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what do you guys estimate the ivs on this Xerneas to be? I know my 31 ivs are definitely in Def/ SpA/ Spd

level 50


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Is there anything worth Soft Resetting from Pokémon Colosseum for 6th Gen? Besides cool Poké Ball'd Starters? Thanks in advance.
Anyone happen to have a shinx that they are willing to trade? let me know if you would like in return. If anything I have All both Kanto and Kalos starters, I could also breed some protean froakies
Looking for people to add to friend safari add my 3DS FC - 4055 - 4017 - 1831
I'll get to them tomorrow morning :)
Up to battle and upload anyone who is up for the challenge also. Standard Rules/ Set to 50/ No restrictions
I missed another pokemon event at Gamestop and need a properly RNGed Meloetta for my collection. My trade thread is closed but still visible if you want to check there for pokemon.

My trophy case pokes are for trade too. Just please don't redistribute. Or if you want redis rights, let me know first. Also, I have pokes not listed in the thread. Ask and I may have it. Message me if you have a Meloetta to trade.

Ability: Torrent
Level: 59
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HP
Modest Nature
IVs: 25 HP / 20 Atk / 9 SAtk / 6 SDef / 15 Spd
Complete stats:
- Dark Pulse
- Grass Knot
- Surf
- Ice Beam
I got Pokemon X and I'm looking to make my Mewtwo a special sweeper - would anyone be interested in trading my Mewtwoite X for their Mewtwoite Y?
My friend and I are in need of dem friend codes for dat friend safari.

My FC: 5429-7925-7400
My friend's FC: 4313-0853-0749

Will add anyone who replies and mail you cookies.

PS: I will not mail cookies. One of us does unlock Chansey though.
Added both of you. My FC: 3969-4838-2026
Hey guy's anyone willing to trade any pokemon holding Aggronite for my Larvitar holding Tyranitarite?
Please PM if you are. Thanks :)
Looking for a timid poke with synchronize. Have various other synchs etc I can trade in return me to set up
In the Friend Safari, how many pokemon can you find per person? I ask because for me when I am picking the friend to use there are 3 squares, two of them have a pokeball pattern inside and one of them in empty.

Maximum of three (3) Pokemon per Friend, they need to be online at the time for you to see their third Poke! Also they need to have beaten the champion as criteria to have a third poke (usually the better one) appear.

EDIT: Once you see their third Pokemon you can see it from now on :)
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