Programming Showdex - An Auto-Updating Damage Calculator Built into Showdown!

Hey, by any chance, can this plugin be installed on the showdown app? Thanks
There is no showdown app, current projects listed under that name are unofficial as per this thread, you'd have to list a specific client and it seems pretty unlikely that they'll diverge work into one of those when the web version works fine.


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Amazing tool. I do have one potential question / feature request for XY and SM games as a DOU player who sometimes plays those oldgens.

In most scenarios, a Mega Pokemon is always going to mega evolve on its first possible turn, but the calc defaults to the base forme on the turn it is planning to mega evolve. Would it be possible to make the calc default to the mega forme's stats, with the option to toggle back to base forme if needed? Or at least make this an optional setting?

There are very few scenarios where a Pokemon that can mega wouldn't do so immediately although they do exist; some examples:
  • Pokemon that don't always hold a mega stone, such as Diancie who can either be a TR attacker or fast Mega Attacker
  • Weather setters like Charizard Y and Mega Tyranitar, who might avoid mega evolving right away for better weather control vs opposing weather teams
  • Pokemon with good base abilities, such as Clear Body Metagross, who will sometimes delay their mega evolution on a predicted Intimidate switch-in to avoid the Attack drop
But I do think that defaulting to the Mega Pokemon's stats is more helpful probably at least 75% of the time. So I'd rather have to toggle the "mega" setting off than on in most games I play.

Thanks for your time in reading this! And once again this calc is amazing.
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Hey y'all!

Sorry about the MIA, we've taken a little hiatus to get our shit together, but now we're back in full force! Thanks for all the reports you've submitted to us, we've been collecting them and will address them in the next update, coming soon.

We're also aware of some lag problems some of you have experienced, which made you lose some games. We're sorry for that too and are working on diagnosing the problem(s) (hopefully it's a singular problem, but you never know with these things hahaha).

We appreciate your guys' patience as we work through these bugs :)
But anyways is there a way to install this plugin on there?
Unfortunately, no, not at this moment.


iirc, the macOS desktop client for Showdown is basically a self-contained Safari browser that loads the Showdown website. Showdex is a browser WebExtension that needs to hook directly into the website, as well as the browser providing crucial WebExtension APIs (like chrome.runtime.onMessageExternal()) to load, read the battle state, etc.

Don't think that it's possible for Showdex to load into the desktop client without modifying the original source code (not to mention, it's not that easy getting Showdex on Safari either, which the homie Christian took the liberty of doing). We would need to fork the desktop client and release (& maintain) a separate version that includes Showdex. This is something that can be done (and we had a few people ask for this before), but at the moment, we got lots of bugs to fix, so we probably won't be looking into this anytime soon, sadly.

For the time being, using your browser is the only way to use Showdex. Hope that explains it :o
not sure if this one has been reported yet, sorry if it has (me no read)

bug: tera toggle grays/locks out if the turn is skipped in which a pokemon terastallizes. the tera type cannot be changed after this. since you can only set the regular types of a pokemon after this, it won't count the double-STAB/adaptability bonus either, if applicable.

steps to reproduce:
* be in a battle
* a pokemon on either side of the field terastallizes
* skip the turn as this happens
* the calcdex tab will now lock/grey out the tera toggle for which side tera'd

v. 1.1.4
This thing is sick. Have one suggestion for it, I play a LOT of OMs and would love to be able to change what a pokemon uses as its attacking stat (fortemons for example) so i could set my goodra to use its special defense while attacking.
anybody else have the issue where pokemon are randomly switched out?

everytime i click skip turn, a pokemon is randomly switched out, usually the one in slot 5 or 2

never happened before i installed the calc (chrome extension)

seems like a pretty major bug, hopefully its user error but idk how to explain this from my side as a mistake

EDIT: when i don't skip turn, this issue never happens, i view this as a sign i should just be more patient
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