
3rd place: Chris ☭ tmas?? [02:12].
Consolation Prize: p^_^okemonvortex. [03:10], bubidajeffery [04:37], GrassyStorm ✿❁ [05:06], blazeofvictory [13:14], boredcollegegort [16:33], notbuddha [19:08], WarriorGallade [01:24:23], lukethedumbass [01:56:44], TokenSnack [02:31:00]

QC: Computerwizard8800

Last mini roundup can be found here.


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And to commemorate the new cycle, I'm hosting another official on Sunday, September 4th at 17:00 UTC (10AM PDT, 1PM EDT, 19:00 CEDT, 22:30 IST)

QCs by the lovely dot Comfey and deftinwolf

The official scavenger hunt by aQrator was ended automatically.
1st place: BubidaJeffery! [26:19].
2nd place: TheAura [28:35].
3rd place: Teutonic✠Squire [30:14].
4th place: blazeofvictory [39:24].
5th place: jojja [50:12].

thanks all for playing! Sadly, no twist because it is not ready yet.

1) These moves could be any type. List alphabetically. [Judgment, Multi-Attack, Natural Gift, Revelation Dance / Judgment, Multi-Attack, Natural Gift, Revelation Dance, Tera Blast]
2) This Pokémon has a TCG card that could be any (TCG) type thanks to a move on its card. [Arceus]
3) Without copying or stealing moves or abilities from other Pokémon, these five Fully Evolved Pokémon can be all but exactly four types. List alphabetically. [Dragalge, Galvantula, Leavanny, Malamar, Mothim]
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Hosting a Collab Official on Saturday, September 3 at 12:00 EST with Computerwizard8800!

Thanks to deftinwolf and WarriorGallade for QCing

Additionally, this hunt used the twist from the previous cycle, Time Trial!

1st place: Teutonic✠Squire [14:36].
2nd place: p^_^okemonvortex. [18:36].
3rd place: AbuBatata [30:25].
4th place: boredcollegegort [45:47].

1) Do /scavenge start to start the hunt [start]
2) You can be gifted special icons and patterns if you say something that can make this game character chuckle [Walda]
3) The Japanese games reveal this item is a milk based product but this is not kept consistent with the English version of the games [Lemonade]
4) In these anime episodes, a certain part of a Pokemon incorrectly looked like this: instead of this: while attacking. (alpha) [A Different Kind of Misty!, All in a Day's Wurmple, Taming of the Shroomish / AG009, AG014, AG038]
5) This character that first appeared in RSE has a Pokémon introduced after generation III in his ORAS design (exclude trainer class) [Ty]
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The first cycle of September has ended and we have a familiar looking top 3 with blazeofvictory in first with 243 points, and Teutonic✠Squire and yeet dab xd tying for second with 137 points. The full ladder is below.

2yeet dab xd137
9Soft Flex48
14Gr. as Systorm32
20dot Comfey24
31Eina Tulle~✽19
33Zipzapadam ✔︎˙︵˙18
41working on this9
42Hazen Angel-Seeker7
48Cupcake Collector5
48but im stan lee5
48canele & wolf5
56Tapler ❀4
56ShinyTurtlez ツ4
56lilac flower4
56The Benz Mafia4
56Wan the Avatar4
65Gwynt ^-^3
65Gumbearball ♡3
80Flying Pichu2
80toxic boosted2
80Tis i me2
80Chris ☭ tmas??2
91sly mav1
91Smii is stupud1
91Pepsi Man 21
91Too much of a nerd1
91Praise Bid o3o f1
91Dratios ☭1
91Rory Mercury1
91majide sugoi1
The twist has finally been merged, stick around for some scavengers feud fish coming up soon. Thus concludes my job for the month. Wake me up when September ends.
ran a fish (using twist :o) on Monday, Sept. 19th at 8pm Eastern Time - big thanks to computerwizard8800 and celesteeal for the QC!

