Scavengers Ladder - December

Official Hunt on September 22nd at 3PM UTC
1st place: Parcly Taxel [01:09].
2nd place: Awesome96Birdy [05:06].
3rd place: HeroicTobias [05:54].
4th place: aegii [06:45].
5th place: reely ♪ [08:59].
Consolation Prize: Emboar02 [21:23], mgperson 幹 [23:08], p^_^okemonvortex. [28:35]

1) This is the official mascot of Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis's current member who is a recolored Pokemon. [greenchu]
2) This is the most recent wiki to join the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance. (format: the wiki name. ex: bulbapedia, nookipedia) [arms institute]
3) This Pokemon fansite was created after Bulbagarden went down in 2001 and considered as the main basis for Bulbapedia and Bulbanews. [anenga]

QC by A Phantom Glaceon

May Namakobushi be with you.
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Point rally collab with c.kilgannon, 24 September midnight SST (noon EDT/4pm UTC)!
QC by Rory Mercury and gallant's pear

1. mgperson 幹 (320)
2. aegii (229)
3. Ilikebugs (170)
4. Andrew (169)
5. Elgino10 ♫ (140)
6. Meicoo (139)
7. Hightideくコ彡Inkling (135)
8. HeroicTobias (132)
9. awa! nderingcaelum (92)
10. Magikingdra (40)
11. askdf (10)

8 hunts inside. 1, 4, 6, 7 were done by c.kilgannon; 2, 3, 5, 8 were done by me.

1. These two Pokémon can learn Quick Attack by breeding only in gen 2. (alpha order) | Murkrow Ponyta
2. These Pokémon share their category name with either Murkrow or Ponyta. (alpha order) | Rapidash Sableye
3. This is the only stat-lowering move able to bypass Magic Bounce. | Memento

1. This is the only Pokémon whose category name consists of three words, excluding "Pokémon". | Emboar
2. Emboar shares a base stat with the mega evolution of this Pokémon that it can hit super effectively with its STAB moves. | Sharpedo
3. A Sharpedo with no ability was shown in a Ruby/Sapphire demo at this level. | 12

1. This status move halves the HP of an opposing Pokémon. | Shadow Half
2. This unused move in Mystery Dungeon was internally translated in Spanish as a Latin American dish. | Spin Slash
3. The German name of this move is "Evo-Crash". | Veevee Volley

1. (The following three questions refer to Monopoly: Pokémon Kanto Edition) The two costliest properties feature these Pokémon. (alpha order) | Nidoking Nidoqueen
2. One Pokémon's Power Card allows you to pay only half the amount of a space's rent. List in order the Pokémon and the move they use on their Power Card. | Magikarp Flail
3. One of the moves on a Power Card is spelt wrong, like this. | Bonemarang

1. Eight moves share the same PP, base power, accuracy and increased priority. This is the only special move among them. | Vacuum Wave
2. This Pokémon is programmed to be able to learn Water Pledge and Fire Pledge, but cannot learn them. | Silvally
3. Among nine moves that raise one of the user's stats by two stages, these three do not share their type with any other. (alpha order) | Acid Armor Nasty Plot Rock Polish

1. Of all moves debuting in EP003 in the anime, this is the first alphabetically. | Dig
2. This psychic-type move and this fire-type move share the same description. (alpha order) | Overheat Psycho Boost
3. These three moves lost their TM status twice. (alpha order) | Endure Secret Power Sleep Talk

1. On a certain route in the main series games, the Twins you battle have the same English names as Eric Medalle's daughters. List the region and route in that order (e.g Kanto Route 1). | Alola Route 5
2. The only wild Pokémon encounterable in this USUM location are Psyduck and Zubat. | Sandy Cave
3. In the main series games, talking to a certain Sudowoodo in a house in this location causes it to exclaim a human word. | Ancient Poni Path

1. These two Pokémon end a three-stage evolutionary line and have a typing shared with only one of their pre-evolutions. (alpha order) | Kommo-o Togekiss
2. This Pokémon had a signature typing in gen 1 only, but an alternative form introduced later served to break the signature status of another Pokémon form's typing. | Exeggutor
3. When it was introduced, two forms of this Pokémon broke the uniqueness of two different typings. | Wormadam

