SDPL Week 4


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Week 4​

Mossdeep City Space Jams vs SS Anne Serperiors
ORAS Doubles: Shaian vs Laurel
ORAS Doubles: Hikari vs Enki
BW Doubles: -Tsunami- vs Laga
DoUUbles: Level 51 vs @arcticblast
DUbers: Edgar vs orch


Tohjo Tramplers vs Mikan Island Monsters
ORAS Doubles: BLOOD TOTEM vs makiri
ORAS Doubles: LzrGunPewPew vs TheFourthChaser
BW Doubles: Robert Alfons vs Mizuhime
DoUUbles: shrop05 vs pookar
DUbers: steelphoenix vs Zubat

Slateport City Spindas vs Oreburgh Ancients
ORAS Doubles: Terraquaza vs GiraGoomy
ORAS Doubles: Tricking vs Haruno
BW Doubles: Pwnemon vs AuraRayquaza
DoUUbles: xzern vs KyleCole
DUbers: Hack vs Hashtag

Ban Notes: latiasite is legal in doUUbles, mega ray is legal in dUbers, sleep clause on in BW, mega salamence is banned in ORAS doubles
links in here
Banlist for oras (lol):here mega mence is banned
Banlist for doUUbles: Latiasite will remain legal. Further doUUbles instructions can be found here.
Banlist for dubers: Mega Rayquaza will remain legal. Further doubles ubers instructions can be found here.
Banlist for BW: Gems are legal, Sleep Clause on, perma weather, etc etc. More information here.

--> managers please contact me if i messed up your lineups. <--
Mizuhime, Shaian, Arcticblast, xzern, Hashtag, Memoric
Best of 1 Matches due by January 31 11:59 PM CST.

Link to the master spreadsheet
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I contacted feathers and he said that he can't play this week and that I should play pookar. I didn't know pookar was banned from smogon but I'll find him on irc or showdown lmao

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