1st place: Teutonic✠Squire! [13:09].
2nd place: Chris ☭ tmas?? [13:28].
3rd place: yeet dab xd [16:53].
4th place: WarriorGallade [28:54].
5th place: 111ace111 [36:51].
Consolation Prize: Menace02 [51:21], TurtalKatThing [51:24], p^_^okemonvortex. [56:23], boredcollegegort [01:04:59], lukethedumbass [01:08:54]

1. This is the only pokemon that doesn’t use its normal front sprite in Pokemon Musicals. | Mawile
2. These trainers have back sprites in the games, but not front sprites (give the name as they appear on bulbapedia, without the region. alpha) | dude, old man, primo
3. In Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, this Pokemon seems to have a Poke Assist that is the same as one of its types on its capture screen, but its assist is not actually of that type (Only consider the poke assists in the present.) | Forretress

Scavenger Feud incorrect answers:
Q1: meloetta - christmas
Q2: dudeoldman - No one guessed correctly!
Q3: pichu - teutonicsquire, christmas
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More hunts, more characters, and inevitably more Pokeradar. How long will this series last? Stay tuned to find out!

Part 5 of Pokeradar Pearl was hosted at 20:00 CST today.
Part 5 Results:
The official scavenger hunt by WarriorGallade was ended automatically.
1st place: yeet dab xd [01:09:44].
2nd place: BubidaJeffery! [01:45:43].
3rd place: Teutonic✠Squire! [01:49:27].
4th place: blazeofvictory [01:51:11].
5th place: AbuBatata [01:57:40].