1. mgperson 幹 [00:51], aegii [01:15], HeroicTobias [01:15], Andrew [01:22], Elgino10 ♫ [06:37], Magikingdra [08:24], Meicoo [08:48]
2. mgperson 幹 [00:46], Hightideくコ彡Inkling [01:28], awa! nderingcaelum [01:39], HeroicTobias [03:43], aegii [03:45], Magikingdra [04:51], Meicoo [04:58]
3. mgperson 幹 [02:38], aegii [03:07], Meicoo [03:12], Andrew [03:38], awa! nderingcaelum [06:21], Hightideくコ彡Inkling [08:08], Elgino10 ♫ [08:55]
4. mgperson 幹 [01:00], Hightideくコ彡Inkling [01:02], aegii [01:05], Andrew [01:13], Meicoo [01:26], awa! nderingcaelum [01:39], Magikingdra [01:52], Ilikebugs [01:55]
5. Elgino10 ♫ [01:30], Hightideくコ彡Inkling [01:44], Meicoo [01:46], aegii [02:01], Ilikebugs [02:01], mgperson 幹 [02:03], HeroicTobias [02:03], Andrew [02:19]
6. Ilikebugs [02:11], mgperson 幹 [02:35], aegii [03:17], Elgino10 ♫ [04:38], Andrew [06:05], Meicoo [08:43], awa! nderingcaelum [12:15]
7. mgperson 幹 [01:07], Ilikebugs [01:56], Andrew [02:06], HeroicTobias [02:15], aegii [02:33], awa! nderingcaelum [04:44], Meicoo [05:11], Elgino10 ♫ [05:16]
8. Ilikebugs [04:11], HeroicTobias [04:19], Andrew [04:27], Elgino10 ♫ [05:32], aegii [05:46], mgperson 幹 [06:35], askdf [07:33], Meicoo [08:23]
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Hosted a collab official hunt with c.kilgannon on Saturday, the 22nd of September, at 7pm EDT!

Winner: Rory Mercury
2nd: A Phantom
3rd: mgperson
4th: Bimp (predicted, +4 points)
(1) Hold Hands, (2) Mewtwo, (3) Tirtouga
1) Meicoo: In the translated TV size lyrics of the Pokemon anime Japanese ending theme that features Pikachu dancing around macarons, the name of this Pokemon move can be found.
2) c.kilgannon: In a segment of the Japanese anime, Professor Oak states that only one ____ exists in the entire world. Answer is a Pokemon.
3) Meicoo: In a Pokemon movie, a certain Pokemon steals macarons made by Cilan. What LC Pokemon that makes its anime debut in that movie can deal super-effective damage with both of its STAB types to the stealing Pokemon?
Thanks to Stylus and Dot Agumon for quality checking!
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Anime move errors official, 24 September 9pm SST (9am EDT/1pm UTC)!
QC by Meicoo and A Phantom

1st place: WhirlwindBulbasaur [02:24].
2nd place: c.kilgannon [03:59].
3rd place: SpecterReaper [21:11].
4th place: LustySalazzleMaid [36:16].

1. In one anime scene, three Pokémon used this same move they all cannot learn. | Hydro Pump
2. These two Pokémon have used moves they cannot learn in the Sun & Moon series. (up to SM090, alpha order) | Cosmog Litten
3. Two Pokémon, evolutionarily related to each other, used a move they cannot learn in one scene of an anime episode. In a later episode, a third Pokémon used the same move, also illegally, and it belonged to this character. | Nando

This will be the last official of mine starting at 9pm SST. Future officials will start later to attract more solvers.
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Hosted an extra spooky Incognito Official on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 at 1:00 AM EST

Quality spooks by ashiemore and Meicoo

1st place: Sun☼GodVolcarona [01:44] (predicted)
2nd place: Emboar02 [02:28]
3rd place: c.kilgannon [04:06]
4th place: Rory Mercury [04:07]
5th place: Bimp! [05:50]
Consolation Prize: Aeolia [10:47]

