NOC Small Street Game Thread - Ended- TOWN wins!


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GG, congrats Town.

So if you're wondering why my play was like that; I refuse to sub in late game and carry a flaking team. Whenever I sub into a game past d2, I don't count it in my stats and I only put in effort if I'm town or if I'm scum with a team that's trying. I was active while DS was alive and positioning to win, but after he died Jordan and Samoyed not only barely posted here but barely talked in the scum chat either. I don't think Jordan said a word. So, I told them I'd post as much as they did, and neither of them seemed to care. In that post I made defending myself I basically just complained at every reason my team sucked; garbage Toni kill (no offense DS), literally idling a kill after I gave two options and said Samoyed you send one 20 mins into the night, etc. So I wasn't "throwing"; I still gave an argument to not get lynched, and still posted townie enough that most ppl weren't voting me and I almost survived despite not voting my counterwagon (until Jalmont voted me I was living). But I'm sorry to DS that I also was throwing in a way.

That's why there was so much weird shit in this game. Because most of the scum team wasn't playing. Also, I wasn't lying about the solve being super easy, I just swapped Samoyed for Nuxl.


fuck it fine

nuxl is 95% wold


but idc



yes he is



rhe team is

nuxl ds Jordan 4th

idk the last one

they have not played well


maybe cs


we ruined our game by not giving ourselves daychat on the Governor day, among other things
Such as FH being modkilled
Bulletproofing the FUCKING DOUBLEVOTER
not powerscumming

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