Part 5 Hunt:
1) 167. Welcome back to Part 5 of Pokeradar Pearl! To recap, the team is here: If any question has multiple answers, use alphabetical order and nicknames if a Pokemon has one. Part 4 ended with obtaining the Relic Badge, and Zeiol exploring new areas with the power of Surf, but still wondering how to get past the gray boulders he’s seen so often. Entranced by the sight of large-scale automation at Fuego Ironworks, Zeiol had no idea he'd missed this place his first time through Route 205. "It's large, noisy, gives off smoke, how could I not notice it?!", he thought to himself. Reflexively, he checks the Pokeradar again but is disappointed to see no new encounters. As he enters the ironworks, he instantly spots the mechanical atmosphere. Not just that, the workers there seem to have Pokemon with a notably higher level than Zeiol's own! Fortunately, he's able to hold his own, with Shedinja carrying his team. One Pokemon there takes him by surprise; it's the heaviest he's seen so far. What is this Pokemon? [steelix]
2) 168. With Emerald's Ember coming in handy, the Steelix is roasted, albeit very very slowly. Zeiol's taken aback as Steelix is able to strike back with DragonBreath, dealing great damage. With no option left, he switches into Slowpoke and its Surf quenches Steelix, leaving it nice and rusted. The last trainer he faced used a Rapidash with Fire Spin. If its Fire Spin dealt 5 damage at the end of the turn, what is the most maximum HP that a Pokemon hit by it could have? [95]
3) 169. At the centre of the mechanical marvel stands Mr. Fuego, next to a furnace. He's pleasantly surprised to see Zeiol, as he doesn't get visitors often. As he's gifted a Fire Stone, Zeiol heads out, but not before picking up the nearby Flamethrower TM. For whatever reason, it didn't seem like Mr. Fuego wanted to exchange Star Pieces for Shards. While the Ironworks were on the north, there seemed to be a shrubbery to the south, which Zeiol chose to investigate. What location did Zeiol go to? [floaroma meadow]
4) 170. Zeiol's pretty happy that he could explore the completeness of Floaroma Meadow, now he knew what was on the other side of the ledge. Here, his Dowsing Machine came in handy. If Zeiol were to purchase all the items he found here in this way at a Pokemart or another person, then how much would it cost him? [8800 / 600+3000+200+2500+1200+700+300+100+200]
5) 171. The heavy gray boulder still weighed on Zeiol's mind. He was sure that being able to get around it would lead to even greater exploration. He estimated that since Surf, such a valuable field move was usable after getting a gym badge, surely the way around the boulders would be another gym badge. With that in mind, he charts a course for Canalave city; both for the badge and the library, as per Cynthia’s advice. After flying to Jubilife, his first steps onto Route 218 are exciting. He explores the nearby grass only to be taken aback by one of the Pokemon on the route with the highest effective speed stat. This was quite the surprise because the Pokemon didn't look very fast at all. What item was this Pokemon holding? [quickpowder]
6) 172. As luck would have it, Ditto was Zeiol's Pokeradar encounter for the route. Like Smeargle, he hadn't heard of it before either and was taken aback by its ability to morph into his Pokemon. Since he led with Swellow, it was an exercise switching back and forth from Stantler to Slowpoke to finally defeat it via Intimidate cycling. At this point, Zeiol gets a brilliant idea. "What if I can use my opponent's power against them, just like this? Now that I think, that plan would be doable even if I didn't catch this Ditto", he thinks. As such, Zeiol makes a note that when Smeargle reaches Level 31 and learns a new Sketch, it will be used to Sketch this move. [transform]
7) 173. As Zeiol passes through the Canalave gate, he encounters Dawn's father, who upgrades his Pokedex with the ability to display gender differences. This quite intrigues Zeiol, as he wonders if the Pokemon he owns would look different if they were a different gender. What are all such Pokemon? [houndoom paleo]
8) 174. Zeiol steps into Canalave and is greeted by a warm ocean breeze. The city's quite a sight to behold. As he crosses the drawbridge, his rival Tinston appears to challenge him to a battle. Flaaffy dispatches his Staravia with Discharge, Swellow takes out Heracross and Monferno with Fly. As Buizel's sent out, Zeiol fears that his Swellow is at risk of getting KO'ed, at only 15 HP. Depending on what happened, by using either of these moves, Tinston's Buizel can guarantee that Swellow faints that turn before it moves, if neither uses Quick Attack. [aquajet pursuit]