1. There is anime episode titled "[Pokemon A] versus [Pokemon B]", in which Pokemon A and Pokemon B both evolve by the same method and have a super-effective STAB against each other. Name Pokemon A and B in that order.
2. Another Haunter appeared in the series in a Gym Battle. It defeated one of Ash's Pokemon but not before being hit by this move that it should not have been affected by.
3. In the same episode, another move is used that shouldn't affect its target, but does. This is the only Pokemon that learned it but did not get STAB from it in Gen I.
1. Haunter Kadabra
2. Swift
3. Jynx
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Hosted a collab official by c.kilgannon and me on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 at 11:00 PM EST

QCs by ashiemore and WhirlwindBulbasaur

1st place: fear火fire火22 [01:10]
2nd place: Rory Mercury [10:33] (predicted)
3rd place: Andrew [11:05]
4th place: Bimp! [11:40] (predicted)
5th place: Sun☼GodVolcarona [13:58]
Consolation Prize: askdf [14:27], 3.14dgeot-Mega [16:15], Aeolia [16:37], Dylas[18:33], AndrewThePenguin [30:32]

1. Combining the names of the two trainers in one of the Double Battles in a Gen VI main-series Pokemon game gives you the name of this vegetable.
2. These twins are battled in a double battle in RSE, and again in ORAS. In RSE, there is a grammatical mistake in their trainer class. This mistake is corrected in ORAS, and the order of their names is reversed. (alphabetic order)
3. In a Double Battle in a main-series game, the NPCs use this shiny pokemon.
1. Scall Ion
2. Liza Tate
3. Espeon
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Hosted an official on September 26th @ 11 PM EDT (270300Z)

QCs: Steven Snype & Devoxys

1st place: supermii2 [03:32]
2nd place: Aeolia [03:55]
3rd place: gozogo123(umbreon) [03:57]
4th place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [04:58]
5th place: LustySalazzleMaid [06:27]
Consolation Prize: c.kilgannon [06:42], Bimp! [08:36], AndrewThePenguin [09:27], Emboar02[09:39], Cheese555 [10:00], A Phantom [14:51], gallant's pear [28:21]

Q1: In HeartGold and SoulSilver, this exclusive Pokemon form is encountered when the player brings an event form of the same base Pokemon (PS formatting).
Q2: This is the first trainer who has trained a Legendary Pokemon in the anime.
Q3: Of all Pokemon cards to feature two or more Pokemon in the TCG, this is the first one to be tournament legal.

Q1: Pichu-Spiky-Eared
Q2: Brandon
Q3: Pichu Bros.
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Convoluted mechanics of the games official, 29 September 11am SST (28 September 11pm EDT/3am UTC)!
QC by sparkychild and Meicoo

1st place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [03:00]. (+4 for predicting place)
2nd place: Whimpering [04:55].
3rd place: Cheese555 [06:39].
4th place: Subspecies [14:52].
5th place: Bimp [15:10].
6th place: c.kilgannon [16:40].
Consolation Prize: A Phantom [21:13], askdf [21:17], aegii [29:34], Dan of ares [34:05]

1. In Balanced Hackmons, a Pokémon without Mold Breaker/Teravolt/Turboblaze can use either of these two grass-type moves to potentially defeat a Sturdy Shedinja within one turn. (alpha order) | Leech Seed Spiky Shield
2. If Lunala, Dawn Wings Necrozma or Hoopa uses a certain move beforehand, they can take the equivalent of neutral damage from this non-signature ghost-type move. | Never-Ending Nightmare
3. Under normal battle circumstances, if a dark-type Pokémon uses Toxic on this Pokémon and Toxic is bounced back, the dark-type Pokémon will never be poisoned. (PS! format) | Banette-Mega
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Results for official at 3:30 PM EST September 28, qced by Parcly Taxel and adiass
1st place: HeroicTobias [04:13].
2nd place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [06:37].
3rd place: c.kilgannon [08:39].
4th place: S-Naquaza ◢ ◤ [37:45].
5th place: A Phantom [01:02:34].
Consolation Prize: Andrew [01:40:50]

