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I'll need your time (GTM), but if you give me a Jolly Moxie Shiny Gyarados I'll trade you :D. My time is GTM -7
Can anyone trave a Custap Berry with me via Dream World? That is going to be difficult, because we need to be online at the same time and find us somehow.

I don't know what I could offer but I have a few spare items like Master Ball (in-game). We also have a few perfect or shiny or perfect shiny mons, if you need one.
I'm in need of someone to RNG some pokemon-

Shiny Relicanth
Rock Head
*must know Stealth Rock*

Shiny Jumpluff (in heal/love ball)

Shiny Lillipup (Luxury Ball)
Question about transferring 3gen to 4th gen(Im getting conflicting result)
If I migrate an underevolve pokemon to a 4th gen game and it gain a new ability in 4th gen, then there is a 50% chance of getting a new ability?
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If it has A0, it will never get a new ability upon evolving. If it has A1, it will always get the new ability when it evolves. This doesn't apply to Pokemon that either have only one ability, or have two in Gen 3, obviously.
@Everyone - To Those who I owe credit points, If you're interested in banner services, I am willing to make banners not just because I owe you credits, also because I am trying to built up my reputation as an animator in 2D animation and character designer in photoshop at my art school before I graduate this coming december. So if you like me to make you any banners, just post on my thread and let me know.

To those who I earn credits from, if you know how to rng abuse on the pokemon games, then you are welcome to try to get some of the pokemon on my wanted list right here on my thread. I'll try and make the time to update my wanted list and my thread during my free times when I'm available but I can only do trades and business on smogon on Saturdays only.

Wanted List

List of credit points that I owe to and earn from:

If anyone is welcome to try to do business with but if you're new around here and someone who I'm not familiar with, you'll have to prove yourself to me that you're trustworthy and tell me about your reputation here on smogon first. Thank you.
2 common pokemons!

Hello guys,

I was wondering if someone has this mons (Im looking for NOT hacked and NOT RNGed Mons, just common mons cought in the wild!):


Can someone Help me? Thanks in advance :D

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Depends on you.
And BTW, DP is where you'll get level 47 Dialga/Palkia, and you can use any types of pokeballs for them, unlike HGSS' Sinjoh Dragons... always in pokeballs.
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