9) 175. Taken aback by Pursuit, a move he should've known to expect but didn't, Swellow falls. Stantler’s sent out next and it's able to retaliate and KO Buizel with Stomp. Tinston's last Pokemon, Roselia, is up next. Stantler misses both of its Hypnosis attempts and is taken to red as the third lands. With no other team member well equipped to defeat Roselia, Stantler uses Take Down to secure a 1 for 1 KO giving Zeiol the victory. He's surprised with how much closer this battle ended up being, compared to their last. As he returns to the Pokemon Center, he spots a Lass talking about her Psyduck, as she mentions that it can use this move, which would inflict more damage the closer it was to her. [return]
10) 176. This seems quite intriguing, as Zeiol did in fact have the Return TM with him. However, he was unsure on whom to use it, being a one-time use. He also remembered that his Poketch could help determine his Pokemon's happiness. He notices that Smeargle had no hearts and stayed at the same place when he tapped on its icon in the Poketch. If Smeargle was to use Return in this state, what would its maximum power be? [59]
11) 177. Deciding to conserve the TM for now, Zeiol walks up to challenge the gym, but groans when he sees the sign. "Steel types? Oh, those resistances are not going to be fun to fight." He feels that he isn't ready for this yet, and decides to leisurely scope out the library. There isn't a pressing rush like an evil team bombing a nearby lake, anyhow. The Canalave library has a looming presence, and a sense of scale is apparent as Zeiol enters it. Many bookshelves containing heavily read books populate all the floors. However, everything he sees on the first and second floor seems a bit too complicated to make sense of, possibly aimed at academics. When the receptionist is asked about the Magma Stone, she suggests the third floor, as Sinnoh's Mythology is vast and it would be likely to have something about it. Zeiol goes there and reads all the books he can see. He reads a sorrowful tale about a myth regarding a city he's been to in the past. At the end of the story, this weapon is denounced and forsaken by the story's protagonist. [sword]
12) 178. The green bookshelves seem most relevant, as he spots some books containing the "Original One". He vaguely recalls similar writing on the Plates that he found. It seemed like this Pokemon was a one defying logic, an all pervasive entity if he ever had to fight it, but it seemed unrelated to the Magma Stone. He also comes across a horrific myth, describing that certain Pokemon had the power to instantly take away one's memory, drain away all emotions, and make one entirely immobile! As he puts this last book away, he's disappointed. Not an iota of information on the Magma Stone. With no idea where to look next, he decides to sit down and just read a few leisurely books to relax. This book describes a story of how wild Pokemon appeared should one walk into tall grass. [sinnoh region's mythology]
13) 179. His work at the library finished for the time being, Zeiol chooses to contemplate his next plan of action. An elderly gentleman notices him deep in thought, and asks what the problem is. Upon hearing his concerns about the gym being too difficult, the man recommends training at Iron Island as most people of the city, including the Gym Leader, go to train there. He recommends taking the local ferry, as it's not a distance one can just Surf. Zeiol feels like this training is just what he needs to prepare himself for the Gym. Thanking the man, he heads off to talk to this sailor, who agrees to take him to Iron Island. [eldritch]
14) 180. Before heading to Iron Island, Zeiol trains Smeargle up to Level 31 and Sketches Transform from a wild Ditto. He also remembers the time Horn Drill failed to affect Shieldon. In case he fought Shieldon at the Gym, he wanted to be prepared for this. He flew to Pastoria, and used a Heart Scale to teach Smeargle another Sketch. With the intention of being able to KO Shieldon with Horn Drill, he sought out this wild Pokemon, to sketch a move from. [budew]
15) 181. Worry Seed now successfully Sketched, Zeiol feels that there's something he should do before the trip to Iron Island. He sees a collector near the entrance to Canalave, who notices Zeiol's clothes still being a bit damp from the Surf. He asks if he's been at the beach near Sandgem, to which Zeiol says no. This gets him thinking, as he'd never noticed Sandgem had a beach at all! He unfurls his Town Map and takes a look. Perhaps the Pal Park would also be home to rare Pokemon? These new frontiers might need new strength to explore, and as such Nidorino is evolved with a Moon Stone, and taught Surf in place of Cut (via Move Deleter). Zeiol's party lineup consists of Emerald, Ninjask, Shedinja, Jumpluff, Kirlia and Nidoking as he heads onto Route 219. As he does so, he's challenged by some trainers, one of whom has an amusing name. By changing one letter in this Route 219/220/221 trainer's name, you get the name of the Pokemon they use. Answer as [trainer class] [name] [tuber mariel]
16) 182. Further exploration along the triplet routes yielded another interesting observation. A trainer-owned Pokemon was able to miss a 100% accurate move, with no stat modifiers or items in play. What move did it use? [bullet seed]