1) There is a Pokémon in the over world in USUM that speaks in Morse code. This is what the translated Morse code message is. [ALOLA!]
2) In an old description on the Pokémon website, this Kanto location was referred to with its transliterated Japanese name. (Full name) [Cinnabar Island]
3) As of its most recent appearance in the main series games, this device the player can obtain is version 3.0. [C-Gear]
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The results of my collab fish with Meicoo, qced by the wonderful Steven Snype and Rory Mercury
1st place: A Phantom [07:45]
2nd place: Elgino10 [19:03]

3rd place: c.kilgannon [21:09]
4th place: Aeolia [25:32]
5th place: AndrewThePenguin [26:56]
Consolation Prize: WhirlwindBulbasaur [36:23], p^_^okemonvortex [39:49]

1) A monotyped Pokemon introduced in Generation 5 gained a signature move in Generation 7. Name the Pokemon and the move, in that order. [Heatmor, Fire Lash]
2) Which cute prop can be obtained from a music fanatic in Opelucid City? [Gift Box]
3) Out of all locations where Gurdurr can be found in the wild, a certain location has the highest chance of encountering Gurdurr in the wild. In this location, there are plenty of trainers that the player can battle. Some of the Pokemon owned by the trainers have moves that changed their English spelling/formatting from one generation to another. Name all of these Pokemon in alphabetical order. [Clefable, Magmar, Unfezant, Whimsicott]

q1 and q2 by meicoo, q3 by me. Hope you had fun with q3 :D Also thanks for doing my first fish guys
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Hosted an Official collab with Dylas on Tuesday at 7:30 PM EDT, on October 2nd!

Winner: applo (04:18, Bonus +1)
2nd: mgperson
3rd: Zipzapadam
4th: Cheese555
5th: c.kilgannon
6th: Dan of ares
Consolation prize: Emboar02, Whimpering
(1) Rhydon, (2) Bubblebeam, (3) Lunala
1) Meicoo: In generation 1, which Pokemon could learn the most moves via TM/HM, all of 1 type, that it had a 4x weakness to?
2) Meicoo: A card featuring a Pokemon in the TCG theme deck "Overgrowth" does not share its weakness with any of the other cards featuring Pokemon. What is the name of this Pokemon's attack that requires 4 energy cards?
3) Dylas: This Pokemon, either legendary or mythical, learns exactly three moves that begin with the same four letters, one of which being a signature move (If the Pokemon has any forms, list the base form of the Pokemon as your answer).
Thanks to Dot Agumon and Pants for quality checking!
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Mini Official Roundup! (September 9th - September 30th EDT) Results:
1st place: p^_^okemonvortex. [03:15].
2nd place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [06:33].
3rd place: HeroicTobias [07:34].
Consolation Prize: Aeolia [19:40], Andrew [21:49], Cheese555 [24:44], Snecko [34:52], sainTs fan [43:07]
Quality Check: WhirlwindBulbasaur
1st place: Wan the Avatar [03:08].
2nd place: Aeolia [03:22].
3rd place: aegii [03:52].
Consolation Prize: Sun☼GodVolcarona [03:57], Milkshook [04:22], Meicoo [24:08], ooftato✿EDM [33:55], Gwynt [33:59]
Quality Check: adiass
1st place: HeroicTobias [01:36].
2nd place: Rory Mercury [01:48].
3rd place: aegii [01:51].
Consolation Prize: gallant's pear [02:26], LustySalazzleMaid [08:58]
Quality Check: adiass
1st place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [02:10].
2nd place: adiass [03:30].
3rd place: Elgino10 [06:39].
Consolation Prize: aegii [07:03], Emboar02 [12:54], HeroicTobias [21:40], lycAnIuM Z [34:25]
Quality Check: Parcly Taxel
1st place: Devoxys [05:30].
2nd place: Aeonic [09:03].
3rd place: mgperson 幹 [09:38].
Consolation Prize: lolimsuchanoob [10:32], Snecko [10:34], P. Visa Way [28:43]
Quality Check: Alex
1st place: Cheese555 [02:40].
2nd place: WhirlwindBulbasaur [02:53].
3rd place: Devoxys [03:10].
Consolation Prize: p^_^okemonvortex. [03:17], mgperson 幹 [03:28], Andrew [03:30], Aeolia [04:39], c.kilgannon [08:56], WeepingDevil [08:58], askdf [30:33], Gwynt [39:37]
Quality Check: Meicoo
1st place: Wan the Avatar [01:43].
2nd place: Ilikebugs [04:17].
3rd place: fear火fire火22 [06:00].
Consolation Prize: Meicoo [06:26], Hikanu [08:14], Sun☼GodVolcarona [08:18], Cheese555 [16:12], AndrewThePenguin [23:12], c.kilgannon [37:49], askdf [57:01], 3.14dgeot-Mega [01:00:25], Milkshook [01:00:57], Aeolia [01:02:56]
Quality Check: ashiemore
1st place: Bimp! [02:57].
2nd place: c.kilgannon [05:05].
3rd place: Whimpering [06:19].
Consolation Prize: Nolnis♡ [09:00], aegii [18:02], Gwynt [20:35], Subspecies [25:40]
Quality Check: A Phantom
(From now on, mini official results will be collected twice a month.)

