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Any use at all in TR Gengar? - HP Ice (I know the IVs don't compute, but that's what Serebii best guesses EDIT: and I won't RC unless I save on it) - Modest
Obviously nobody watched the VGC world finals. Senior champion won the whole thing with a trick room gengar.
still seeking lightning rod goldeen/seaking, as well as frisk sentret/furret. PM me if you have either please. I finally made a list of current spitbacks (in my sig). I did not breed for balls but to swap for other parent/fodder pokes it should be sufficient. can rebreed for 5 IV on anything with 4 IVs as well.
I can go get a code. It's 10 minutes away and there is another 20 minutes away ;)
Jeez, you are a lifesaver ;_;. I was gonna be hard pressed to convince my parents to drive 2-3 hours to GameStop 2 times for both gengar and diancie haha. Anything you want for it?

Actually someone gave me one a split second before. You should give the one you offered me to rufusdrumknott or someone else who needs it instead :).
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