17) 183. Kirlia hasn't battled for quite a while as well, so Zeiol uses its combo of Calm Mind and Magical Leaf to decimate a large fraction of the trainers he found. However, battling Gyarados still presents a large problem without Smeargle or Flaaffy. Both Shedinja and Kirlia have fainted by the time Zeiol gets to Route 221, picking up a Splash Plate in the process. As Zeiol sees land for the first time in quite a while, he joyfully disembarks. He's quite impressed by the strategies used by the route's trainers. While he did win against all of them, it's only because he was prepared. Exclude STAB for this question. This is this move with the highest non-variable base power used by any of the triplet route's trainer's Pokemon. [doubleedge]
18) 184. Zeiol notices a nearby patch of grass and joyfully checks his Pokedex. Unfortunately, he sees Nidorino and Nidorina yet again. "Unfortunate, I'd hoped there was something new I could catch, but not today.", he says. Deciding to venture forth to Pal Park, he comes across a lone house, surrounded by trees. He wondered why such a place would be out in the middle of nowhere. He was greeted by an old man, who upon seeing him, immediately asked for Zeiol to show him a Pokemon that was Level 93. Of course, he didn't have anywhere near that level, as the old man was disappointed, saying that there'd be a reward if he could actually show it to him. Zeiol was intrigued, and spotted a poster in the house detailing the rewards. What were they? [blackbelt expertbelt focussash]
19) 185. "Was that guy a retired martial artist or something?", Zeiol wondered as he left the house, continuing onward to Pal Park, whose orange roof was now easily visible. He saw a Sudowoodo in the grass, which seemed like it'd be neat to catch, but the Pokeradar was as obstinate as ever, and didn't let him throw a Pokeball at it. As he approached it, it seemed as if Pal Park was still under construction, but there weren't a pair of workers blocking the entrance. Before he walks in, he's challenged by a trainer who uses three of the same Pokemon. What are all the moves known by Zeiol's party Pokemon that can hit this opponent for super-effective damage? [magicalleaf solarbeam surf]
20) 186. While battling with another trainer en route to Pal Park, Zeiol notices something strange as well. An opposing Lopunny takes no recoil damage upon failing to connect with its Jump Kick. What Pokemon was this opposing Lopunny targeting? [shedinja]
21) 186. With the battles finished, as Zeiol enters the Pal Park, he's astonished to see an elderly man looking around, whose face brightens as he approaches Zeiol. "Ah, you're Zeiol, aren't you? My dear friend Prof. Rowan told me about you and the Pokeradar, and I figured I'd explore this place a bit before checking in with him at Sandgem. While I'd love to catch up on the details, I am on a strict schedule and do need to attend a conference soon.", he says, departing. Zeiol's confused, but then realizes that this must be Prof. Oak, possibly the most well known Pokemon researcher for his catalogue of the original 151 Pokemon. He's invited to visit Prof. Oak at his house for further discussion, or if he'd like his Pokedex evaluated. Where is Prof. Oak's house? [eterna city]
22) 187. Zeiol talks with the head clerk at Pal Park and learns that it's for transferring Pokemon from other regions, like Kanto and Hoenn. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't know anyone from either place, so it's a bust. Seeing his downcast expression, the clerk offers to give him a run-down of Pal Park's system. "So! It's basically the quicker, rarer, and more different Pokemon get caught, the higher score you get. The more score you get, the rarer berries you get awarded! It's a win-win, the spectators get to witness skilled trainers and rare Pokemon in action and the trainers get better rewards!", he described. After this explanation, he poses a question. "Let's say I'd want to maximize only my catching points for a given show. I don't suppose you'd know all the Pokemon I'd need to catch for that?" [celebi deoxys jirachi mew]
23) 188. "Nicely done! Aren't you the smart trainer. In any case, that's the funny thing about Pal Park here. Nobody in Sinnoh has seen those four Pokemon in decades! They're well and truly the stuff of legends.", the clerk laughs. "That's part of why we've given them the top bounty, rewarding the trainer who manages to find them. So! Here's my next challenge to you. Let's say I chose to encounter two Mew, two Celebi, one Deoxys and one Jirachi in a catching show. What's the percentage chance that I find Jirachi if I stepped into a patch of grass in the mountain?" (round down to 2 decimal places) [4.54]