Belated congratulations to Emboar02, our newest Room Voice!

Quick Links:
Monthly Ladder Archive | Previous Results | Weekly Tournament Info/Leaderboard
The September Ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: HeroicTobias in first place with 628 points, Parcly Taxel in second place with 435 points, and c.kilgannon in third place with 424 points!
HeroicTobias 628
Parcly Taxel 435
c.kilgannon 424
Andrew 393
aegii 388
mgperson 349
Aeolia 332
gallant's pear 303
A Phantom 292
WhirlwindBulbasaur 210
3.14dgeot-Mega 208
Bimp! 199
Elgino10 182
Wan the Avatar 178
LustySalazzleMaid 175
SunGodVolcarona 168
supermii2 161
Emboar02 161
Meicoo 158
pokemonvortex 154
Whimpering 140
Milkshook 140
Alex 138
Ilikebugs 137
Rory Mercury 129
SpecterReaper 128
fearfire22 127
Thank-ed 112
moo 109
askdf 107
Devoxys 95
Level 51 94
Cheese555 75
Gwynt 69
skiddo 69
Subspecies 65
gozogo123(umbreon) 62
GuiShark 62
Snaquaza 58
Soft Flex 54
Awesome96Birdy 52
imsoapy 50
reely 41
AndrewThePenguin 39
adiass 38
Bronzecrank 35
Dylas 34
AnthemOfTheWorld 33
Lycanium Z 33
harrybotter 33
Dan of ares 33
ninjadog 32
ooftatoEDM 30
LilyAC 30
HightideInkling 29
LegendaryMouse 28
sainTs fan 27
Illusio 25
TheJ3estPenguin 25
Snecko 24
sleepm2 23
thimblebony 22
llcorice 22
Aeonic 22
Magicana79 21
jumbowhales 19
PrincessPika102 19
lolimsuchanoob 19
Tidal Otter 18
LJB14 17
Nolnis 17
MeliorisAevi 15
Ryota Mitarai 15
Geene 15
applo 14
Brawlion 13
Zipzapadam 12
glacierider 12
Shayy Min Skyy 11
road blocks 11
Artichu 10
Pear McGore 10
sleep sleepm2 10
DarkdeX 9
Hydreigon Fan 2k17 8
Time Jacker Wool 8
AshIsVeryDumb 8
boredcollegekid 8
degenerate lowlife 8
Altaria55 8
RBLT13L pi 7
Dede0 7
Magikingdra 7
Cantius 7
Stylus 6
ScorrchingTheaph 6
Klosterneuburg 6
Panda 6
Hikanu 6
RBLT14N Sub 6
Smashkrabba 6
SunMoonFX 5
TheMaskedMare 5
stream we go up 5
RBLT14N elgi 5
Coinage 5
Skyfigueroa 5
wZk 5
Andy 5
Death & DeSpear 5
SomeoneNotReal 4
awanderingcaelum 4
foreverflame 4
Tushavi 4
uranium236 4
MadxBoi 4
lucario1582 4
RBLT16S pi 4
Aziziller 3
Auresco 3
ReFlux 3
pokemasterofkalos 3
SW 3
jegoro 3
terrapieseven 3
Pgh_fan phone 3
RBLT15Y Sub 3
sleep6m2 3
P. Visa Way 3
SecondSense 3
SonofDaw13 2
MGenius 2
FakeTestName 2
TerraNullius 2
SnorlaXHuGz 2
SergioRules 2
Clouds 2
RBLT12R Sub 2
Erry 2
RascalH 2
sparkychild 2
nooblyaf 2
Flex Plays DQXI 2
BrodyJ04 2
Trivia Asker 2
Add23456 2
Megagr 2
Mega Sponge 1
wbk sis 1
catlover3 1
0000000000000000X 1
BlindNinja 1
Time Jacker Uhr 1
coinboy 1
pusp weepingdev 1
account number1 1
Dniellll 1
WafflesInstitution 1
Scribblium 1
BringalAubergine 1
Hyperweedle 1
Wilfried Zaha 1
Arrested 1
Istil 1
CircuitBreakerZ 1
chupps 1
barryc 1
Alarms 1
XxSuicuneLoverxX 1
spud5747 1
schulminha 1
Jung Jaehyun 1
Gomachi 1
stupidm2 1
abyssal ruins 1
SecreteSword 1
Galecti 1
mag pear son 1
GlasgowGlalies 1
keeping it icy 1
phantomgenius 1
trace 1
KNGBlu 1
Vixen101 1
whalesy 1
sedertz 1
Yua999 1
Fairdunk 1
LeafBladeX 1
LifeOrbLileep 1
DCSleepsAlone2Nite 1
Toni XY 1
plimsoll punks 1
PhaydedGyro 1
Mornalt 1
Zyg 1
Flare1498 1
gazza786 1
JoakesOnMe 1
FroppyKero 1
DanDaMan99 1
Pondambo 1
jwjamesking 1
vapour trail 1
Beedrill-Mega 1
Panthermon 1
The ladder twist for the month of October will be: 5 extra points are earnable for finishing a full official, minus one point for every minute it takes you to solve the hunt, capped at 5 minutes!
As a reward for winning the September Ladder, this twist was chosen by HeroicTobias from a list of submissions! Thanks to A Phantom for submitting this twist, and on the October Ladder he will receive 5 points for submitting a valid twist, plus an additional 30 for submitting the winning twist! For a full list of users who earned head-start points for submitting valid twists:
A Phantom 35
Ilikebugs 5
SpecterReaper 5
Snaquaza 5
c.kilgannon 5
Parcly Taxel 5
aegii 5
For more details on how to get these points, see the last page here: Scavengers Update: September 2018
Feel free to ask me any questions!

