Season V Farm League - Week 3

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Activity post.

Contacted my opponent back. Waiting at requested server on PS at the time my opponent suggested as of right now and will be there for a while. Will edit this post with an update.

Also, 500th post :)

EDIT: It's been 3 hours and is now after 4 pm in GMT-5, which is after the time my opponent stated he could play(VM on my profile confirms the time). Still gonna hang out on the server he requested to play on.
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hmm i personally didn't had too much time for battling, but i tried during my free time to play and didn't manage to do so :(

i will be online for the next hour or so...
Opp hasn't been on since he posted when he'd be available to battle (Friday and he still didn't log in during those times he mentioned).
Final activity post, I guess.

This tour needs way less johns, maybe DQ those who are known for doing so/already did?
My opponent and I are getting ready to battle.

EDIT: Just lost vs. The Hitman. It was a really close match. His last pokemon had very little HP left when I lost my last.
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Activity =/ TheKFC has an awful timezone for mine and i think during the week we both where on daily but at different times, but he has not been on really at all this weekend which makes it hard to play.

My other opponent died it seems
(I guess this is an activity post?)
I arranged a time to meet with my opponent, but they did not show up for some reason.
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