24) 189x. The clerk is very impressed with Zeiol's knowledge and continues, "It's a pity, I'd love to have as skilled a person as you in our catching show. Unfortunately, rules are rules and you need someone from Kanto or Hoenn to supply the 6 Pokemon to play. So! To celebrate your skill, here's a scoop I can trust you with. This has happened only once, in fact only a few days before you got here. Nobody believes me when I try to tell them, but it really did happen! A mysterious person with an intense look in their eyes came up one day wanting to play a catching show, and supplied the six Pokemon - all of them seemed to radiate a rainbow-hued legendary aura, which none of us had seen before. Course, there was no reason we could refuse them just for that aura. Something seemed strange, as if time and space was warping around the person. As they entered the Pal Park, the world seemed to freeze, nobody was capable of moving, seeing, or feeling anything! As I was the only one watching them then I'd know, but nobody else was. It went back to normal soon after with the aura completely gone, but nobody had any idea who he was - even our database records of him were wiped clean. From what I could gather, it seems the Pokemon he was leading with could hit the capture targets super-effectively with its singular type, even though we don't battle here. Man, I wish somebody believed me!", he laments. “You know, you look a lot like them now that I size you up, but that can’t have been you, that person seemed to be carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, nearly in tears!”, he concludes. What Pokemon was this mysterious entity leading with, and what are the items it could have been holding? [arceus splashplate stoneplate zapplate]
25) 190. Zeiol's very confused by this story and has no clue what to make of these ramblings, but decides to change the topic. He’d rather enjoy spending time with his team in the moment, rather than worry about some strange doppelganger. As his last question, Zeiol asks what prizes are on offer, and is told about a multitude of berries. What are all these prize berries that when turned into poffins, would have a flavor that Stantler likes with no dislikes? (refer to the Pokepaste included earlier in the hunt if you're stuck here) [aguav lum nanab pomeg rawst]
26) 191. His conversation with the clerk done, Zeiol chooses to explore the observatory and sees a Lass deep in thought. Upon asking her, it seems she was looking for a large Pokemon that did nothing but eat and sleep. Delighted, he mentions that it's likely to be Snorlax. She's happy to know about this, and asks about a Pokemon that changes color. This doesn't ring a bell, as Zeiol leaves her still in thought. Zeiol gets the feeling that he wouldn't be able to find such a Pokemon no matter how hard he looked. As it turns out, because this challenge is based in Pokemon Pearl, and not Diamond or Platinum, there's exactly one Poketch app that Zeiol cannot obtain here without trading. What is it? [color changer]
27) 192. With his exploration of Pal Park completed, Zeiol decides to travel back for a quick rest. Noticing Pal Park's PC, he can easily swap out his party as needed. These are all the moves that he could use outside of battle to immediately go to Sandgem Town. [fly teleport]
28) 193. Zeiol flies over to Eterna, but Prof. Oak is nowhere to be seen. He assumes he's at the conference, and decides to fly back. At this point, he contemplates getting Nidoking to forget Rock Smash at the move deleter, as 40 Power doesn't seem to be cutting it any more. However, he thinks back to the first time where he had to use Rock Smash to proceed to a new location. That place seemed to have more unbreakable boulders, so that's where Zeiol went. Assume Zeiol collected all the items he could when he first visited that location. With his stock of 5 HM moves at the ready, he was able to find these two new items. [luck incense tm03 / luckincense tm03 waterpulse]
29) 194. Revisiting Ravaged Path was the right choice, as Zeiol now has a way to earn more money, should he ever decide to go on another Pokeradar chain. He flies over to Solaceon, and swaps Paleo with Nidoking in the Daycare. He also pays another visit to the Department Store to restock on supplies. He looks at all of his Pokemon, and notices that three of them seem close to evolution; all of them naturally evolve at the exact same level. What are they? [emerald flaaffy kirlia]
30) 195. Making a mental note to let the trio evolve together if possible, Zeiol finishes shopping and flies back to Canalave, ready to begin the Iron Island infiltration. As he gets there, he senses that the area was probably used for mining, like the Ironworks but looks to be long since abandoned. He spots a house with an unfamiliar purple-haired miner watching the news inside, who gruffly commends Zeiol on his dedication to training, and mentions that despite his son training as hard as Zeiol, he still treats him like a child. He goes on to talk more about his son, and then realizes how much time has passed. To thank Zeiol for his time, he hands him a Metal Coat and leaves, without introducing himself. What is the name of this person's son? [roark]
