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World War 3 folks. Might sound like I'm joking but now more than ever we're in the danger of it actually happening. Tensions between the USA and the island nation of North Korea are at an all-time high since the Korean war... joint military tests being carried out at the border of South Korea and North Korea using joint American and South Korean forces.

Ofcourse it doesn't help that the President in charge of the United States right now is one of the most warlike in recently memory, and I dont want this to turn into another trump bashing thread but that guy is just aggravating it so much like he actually wants to go to war and engender so many american and korean lives. Not to mention the lives of all the other nationalities if the war spreads and becomes a "World War" - only the third of its kind - as many experts have warned.

Surprising to some, the nation of China famously soft spoken on the global stage recently had to step in and tell trump to not worsen relations with Pyongyang. When the cold Machievellian intellect of Xi Jinping deems it worth intervening, I dont how we can ignore the threat of a global world war as mere fear mongering.

We know that King Jong Un has made some very laughable and blowhardy claims in the past such as landing a man on the sun (No joke lol, google this) and other things for propaganda purposes. However we know now thta North Korea has been building up a nuclear arsenal for a while. And recently he has made some very credible threats against Guam which is affiliated with the USA. Needless to say a nuclear strike on any country would have more negative effects than jsut war and we can talk about those too.

Even scarier what if Trump decides to take the situation into his own hands and take the first strike. Then the inernational community would be outraged and it could place us in the delicate international situation with most of the Security Council nations opposed against Trump such as China and Russia.

Thats just a basic primer so far, I've been researching this so if you wanna know more you can just ask and I'll post about it. Anyway lets talk about the World War 3 possibility and the Korea tension crisis and please, please lets keep conspiracy style talk, trolling and divisive identity politics to a minimum. Thank you.
This is literally a dick flailing contest between Kim and Donald. We did it with Russia for a good 40 years. While NK leadership is a little more unstable mentally, I genuinely don't think anything on the scale of a world war would happen.

If NK strikes Guam, China said it wouldn't intervene if the US retaliated. If the US launches some sort of a pre-emptive strike against NK, China will side with Kim.

btw what's the qualifications of a warlike POTUS? I honestly don't think Trump would fall under that because even tho he's prez, he's extremely limited in what he can do because he has little support in congress.

tl;dr WW3 chances extremely slim, NK intervention more likely.


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If anything this is just North Korea's best way to be taken seriously. The second they nuke Guam or whatever, they're done for. And they won't nuke Guam, they just want to be taken seriously lest they nuke Guam.
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If Kim nuked anyone, he'd be signing his own death warrant, and he knows it. So, unless he has a death wish, or has a secret anti-ballistic missile weapon, all Trump has to do is not be stupid, and not launch a pre-emptive strike, and keep our nuclear arsenal safe from disasters that Kim would take advantage of, such as EMP attacks.


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If Kim nuked anyone, he'd be signing his own death warrant, and he knows it. So, unless he has a death wish, or has a secret anti-ballistic missile weapon, all Trump has to do is not be stupid, and not launch a pre-emptive strike, and keep our nuclear arsenal safe from disasters that Kim would take advantage of, such as EMP attacks.
lol you're talking like the two individuals in question are adults
lol you're talking like the two individuals in question are adults
Yeah, Trump is a hopeless child. As my father said, let us hope that if Kim actually is going to start a nuclear war, some of his people just kill him before he actually does it (because he'd be signing their death warrants too, along with their families), and if Trump actually wanted to launch a pre-emptive strike, his generals refuse to go along with it.
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People predicted the Cold War would lead into WW3. While some people say the Cold War never ended, I think it's safe to say there's a threat of WW 3 every day...People said the same after 9/11...

It's fear mongering.


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A few things (in no particular order, and on both sides of the 'will WW3 happen' argument):

1. We are technically still at war with North Korea, as the armistice from the Korean War was indeed only a cease fire - there has never been a formal peace agreement between the United States and North Korea (and, indeed, President Eisenhower and the geniuses in our joint chiefs of staff abrogated the agreement way back in 1956 by introducing atomic weapons to the region in violation of the armistice). This means that, in theory, Trump could legally circumvent Congress in performing unilateral military actions against North Korea and / or Kim Jong Un. Obviously this is problematic and I'm surprised there hasn't been more of a push to create a formal peace agreement given the tenuous nature of the situation.

