Done Show correct date/time with /regdate and /regtime

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As it stands, these two commands will try to show you when a user registered their account but it will give the day before the user actually registered and the same, wrong time which is 8:00pm (unless someone actually registers at 8:00pm, lucky for them). Because of this, several users get confused on why they are not autoconfirmed when /regdate or /regtime says their account is 7 days old. It also holds no value if its one purpose is incorrect lol.

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From what I've heard, global staff are the only ones capable of seeing the exact time which is a bit odd, so it would be really helpful if any user can see the correct time and date, or only the owner of the account can see the correct time and date(and gstaff). Though this isn't a harmful command, so I would go with the former.


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It's neither a bug nor limited to global staff. The user page code intentionally rounds registration times to the nearest day, to preserve user privacy. If it's desirable, we could show the exact registration time on someone's user page when they are signed into their account.
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