31) 196. Unsure as to who that might be, Zeiol decides to venture forth into Iron Island, his party now consisting of Stantler, Kirlia, Ninjask, Shedinja, Swellow and Emerald. The first item he finds seems oddly spherical and heavy; if there was a way to throw it at the foe it'd surely deal great damage. What item did Zeiol find? [ironball]
32) 197. As he proceeds deeper into the cave, he comes across a mysterious man with blue hair, who introduces himself as Riley. He mentions that the area's Pokemon have been agitated, and asks to team up to investigate the cause. Zeiol accepts, and is quite impressed by Riley's Lucario, as it seems much stronger than Maylene's. One Pokemon used by Iron Island's trainers surprises him, it's the same one that used Dragonbreath against Emerald at Fuego Ironworks. What trainer was he battling? Answer as [trainer class] [name] [worker brendon]
33) 198. Zeiol wishes he brought along Houndoom, as Lucario bails him out of the Steel matchup with a critical Force Palm. Riley is quite surprised to see Zeiol's assortment of Pokemon not native to Sinnoh, and asks about them. Zeiol feels a kind aura emanating from him, and describes the Pokeradar plight to him. "Ah, that's quite an experience you have. I can't say I've heard of this situation before", Riley replies. " But I do believe I know something that'll help you, as I've heard of this Magma Stone while traveling Sinnoh. As the name implies, it's often linked to areas of high heat where magma can form. If this place, Iron Island, was a volcano, there's a good chance you'd see it here given all the mineral deposits. That being said, there's presently one location you're really likely to find it, namely Sinnoh's only volcano." Zeiol's excited to hear this news, as it's the first solid lead he's gotten. What location is Riley talking about? [stark mountain]
34) 199. Zeiol's excitement can't be contained, and he enthusiastically asks for details on how to get there. At this point, Riley's face looks a bit uncertain as he continues, "I'd love nothing more than to help you get there. But Stark Mountain is in Sinnoh's Battle Zone, an area low on resources and restricted to only the toughest of trainers. Even though I have clearance to go there, I don't quite feel you're strong enough to navigate those lands just yet." Noticing Zeiol's crestfallen face, he continues, "Oh, but there's nothing to worry about! If you're able to challenge the Pokemon League, you can ask the Champion for entry into the Battle Zone! And I'm sure you'll be able to do that, so don't give up!", he cheerfully replies. Zeiol now has a redoubled goal to aim for, as he continues exploring the cavern with determination, finding an Iron Plate among other items. Through this, Zeiol realizes that some Pokemon are more common than others. In certain areas of Iron Island, this Pokemon has a 69% (nice) encounter rate. [graveler]
35) 200. As he reaches the end, Zeiol notices Team Galactic's presence. Riley believes them to be responsible for the Pokemon's uproar, and challenges them to battle. These grunts put up a challenge, as Riley's Lucario falls early on to confusion and Zeiol struggles with the 1v2. A close battle fought, Zeiol is victorious. As the battle concluded, Kirlia was surrounded in a white light, but this faded. The refusal to evolve seemed quite strange to Zeiol, but he accepted it all the same, reminding Kirlia to evolve whenever it feels comfortable, as it gladly smiles back. At this point, if Kirlia chose to evolve, it would be unable to learn these moves if it hadn't already, even if a Heart Scale was used on the newly-evolved Pokemon. [charm lucky chant]
36) 201. With this, part 5 concludes, great work in getting this far! Part 6 will be here before you know it, with more Pokeradar goodness! You might be wondering how many more parts are left, and to that I’ll say that we aren’t even at the halfway point of question count~ Zeiol was so preoccupied with Kirlia's evolution, that he didn't notice Emerald gleaming in a shiny green light, evolving into a Shelgon! He hugs the green blob, who's enthralled with its new endurance. As the Galactic Grunts scurry away, Riley thanks Zeiol for his assistance, but says that he'd prefer to stay in the mine for some more time. Zeiol bids farewell, and decides to finish up his exploration. The coast and sun were a sight for sore eyes as Zeiol exited the mine, happy to be done. Taking the boat back to Canalave, he decides to rest for a while. After a relaxing night, he checks on his party in the PC. He found it amusing that he's been training exactly 15 Pokemon, and decided to change up his team, leaving his lowest leveled Pokemon in the PC, while the second lowest and second highest leveled Pokemon (at the start of this part) were placed in the daycare. Swapping out his team members for the six who didn't go to Iron Island. If one Pokemon in Zeiol's party was Paleo, what were the other five? [flaaffy houndoom jumpluff slowpoke smeargle]


