Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 50 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

2nd bump lol:
Still seeking the following touch trades:


Luxury Sand Rush Drilbur
Luxury Honedge w/ Destiny Bond/Wide Guard/Block
Common Sword exclusives
Fossilized Birds/Dinos
Bob's Food Tins
Random 4 IV mons from raids (most are in Poke Balls though)
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does anyone have a hidden ability Toxapex/Mareanie that they would be willing to part with?
I have a Regenerator Toxapex I've been planning on breeding soon, actually! I'll let you know if and when I get a hatchling for you, okay?
(I'll post on your profile wall if that's fine by you.)

Still seeking the following touch trades:
Let's dance, love. I'll shoot you a profile post in a moment.
CST: 2:49 PM

Does anyone have an Intimidate Qwilfish, Hustle Nidoran (either sex works), or Sturdy Tyrunt? I have a thing for HAs, I will trade my own HA pokemon for them. These are the ones I have:

Snow Warning Alolan Vulpix
Vital Spirit Tyrogue
Weak Armor Kabuto
Unnerve Aerodactyl
Leaf Guard Chikorita
Sheer Force Totodile
Immunity Gligar
Contrary Shuckle

[I would need someone to clone these if you want them]
Inner Focus Raikou
Inner Focus Suicune
Multiscale Lugia
Regenerator Ho-oh
[v Back to normal now]

Unburden Treecko
Quick Feet Shroomish
Prankster Volbeat
Prankster Illumise
Infiltrator Seviper
Run Away Kricketot
Skill Link Minccino
Regenerator Foongus
Unburden Swirlix
Clear Body Klink

PM me for trade.
Desperate for HA Hatenna. Preferably in a Dream or Heal Ball. IV’s or Nature’s don’t matter. Can offer HA Rookidee with Defog and Roost or HA Mareanie with Haze.
LF Zacian with sword

offering BR pokes / master ball / gold caps / 5IV pokes / Breedjects/ non shiny breeding projects in sword and shield / many gen 7 stuff.
DM me for negotiations.
LF: A Foreign Ditto.

I don’t need 6IV or 5IV, but a few IVs would be nice.

No idea what to offer, PM me with request.
Turns out I still need a few more Master Balls for a few more Gigantamaxes. Anyone willing to give theirs up? I don't care if it's cloned.
LF Drampa and Sableye and a touch trade of zamazenta I that should leave me with the babies and zacian left, it would be a big help. Not sure if I have much to offer but could provide fossils
Looking for in gen 6:
- a Modest/Timid Groudon (RNG)
- Poke ball Event Vivillon (RNG)
- Modest Diancie (RNG, non shiny)
- Regi Trio (RNG, non shiny)
- Lake Trio (RNG)
- Timid or Modest HA Landorus

I can trade TSV shinies for the RNG mons or do some breeding projects (gen 6 or 7).

Also, anyone with Sun or Ultra Sun able to RNG a shiny Lunala using a NA code?

Edit: Anyone able to clone me 2 mons in gen 7?
Have HA Applin's and Bold Rotoms, looking for hidden ability Mareanie/Toxepex, Rookidee with Defog+Roost, and HA Cursola (dont care about IVs)
If you are still looking, I have HA Mareanie and HA Corsola that I would be happy to trade for HA Applin and a bold Rotom, respectively.

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