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Looking to trade off my spitbacks:

5 IV spitback cleffas
4 IV scyther spitbacks (None of the 4 are SpA)
4 IV HP Bunnelby spitbacks
Ideal 5 Bunnelby spitbacks, but with the wrong ability

Charizardite X/M2nite X/Tyranitarite/Manectrite
Working on a trade thread, hope to post soon.

I have a box full of spitbacks (4 perfect IV) Relaxed Pineco with Sturdy ability and egg move Stealth Rock. Also have two perfects:
31/31/x/31/31/31 (HP Electric)
31/x/31/31/31/31 (HP Dark)
Level 35 untouched Forretress (Relaxed, Sturdy) with Stealth Rock 31/31/x/31/31/x
Also have Marill (Adamant, Huge Power) with egg move BD/Superpower/Aqua Jet, A few Riolu spitbacks (Jolly) with Crunch/Bullet Punch, Larvitar spitbacks (Careful) with Pursuit/Stealth Rock and Joltik spitbacks (Timid).

My Wants: Jolly Larvitar 4-5 perfect IV with relevant egg moves (Stealth Rock/Pursuit/Dragon Dance), Chlorrophyl Bulbasaur 4-5 perfect IV (egg moves?) and Adamant or Brave Honedge 4 to 5 perfect IV. Will consider other similar egg move, 4-5 IV pokes... but I am mainly looking for those three.

BIGGEST WANT: Modest SHINY Skrelp/Dragalgae!!!!! Will offer legends, breed/iv pokes, megastones, power items, WHATEVER FOR THIS!!! Seen a couple on GTS, trade for one that claimed to be Modest and it wasn't. Stupid idiotic GTS scammers.

Please PM me.
Just wondering is there a guy in this game that tells you what your hidden power is?
Greetings Everyone,

I've just noticed that all of you are finally able to get some of the new cool pokemon from the Sixth Gen.

I'm still looking for the pokemon on my wanted list but I'm also interested in some of the new pokemon on the 6th gen.
Like that Mega Kangaskhan and that Mega Ampharos.
You're welcome to CMT for any pokemon that you want from my Joint Thread but if you can not find anything that you want, you can also ask for banner services from me as well.

I don't mind doing business with other users but if you're new around here and if I'm not familiar with you, just be sure you tell me your reputation here on this community and proof to me that you're trustworthy first before I start doing business with you.

Looking for flawless Brave Timburr with Iron Fist and Drain Punch, can offer flawless Timid Magic Guard Abra, Flawless Timid Ghastly, Flawless Bold Gooey Goomy, Flawless Adamant Gale Wing Fletching.
Anyone know anybody breeding Flawless Timid Chlorophyll Bulbasaur and Flawless Naive Blaze Charmanders.

Might make these two my next breeding projects. :/
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You can use o-powers on your friends to level them up faster right (since they're cheaper to use on friends)?? Also, does the level of the o-power used affect the experience you gain?? Like, if I use level 2 breeding power on myself (or a friend) does that give me more experience than if I used level 1?
LF: 5 good iv ferrothorn (with egg moves)
5 good iv Venipede

for this
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