Have a spook-TASTIC time on the October Ladder!
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Hosting an official on October 2nd at 6PM EDT.

QCs by RossW and Steven Snype

1st place: p^_^okemonvortex. [03:42] (2 additional points)
2nd place: S-Naquaza ◢ ◤ [05:03]
3rd place: c.kilgannon [06:22]
4th place: Emboar02 [09:08]
5th place: AndrewThePenguin [14:16]

1. In Gen 4, all of the moves that Gyarados could learn of a certain contest category were only learnable by TM. Name the move of that category with the highest fixed base power.
2. This is the only character in Platinum whose appearance at the end of the battle is animated (include trainer class).
3. This Special Pokémon Ga-Olé disk was available between October 26th and November 9th, 2017.
1. Psycho Boost
2. Tower Tycoon Palmer
3. Mimikyu
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Formes across tiers official, 3 October 12pm SST (12am EDT/4am UTC)!
QC by WhirlwindBulbasaur and adiass

1st place: supermii2 [03:59]. (+2)
2nd place: Rory Mercury [04:18]. (+1)
3rd place: Sun☼GodVolcarona [05:17].
4th place: c.kilgannon [05:38].
5th place: W himpering [05:49].
6th place: Dan of ares [06:00].
Consolation Prize: Bimp! [10:37], A Phantom [13:02], fear火fire火22 [18:46], 3.14dgeot-Mega [20:26]

