Show off your funny and/or amazing battles here!

There was an lvl Aron. ONE single one, used that hability to not get hit killed, than the atack that does damage by the difference of its life to the oponent. all team ded.

Context: A friend of mine had a Rotom-Fan in a Nuzlocke run that became an Ensemble Darkhorse named Rob. What happens when Rob clones himself and challenges Balanced Hackmons? Memes, that's what. Enjoy the show!

Sneaky Rob Wins Yet Another Battle

Berserker Rob Takes The Cake

TIL transform doesnt work on Imposter'd it let me take out a big threat!

When you get the Choice Trick off juuuuuust right

Best part of Rotom Cheese: Immune to Attract Noobery

In which the opposing team has half of the current OU: The Team

For once, Lando-T's near omnipresence isnt an annoyance

Berserker Rob puts Nebby in the bag...twice.
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Heya. As a representative of the PS! Room Overused (quality moderator); I had my fair share of hilarious battles with my very own crafted "meme" (with varying quality) teams. Here's a few of my exploits.

Disclaimer: Do not try this at home.

vs Lopunny Baton Pass?

Thanks Abra!
5'5'' Dragon loses to a tiny yellow thing.
Spam Psychic?
Trace Beast Boost?

Horrible Sand Veil Team
"Pikachu" dodges to victory!
Chomp Action

Morimoto would be proud!
That Dragonite.

The Mosa Answer.
Busting through stall ;)
Vintei (UU)
Ambipom is a hero.
One of the best.
Swampert + Gliscor + Machamp = :D

shoutouts OU Room. Always modding for ya :]

Primals. Zygarde-100%. Imposter Chansey. Mega Rayquayza. These five Pokemon have stonewalled the Rob squad time and time again...until now.

Imprisonform? Not in my house.

What happens when you disobey Occam's razor? Your Deo-A spam memes lose to Rotom-Fan memes.

Quite an unflattering name on my opponent, but a good victory nonetheless.

Never have I ever been more satisfied than after this fuckfest of a battle.
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