Shiny Charm and Masuda Method

Well my 1000 is done. I got 2 out of 1000. I am going to keep going. I want a slightly better yamask

Shiny Feebas at 98

Shiny Yamask at 868

EDIT: I went to 1200 and got lucky this morning. Hatched 2 more shiny yamask. Unfortunately, still no perfect spread

31/31/31/2!/31/31 (ew)

I will keep going!

6 shinies in 2200 eggs
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Since I got the Shiny Charm, a japanese Ditto and I want a shiny Mawile, I'll contribute on this research. I'll do an unknown amount of 100 egg batches, until I get tired. I'll edit this post on every batch:

US Mawile - JAP Ditto

0 - 100: None.
100 - 200: None.
200 - 300: None.
300 - 400: Currently breeding.
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Is it any help at all to do it if you don't have the shiny charm. If so ill do a few batches of a hundred
I don't think so bro. I think all these numbers are shiny charm based. But I'm gonna do a 500 without and 500 with to see if there is any diff for me personally
Is it any help at all to do it if you don't have the shiny charm. If so ill do a few batches of a hundred
We already know the ratio without Shiny Charm, so as far as research goes it won't be much help. However feel free to hatch as many eggs as you like and post - just specify it's without the Shiny Charm so we know not to include it in the results.

Edit: Is it possible for Moderators to move posts around in the thread? I believe it would be most useful if all the posts being edited with results were placed after the OP for ease-of-access. Either that or we create a new thread alongside this where only statistical posts are made - and we keep this thread for general discussion of the process.
I have the Shiny Charm and have been Masudaing regardless so I might as well contribute, right?

Ditto (Jpn) 6v x Volcarona (Eng) 5v.

Will update on the doc and this post for something to check against if something like that becomes necessary. 1400. Way too sick of Charmander. Switched.

Batch 1: Complete, 1 shiny #89
Batch 2: Complete, no shiny
Batch 3: Complete, 1 shiny #308
Batch 4: Complete, no shiny
Batch 5: Complete, no shiny
Batch 6: Complete, no shiny
Batch 7: Complete, no shiny
Batch 8: Complete, no shiny
Batch 9: Complete, no shiny
Batch 10: Complete, no shiny
Batch 11: Complete, no shiny
Batch 12: Complete, no shiny
Batch 13: Incomplete
Batch 14: Incomplete

So yay shiny in the first 100... 5 guaranteed 31s and what's randomized? Attack. What is it? 0. How does that get worse? Second shiny speed 6 or 7. Did I offend the RNG Gods in some way? I want this little guy to be competitive T_T
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Making new post to be on the new page so my counts don't get missed. Total of 800 eggs hatched, 1 shiny (#312).

EDIT: Batch 9 done, no shiny. I'm hoping I get lucky really soon, this egg hatching is getting monotonous. I'm probably going to do a backflip when I see a shiny Honedge hatch (since egg 500, I've been using an American Aegislash and Japanese Honedge).

EDIT: The RNG gods must have heard my prayers; Shiny Honedge at egg 1005! 31/13/31/31/31/28. Attack is kinda meh, but it's Quiet nature, so it's mostly a special attacker anyway. Also, it's got HP Ice, so that's something! That brings my total to 2 shinies in 1005 eggs, not too shabby! I'm going to keep going!
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JAP male Gligar 5IVs x ENG female Gligar 5IVs

100 eggs: 1 shiny at #48 (31/31/31/x/31/31 I'm very happy !!)

My first masuda shiny in all generations. And I have tried thousands of times. I'm having faith in shiny charm now! 300 eggs hatched in total for this project and 1 shiny so far are very cool numbers. Going to try today:

JAP male Mawile 5IVs x ENG female Mawile 5IVs
EDIT: I Did has a shiny charm. still do.
'sup nerds and nerdettes. i'll be committing to a hundred hatches. i'll update asap. (japanese dratini, american froakie)

EDIT:: 100 done, no shinies, starting next 100 now

300 done, no shinies. keeping on.

400, no shinies. Let's make it a round. 500

500 done, no shinies. Done for a bit.
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planning on hatching a few batches of 90 eggs (3 boxes) on my quest to find a shiny hawlucha. i'm almost done gathering eggs for the first batch and i'll edit this post/post again with results.
does anyone have concrete proof that masuda is even in effect in the first place? instacheck showed part of the mechanic that chances are 1/2^12 but does anyone have any research that shows Egg Shiny Values are picked multiple times if MM'd to increase chances? and whether the games keep this in mind if you trade an egg or not. As far as I know masuda isnt even in effect anymore.. then again it only took me ~200 eggs to get a shiny froakie with a foreign ditto which is much less than 1/4096... Ill post when I get shiny charm how many eggs Ill hatch currently at 670 in my dex... Im thinking it doesnt matter if I hatch a shiny and switch pokemon and continue
I've had my shiny charm for a while, so I might as well put it to good use. For the sake of maintaining a reliable study, I'll pledge 1000 eggs and update per every 100.

