Metagame SCL I UU Predicts (won by pif!)


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umbry vs mncmt - The mncmt/Highways pairing looked good last week but I still think umbry is the player to beat in this pool. Going to bold her every week until I have good reasons not to.
pdt vs Askov - Holy hell this is an unpredictable game. pdt builds roughly four hundred teams a week, so as long as his teammates are around to make sure he picks a good one and not some janky rocks-less HO, I’m backing him.
LNumbers vs Gondra - I thought Clark looked great and Gondra had some stumbles, but I’ve really been enjoying Star’s building in UUWC and I assume he and Tony are going to do everything they can to make sure Gondra doesn’t start things off 0-2.
Bushtush vs Luthier - lol wtf, who put this unviable LCer into UU
Accel vs Adaam - It feels wrong to bold Accel’s opponent two weeks in a row, but I think Adaam’s going to pull some nonsense out of the builder that will win this one.


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umbry vs mncmt --> I love both of them personally and this could go either way. uumbry´s on a roll atm while mence has won his first game as well. I got a bad feeling that highways is gonna pull out some ungodly tactics that umbry will lose to on preview, but she´s gonna be fine as long as she doesn´t listen to lily haha (jk lol, Lilburr will prolly invent sth like defensive dd flygon 2.0 and it´ll put in some work even though it shouldn´t, cause it´s uumbry)
pdt vs Askov --> this is an interesting one for sure, cause this game can literally be anything from standard bo vs standard bo to who cheeses harder (the answer is always cheescake [a pansy weener] even though he doesn´t play). That being said, pdt has a great chance to win this if ip and avarice are gonna stop him from using flash cannon thundy-t, but I´m gonna bold askov here, cause bolding against him twice after winning his w1 game feels wrong to me.
LNumbers vs Gondra --> just take a look at the line below my profile pic
Bushtush vs Luthier --> hard to predict, cause this is gonna be: Who´s playing crazier? I feel like they´re both capable players on an equal level, so I´m gonna bold the one w/ the better building support (hopefully rob takes action this week)
Accel vs Adaam --> highlight match for me. Two well established players that are both hungry for a win. This is gonna be a masterpiece, I can tell you. If you get the chance, better catch this live. I´m gonna bold by grandfather here, cause I think he´s even hungrier for a win than before and will do everything in his power to win this... (even if that means bribing adaam, cause we all know that adaam´s true goal is to sleep w/ every single person in this community)


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umbry vs mncmt
pdt vs Askov
vs Gondra
Bushtush vs Luthier
vs Adaam - UU game of the week from two of the better UU players in this pool, could honestly swing either way and excited to catch this one


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[TMS] umbry vs mncmt [SPA]
[ISL] pdt vs Askov [DYN]
[BRE] LNumbers vs Gondra [PLA]
[SHO] Bushtush vs Luthier [GIB]
[TER] Accel vs Adaam [FOX]

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