1. The different forms of these two Pokémon lie in different borderline tiers (UUBL, RUBL, NUBL, PUBL). (alpha order) | Gallade Venusaur
2. The different forms of this Pokémon lie in the same borderline tier. | Thundurus
3. The different forms of these two Pokémon lie in three separate tiers. (alpha order) | Kyurem Zygarde
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Results of the collab with c.kilgannon on 4 October 8pm GMT
QC by Pants and Rory Mercury , host was also mr phantom

1st place: p^_^okemonvortex. [13:14].
2nd place: Devoxys [15:50].
3rd place: spooktato✿EDM [16:56].
4th place: S-Naquaza ◢ ◤ [17:25].
5th place: fear火fire火22 [18:12].
Consolation Prize: Dan of ares [22:19], AndrewThePenguin[28:53]


1) In the Fighting Dojo, one gym leader has a team where 5/6 of their Pokemon have the same ability.List the gym leader and ability, in that order [Erika Chlorophyll]
2) These characters of the day , who own a yellow Fighting-Type Pokemon as their only Pokemon which none of its moves are known, have won a competition in the anime [Berrybaker Kids]
3) This is the first episode of the anime that the 'Who's That Pokemon?' Pokemon does not cry out after its name is revealed [Grin to Win!]
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Official for 10/10/2018, 2:30 PM EST, qced by Dot Agumon and c.kilgannon

1st place: Elgino10 ♫ [15:16].
2nd place: A Phantom [20:06].
3rd place: meiBOO [28:11].
4th place: S-Naquaza ◢ ◤ [01:11:13].

1) In RSE, you can change the color of tall grass in these locations. (Alphabetical order) [Jagged Pass Route 113]
2) In a pair of main series games, there was a monthly slogan competition that was held for a location that is only accessible in game with Surf. Name the only known winner of the competition, then name the rewards he received in alphabetical order. [Cap'n Salty Rhyperior Rocky Helmet]
3) Name the two NPCs that can be fought in Gen 2's Trainer House without having to communicate with another person or glitches/bugs/exploits/etc. (Alphabetical order) [Cal Carrie]
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I have created the Halloween alt Lunala Taxel. Under this name
I will be hosting an official on 11 October 9pm SST (9am EDT/1pm GMT)!
QC by gallant's pear and Rory Mercury

1st place: Elgino10 ♫ [02:18]. (+3)
2nd place: Whimpering [02:33]. (+3)
3rd place: Aegii [03:48]. (+2)
4th place: c.kilgannon [04:09]. (+1)
5th place: Thank ♫ ed~ [44:45].

1. This attack on a TCG card from Great Encounters deals double damage if the target is a certain Pokémon. | Darkness Pursuit
2. In Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver, using Pursuit while this weather condition is in effect will not trigger a glitch. | rain
3. In the Mystery Dungeon games, rain prevents a certain type of move from being executed. The same effect occurs if a Pokémon in the current floor has this ability. | Damp
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c.kilgannon and I have a normal official hunt for Thursday Oct 11 at 8 PM EDT (GMT -4) qc'd by Pants & Gallant Spear

1st: Thimblespooky (7:14)
2nd Hightideくコ彡Inkling (7:47)
3rd Whimpering (9:35)
4th p^_^okemonvortex (11:09)
5th Kermit Sings (14:21)
Consolation Prize: boredcollegekid (24:53), Tidal Otter (28:27), awa! nderingcaelum (29:08), Lunala Taxel (48:31)

Of the moves that are affected by Prankster that have the highest move priority that no Pokemon with the Prankster ability can learn, name the one that is not a signature move. | Spiky Shield
Of the moves that thaw the user, there is one that can only be used once until the user switches out and switches back in. Name the Pokemon that learns this move not by level-up nor by breeding. | Ho-Oh
Out of all the moves that the legendary Pokemon encountered in Ultra Space know at the time of the encounter, this is the one with the lowest, non-zero base power. Name this move and the Pokemon that knows it in that order. | Fire Spin Heatran
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Reserving official hunt on October 12th at 3 PM UTC
1st place: Andrew [01:44].
2nd place: Sun☼GodVolcarona [02:33].
3rd place: Elgino10 ♫ [04:42].
4th place: Rory Mercury [29:42].