2. Kim Jong Un has backed down noticeably in his militancy in recent weeks and in fact seems to have finally gotten the message from China in the wake of recent sanctions on coal, iron, lead, and seafood, sanctions which have dropped North Korea's exports by roughly a third. Given that China is North Korea's primary (and, more or less, only) trade partner, I'm surprised the US never tried to get China to hit Kim with real sanctions previously (or at least never succeeded at it).

3. The United States has the most technologically advanced arsenal in the world, and it is highly doubtful that, even were Trump to attack North Korea pre-emptively, China would engage in all-out war against the United States. The simple reality is that if China declared war on the U.S. after Trump destroyed North Korea China would itself be destroyed, simple as that. China is a saavy power and knows that it is rapidly gaining on the U.S. in terms of economic, political, and military influence around the world. In 15 or 20 years, however, look out - it is entirely possible that China would in fact be hoping for a Trump-esque figure to attack North Korea as a good excuse to prove themselves at that point. Basically, there almost certainly won't be a world war right now even if Trump destroys North Korea because it is highly unlikely anyone would come to North Korea's aid. At least for the time being.

4. As Steve Bannon said in an interview recently (paraphrasing), 'there is no military option with North Korea'. He says this because it is true - if Trump were to destroy North Korea, Seoul would almost certainly be destroyed in the process, and the U.S. would lose it's second (or perhaps even most) valuable ally in the region, not to mention simultaneously becoming a flashpoint for criticism the world over for the senseless loss of life. The U.S. would lose almost all credibility in the Middle East and Trump would probably be impeached and blamed for every South Korean who died, as he well should be in such a scenario. Say what you will about Donald Trump, but he's not an idiot politically and knows such a move would be suicide. I promise you if the choices were to save Guam by pre-emptively striking when they KNEW North Korea would destroy it or save himself face by letting North Korea get the first strike in then utilizing the rage of the country to his own benefit, Trump will pick the latter every time and twice on Sundays. It's just like ObamaCare - Trump would rather let the situation implode to help himself politically then actually help people by making the difficult choice. Not saying that NK will necessarily destroy Guam or that pre-emptively striking would prevent that by the way, I'm just saying that if that were the situation I think we all know how Trump would act (and it wouldn't be the self-sacrificing route).

5. Kim Jong Un is fat and lazy and crazy, but he is not an idiot politically any more than Trump is. He is extremely paranoid and constantly concerned with threats to his own political power - he will not throw away his power and (assuredly) his life by destroying Guam or South Korea. He will try to enlist China to help him bully more and more land and economic space away from them unless he senses extreme weakness on the part of the United States, which he certainly does not presently and is unlikely to in the foreseeable future.

Basically I think the odds of WW3 happening are very slim in the coming years. WW3 is way more likely to be a result of China becoming stronger than the U.S. and ready and willing to prove it then it is to be a result of Kim Jong Un's deteriorating mental health or Trump's urgent need to 'hit hard' those who oppose and insult him. Obviously I could be wrong, but I'd be a lot more concerned if China were significantly stronger than it is right now.
I agree with UncleSam mostly, however do not think Trump is stupid in this matter.
Bill Clinton was foolish giving the norks nuclear power back in the 90s. Dubya and Obamas policies did jack to deter this horrible regime.

The north koreans tested a functional H-Bomb, which is even a red-line for the chinese, if conflict escalates to hot war on the korean peninsula, they would probably invade from the north to seize a good chunk of the rare earth minerals, seeing how they have over a hundred K troops stationed at the border.

There will definetely be war, what Un hopes to get is a functional nuclear deterrant to keep the US, Japan and China at bay to be able to follow Juche and reunite the peninsula under the DPRK.

I dont want to sound like a warmongerer but a limited strike on the DMZ and airfields with conventional weapons by the US with SK invading sounds like the best outcome. There should be NO US boots there, it would be like a massacre, a massive guerilla war.

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