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3DS Name: Zupplu
IGN: Jack
FC: 4038-6351-6617
Preferred contact: Smogon, PokeCommunity.
SV: 3179
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Trainer Shiny Value: 3057
Contact info: Dewey911p, pm/vm me on Smogon, Serebii (preferred) or pokecheck (I will see your PM when I get on, but I'm usually lurking most of the day)
FC: 1118-1633-7306
Hello, can someone please help me, I've been trying to ask for help here and on the chat but it seems people are too busy etc, I really would like to be able to talk to someone properly about how this is supposed to work, I need someone to help me find my SV number and to explain how I will know the egg's number when I don't have the program (due to being on a mac and not wanting to muck around with the dual boot).
SV: 815
Contact: smogon

I've tried to get my hotspot working, and it doesn't. My 3ds recognizes the accesspoint, but it cannot connect. The only option for the shared connection is "wireless network connection" Is there supposed to be something different/how do I fix this? (Thankfully my friend helped me get myID with this but alas I cannot operate the hotspot properly with the 3ds not connecting properly.)

Please fix, my ID is actually 563.

sorry for the inconvenience ~.~
3DS name: Freyjadour
Ingame name: Ririka
Friend Code: 3625-8846-5667
Trainer Shiny Value: 28
Preferred contact: Smogon

Hi i'm new here and i joined since i'm interested to be a part of this Shiny Hatching things and would like to help too, just PM me here if someone need my help to hatch their shinies, and of course i'd love to hatch some shiny with other people too :)

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of the Ash Legion
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Please remove me from the list. I don't have the time nor reliable internet to handle the requests I've received, and I was not put on the list by my own initiative. Thanks in advance.
3DS name: Beau
Ingame name: Beau
Friend Code: 4914 3954 8435
Trainer Shiny Value: 3292
Preferred contact: Smogon or Reddit u/swgless
My SV is 144 and ingame name "absol" with FC: 1521-3658-9276
My preferred contact is through smogon or this FB group
Pokemon XY - Perfect shiny gift circle

I have a perfect IV female adamant gale wings fletchling Egg with SV 4082
We give away such perfect stat pokemon in that group, hatcher keeps it!

This way: No trade-retrade and we just randomly get shiny offers of competitive pokemon
Anyone can edit the document and add themselves, and also their available eggs to invite matching SVs
I have 2 eggs with the Shiny Values of 116 and 3402 Please if you have those values post with your friend code.YOU WILL BE REWARDED with Battle Masion Item(s) everything except Ability Capsule. And PLEASE NO SCAMMERS it is a GIFT for my brother! Thanks -Souly :)
FC: 3866-8019-1539 Trainer Name: Eric
3DS name: Claire
Ingame name: Claire
Friend Code: 2707-1625-7438
Trainer Shiny Value: 3164
Preferred contact: Smogon PM, GaiaOnline PM, deviantart Note, PM
Do you think we should make a vouch list to verify trusted breeders? I have had some very pleasant experiences and would like to share with the community.
3DS name: tricky
Ingame name: Torrent
Friend Code: 4313-1069-9355
Trainer Shiny Value: 3216
Preferred contact: Smogon
Um i would like to edit the SVs i posted ;_; Somebody please edit that database for me, thanks!

-The one with SV 901 and 1620, could you add a note or mark that shows "It won't be available soon", because the owner will reset it someday.
-Remove SV 638 / 850 / 1183 / 1264 / 1312 / 2268 / 2390 / 2622 / 2693 / 3112 / 3741 / 4017
Sorry! lots of my friend are busy XD it's kinda difficult to get them
3DS Name: Izzywyn
IGN: Miku
FC: 2191-9054-5868
Preferred contact: Smogon[This account], [TheCourteJester]
SV: 524

looking for people with [1994], [1244], [2137], [3308], [4012], [1930],
since my thing got deleted no clue why, can someone please pm me and assist me in retrieving my shiny value codes? I have x
SV: 1257
FC: 3926-5536-2115
IGN: senshi

I'm kinda new on this...when ppl posted "contact me on smogon" does it mean smogonwifi?
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