SM SM Majors I - Round 1

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FastCarVroom!!! subs into Pool 23 in place of DarkSafire_YT
Zokuru Ampha Siddakid boris69

Mimikyu Stardust subs into Pool 25 in place of SpaceSpeakers
evakiyama! Javi Airi Lightniong

fish anemometer subs into Pool 22 in place of Concept Everything
Kiryu Gaming jp005

TheDougArt subs into Pool 26 in place of Un Voyageur
xxTermanato69 Igniizard

spellcaster subs into Pool 18 in place of thajester
HANTSUKI feen Ravenna Maktyum

swag god subs into Pool 13 in place of Maxisc23
Proftreez The White Room Mysticwind Drachenkeule

Lusa subs into Pool 28 in place of Lord Ninjax
kiritofps pratik2007 Mashin Sentai

oliver chia subs into Pool 32 in place of mew fan 7
ChrisPBacon Mr.Bossaru autumn Cristian Jimenez

TDR subs into Pool 6 in place of Omega Umi
Clementine Pom2p1 YasuKe robjr

Note that the deadline is NEXT WEEKEND so you still have a bit over a week to play your games. Also I've only made subs where qualification might still be possible. I might do one last batch of subs tomorrow depending on circumstances, so please tag me if someone in your pool has been unresponsive to most/all players.

I didn't sub out some of the people that were requested because they picked up activity and/or seem likely to get the games done with the realisation that the deadline is still far away.
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