Japanese Ditto + US Venipede

0-100: 0
101-200: 1 shiny at egg #172.
201-300: 0

Japanese Ditto + US Aron

301-400: 0

Japanese Ditto + US Banette

401-500: 0
501-600: 0
601-700: 0

Japanese Ditto + US Honedge

701-800: 0
801-900: 0
901-1000: 0
1001-1100: 0
1101-1200: 0

Japanese Ditto + US Buneary

1201-1300: 1 shiny at egg #1201
1301-1400: In the process

It gets discouraging after going through tons of eggs without a single shiny, but that first one is definitely the boost that gets you going. I'm going to continue until I find one with the right spread. Everything had 31s but Sp.Def, ick.
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I will start digging my shiny charm.

I will update my post when I have it.

I also do max tippings everytime they ask, and I can say that made me encounter 5 shinies in total.
got shiny charm yesterday , i´m about to give it a try

(i will edit this post)
590 eggs: no shiny
#591 egg : 1 shiny

but i guess 50000 aren´t enough

im done with the post here , going on on side #9
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4 Shiny yamask and no perfect spreads. I did get a


and thats as close as I am going to get it. I am going to try for a different one now. Maybe tynamo
I've been watching this thread for a while now because I'm interested to see the results. I'm currently hatching koffings without the shiny charm and I've hatched over 1700 eggs without success. I'm starting to think the shiny charm might help. Will pledge a 1000 or so once I get it. Good luck to everyone =)
Completed 1000 eggs without a single shiny.
Will continue to hatch 100 eggs per batch until I get a shiny.
As bad as it sounds, I'm glad I'm not the only one in this boat. 0/1300 is super disheartening.

Hopefully the drought breaks for both of us soon
As bad as it sounds, I'm glad I'm not the only one in this boat. 0/1300 is super disheartening.

Hopefully the drought breaks for both of us soon
Yeah it feels sad when you read that everyone else is getting at least 1 shiny before reaching 1k eggs :(
This thread got me to finally sign up for an account after lurking for years. :)
I have the Shiny Charm and will be reporting back every 100 eggs. This will all be done with an English Female of the appropriate species + a 6IV Japanese Ditto.

Batch 1: 100 Charmander (0 Shiny).
Batch 2: 100 Phantump (0 Shiny).
Batch 3: 100 Bulbasaur (1 Shiny).
Batch 4: 100 Eevee (0 Shiny).
Batch 5: 100 Eevee (0 Shiny).
Batch 6: 100 Eevee (0 Shiny).
Batch 7: 100 Eevee (0 Shiny).
Batch 8: 100 Eevee (1 Shiny).
Batch 9: 100 Eevee (0 Shiny).
Batch 10: 100 Eevee (1 Shiny).
Batch 11: 100 Eevee (0 Shiny).
Batch 12: 100 Eevee (1 Shiny).
Batch 13: 100 Eevee (0 Shiny).
Batch 14: 100 Eevee (0 Shiny).
Batch 15: 100 Eevee (0 Shiny).
Batch 16: 25 Riolu+75 Bagon (2 Shiny).
Batch 17: 100 Riolu (0 Shiny).
Batch 18: 100 Riolu (0 Shiny).
Batch 19: 100 Riolu (0 Shiny).
Batch 20: 100 Riolu (0 Shiny).
Batch 21: 100 Riolu (0 Shiny).
Batch 22: 100 Riolu (0 Shiny).
Batch 23: 100 Riolu (0 Shiny).
Batch 24: 100 Riolu (0 Shiny).
Batch 25: 100 Riolu (0 Shiny).
Batch 26: 100 Riolu (0 Shiny).
Batch 27: 100 Riolu (0 Shiny).
Batch 28: 100 Riolu (0 Shiny).
Batch 29: 100 Ralts (0 Shiny).
Batch 30: 100 Ralts (1 Shiny).
Batch 31: 100 Riolu (0 Shiny).
Batch 32: 100 Ferroseed (0 Shiny).
Batch 33: 100 Ferroseed (0 Shiny).
Batch 34: 100 Ferroseed (0 Shiny).
------Matching Parents from here on-------------
Batch 35: 100 Ferroseed (0 Shiny).
Batch 36: 100 Ferroseed (0 Shiny).
Batch 37: 60 Ferroseed/40 Larvitar (1 Shiny).
Batch 38: 100 Larvitar (0 Shiny).
Batch 39: 100 Larvitar (0 Shiny).
Batch 40: 100 Larvitar (1 Shiny).

Total: 4,000 Eggs (9 Shiny).

One question- do tips affect the shiny rate for eggs, wild encounter, or not at all?
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