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Someone wake up Green Day, September ended.

Our top 3 has remained unchanged, with blazeofvictory in first with 171 points, Teutonic✠Squire breaking away from yeet dab xd in second place, with 151 points, and the aforementioned +yeet dab xd in third place with 135 points.

3yeet dab xd135
8Chris ☭ tmas??42
10Soft Flex37
11The Aura ˙~_~˙35
20Zipzapadam ˙︵˙20
33but im stan lee14
36dot Comfey11
38Tapler ❀10
44Eina Tulle~✽8
48canele & wolf7
48Flying Pichu7
55toxic boosted5
59The Benz Mafia4
65D Ratios3
65ShinyTurtlez ツ3
65Praise Bid o3o f3
81Tis i me2
81Pepsi Man 22
81Cupcake Collector2
81Kiawe lol2
81A Phantom2
81Asxier but Spooky2
81One-Hex Knock Off2
100Qui-Gon the Flygon1
100Snow Forme Shaymin1
100Luminous Spring1
100Spooky Dratios1
100tl the legend1
100Dasocks (^~^)☂1
100Heenrie's Spirit1

The twist for October is TBD.

You may have noticed a + in front of our third place finisher. That's right, Yeet dab xd has become Scavengers' newest voice!

The spooky season is upon us. Maybe you can scare off our top 3 and finish first by making hunts and scavenging well! Good Luck


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Mini roundup!

The mini scavenger hunt by WarriorGallade was ended automatically.
1st place: blazeofvictory [07:46].
2nd place: yeet dab xd [08:58].
3rd place: GrassyStorm [38:40].
Consolation Prize: aegii [39:59], TokenSnack [40:44], AbuBatata [44:02]

QC: Computerwizard8800
The mini scavenger hunt by TheAura ˙︵˙ was ended automatically.
1st place: blazeofvictory [03:39].
2nd place: Teutonic✠Squire [05:16].
3rd place: Yveltalray [08:43].
Consolation Prize: Devoxys [09:14], Zipzapadam ˙︵˙ [09:32], ProfSapling [13:22], BubidaJeffery! [13:24], arcavee˙︵˙ [16:43], yeet dab xd [18:21], lilac flower [39:59], Dontl0se2536 [49:07], p^_^okemonvortex. [03:27:25], scoobydoobydrew [03:40:15], boredcollegegort [03:48:05], Menace02 [06:20:55], WarriorGallade [06:54:13]

QC: Computerwizard8800
The mini scavenger hunt by Teutonic✠Squire was ended automatically.
1st place: blazeofvictory [05:34].
2nd place: Computerwizard8800 [06:14].
3rd place: yeet dab xd [07:30].
Consolation Prize: WarriorGallade [16:02], fuzzyfoam [19:24], notbuddha [43:02], boredcollegegort [01:20:47], Menace02 [01:21:13]

QC: dot Comfey
1st place: blazeofvictory [06:16].
2nd place: Yveltalray [48:30].
3rd place: TokenSnack [01:07:56].
Consolation Prize: Discordual [01:13:22], p^_^okemonvortex. [01:34:34], yeet dab xd [01:43:34]

QC: Computerwizard8800
1st place: Teutonic✠Squire [03:32].
2nd place: Gargoyle31 [04:36].
3rd place: blazeofvictory [05:05].
Consolation Prize: fearfire22 [06:20], Computerwizard8800 [06:45], Chris ☭ tmas?? [08:09], TokenSnack [10:04], yeet dab xd [20:39], The Aura ˙~_~˙ [34:29], carryt64 [01:31:56]

QC: WarriorGallade

Last mini roundup can be found here

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