Tournament SM UU Ghosting Tournament - Finals [won by the French cucks]


sleep is the cousin of death
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Don't see a reason to not end round 3 early.

TeamHeatingAss vs. p2's team - saw some scheduling

Round 4
(Team HeatingAss vs. p2's team) vs. Lax Never Loses v.2
The french cucks vs. temporary viable overview desert carpet

Team Index (Team Name: Captain | Other Players):
p2's team: p2 | lax dodmen lo shohei ohtani toyotas dingbat
Team HeatingAss: Wittz | Jellomellow Mltprpz Stunar Internal_Pain
Lax Never Loses v.2: Villa | Hamhamhamham MJ Luthier EternalSnowman
temporary viable overview desert carpet: Kaideos | Eramoth RedEmption Mindnight Alkione
The french cucks: Jaajgko | Moutemoute BeTheShadow

Deadline for the extension is June 27th, 11:59 PM GMT-4
Deadline for Round 2 is July 1st, 11:59 PM GMT-4
Reminder that ghosting logs or the equivalent are mandatory when posting for a win. Don't deprive the rest of us!

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