1) This NPC in Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs helps pokemon to cross the strait between Dolce Island and Renbow Island by using his boat. [booker]
2) This main games NPC's non-English names refer to many terms for a good looking man. [looker]
3) This Trainer in Pokemon Emerald has unique trainer class and all of his/her pokemon can mega evolve in gen 6. [tucker]

Thanks again to WhirlwindLunala combo for QC

Many Namakobushi be with you
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Results of th official hunt for Monday 15 October at 6PM GMT, QC by Meicoo and Alexender , host is Gallant Spear

1st place: A Phantom [05:18].
2nd place: Rory Mercury [05:43].
3rd place: S-Naquaza ◢ ◤ [06:49].
4th place: Aeolia [16:24].
5th place: Gwynt [30:10].

1) Name the only anime main protagonist other than Ash that has released a Pokemon, that they owned for multiple episodes before the release, and the corresponding Pokemon, in alphabetical order. Don't count Team Rocket as protagonists [Misty Togetic]
2) This header of this location exists in the game data, but not in the game. The location, if it would exist, would be part of a group of four locations spread around the region. Based on the other three locations, this location would hold a certain item that can transform a certain Pokemon, that changes one of its typings when it does so. [Akala Meadow]
3) This Pokemon and its evolution is the only family to all appear in a single currently released Super Smash Bros. game from a Poké ball. [Munchlax]
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Reserved for the Official Hunt of Wednesday 17 October at 6 PM GMT (by me and Rory Mercury), QCd by gallant spear and c.kilgannon.

1st place: A Phantom 19:02
2nd place: Elgino10 20:29
3rd place: aegii 24:09
4th place: gwynt 32:34

1. (Snaq) One can only beat this Gym Leader while Surfing. [Cissy]
2. (Snaq) In this location in Black 2 White 2, the player cannot encounter any Pokemon while surfing. [Pokestar Studios; Pokéstar Studios]
3. (Rory) Apricot can often be found in this tree in the Pokémon world. [Walnut; Walnut Tree]
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Typing examples official, 20 October 10am SST (19 October 10pm EDT, 2am UTC)!
QC by Stylus and Andrew

1st place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [07:31].
2nd place: Sun☼GodVolcarona [13:13].
3rd place: Embooooo [13:41].
4th place: Whimpering [17:49].
5th place: c.kilgannon [18:38].
6th place: PikachuSean ^~^ [33:54]

The following questions each describe individual properties of three Pokémon that are the only fully-evolved examples of their typing. In each case, give the Pokémon that is alphabetically the middle of the trio.

1. Formes are distinguished by height and weight / Is part of an egg group where all Pokémon but itself share a type / Requires trading to obtain | Gourgeist / Decidueye / Trevenant
2. Part of a branched evolution family / Cannot be obtained more than twice in one game / Used by an Elite Four member | Marowak-Alola / Blacephalon / Chandelure
3. Often runs Belly Drum + Aqua Jet / Learns a move curing a target's status condition / Has an unreleased hidden ability | Azumarill / Primarina / Tapu Fini
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I have an official hunt for Sunday Oct 21 at 1 PM EDT (GMT -4) qc'd by Andrew and Ashiemore!

1st place: Lycanium Z [02:27].
2nd place: Bimp! [05:45].
3rd place: Deademew [07:38].
4th place: Magikingdra [08:58].
5th place: MeiBOO [09:04].
Consolation Prize: Dan of ares [11:34], 3.14dgeot-Mega [11:36], conabzb [11:39], Kuroto Dan 王 [11:42], Cheese555 [13:36], JoakesOnMe [16:35], AndrewThePenguin [18:26], Gwynt [26:37], Ilikebugs [33:57]


1) This Totem Pokemon is the only one to hold a non-consumable item. List the pokemon and the item, in that order. [marowak alola thick club]
2) When Kyurem Black unfuses, this move will replace Fusion Bolt. [scary face]
3) Of all the Pokemon who had their base stats changed in Gen VI, these are the only two who received the 10 point increase in their Speed stat (alphabetical order). [Pidgeot Raichu]
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