Smeargle Studio's Photography Thread

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Hello there, and welcome to Smeargle Studio's very own photography thread! Now, I'm sure there are many members of Smogon out there who are budding photographers, so this is the thread to post any photos you've taken yourself which you want to share with the rest of the community. This is also the place to discuss cameras you have or want, photography tutorials and general discussion of all things associated with photography. Aside from the usual rules (don't double post regularly, etc), there aren't any seperate rules you have to abide to, except that please leave the photographs as they are, without editing (No Instagram or anything like that).

I use a Panasonic HX-DC1 myself, which is honestly pretty shitty.

It has all the basic functions (zoom, blur, sepia, that sorta stuff), but the lighting is poor and sometimes the picture quality is terrible. Hopefully I'll get one of the proper cameras soon.

Hopefully we can make this an active, fun thread with photographers both starting out, and professionals showcasing some awesome photographs.
No budding photographers?

This is the only semi-decent image I've taken with my camera; it's of a skater in Hong Kong, through a window.

Come on peoples, don't be afraid to post photographs.


pink wingull
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(Nikon D3000, I think I used my 35mm fast prime lens on this one. Lightroom used for post-processing)
Oh man that kitty is adorable, the surrounding area is interesting visually, and the red stripe at the front constrasts nicely with the predominately green background, great work paint :)

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