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Can someone draw a bad ass Mr. Mime for my PSPL II thread in Other Metagames? He's our mascot. The art doesn't have to have PSPL II in it, but if you can make it work, all the better. I'm looking for something menacing while still retaining the flavor of Mr. Mime's whimsical personality.
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I'd like to place a request for a banner for the new OM, Hidden Type. The OM is about adding a new type to already existing type(s). So yes, that means Triple Typings. And since it's based off of the Hidden Power of a Pokemon, Unown would be a nice theme for the banner.

But if you want, check out the Threatlist in the OP and go about that as well. Now that I think about it, maybe you can come up with a cool design for a Fire/Steel/Flying Heatran, Normal/Ghost Chansey, Fire/Grass Ninetales etc., (Pretty much any such new triple/dual types you find cool enough for a banner) and put them up. That would be really neat.

Thank you in advance!
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Hey guys, me and a few friends are currently working on a project called BAM which stands for Build-A-Metagame. Basically, it's similar to CAP except we are building the metagame from scratch, no GameFreak Pokemons will be involved, and all GameFreak moves, abilities and items will be used, except a select few. We currently have created over 40 Pokemon of our own to use along with a range of moves, items, and abilities. We are now looking for Spriters and Artists who would be willing to draw up and sprite our concepts. You wouldn't have to dedicate much time to it, as this will be an ongoing thing for a while. If you are interested, you can visit our forums to have a look around (BAM), contact either Me or Piexplode via PM, VM or by talking to us in our official room on the Frost server (
Hopefully you guys will be interested! Hope to hear back :)

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Actually it's only 40 done at the moment exactly, and he meant to say we'd not use any abilities, moves, or items of gamefreak's, apart from a select few (although there's something like 13 items we're keeping)


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If someone wants to do me a huge favor I'd love them forever!

I'd really like this guy's head:

Superimposed on a rainbow, kinda like this:

Only I want to be able to see the whole rainbow in like the same frame as the King's head so it makes a nice avatar (kinda like the avatar I have now only I want to be able to see the King's head nicely and the rainbow behind him, gif is not necessary at all)

For references, the King is King Katamari from the game Katamari Damacy
Hey, I'm looking for someone to make me a banner for my subreddit on reddit. I can pay in shiny pokemon if wanted :)

  • Must have the Wii U logo, then next to it the words 'Online Game Finder' Something like this, but better :P (Took about two seconds on paint)
  • Must be 1920w x 180h
  • Something like this as a background on the banner would be preferable. If this isnt possible, it cant be white or black
Thanks in advance!


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Could I request an image with a Dragonite showing a Dratini a Tournament scoresheet with the words 'Mentorship Mentours' above it :>
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So I made this banner for this competition on this website~? Any opinions on it? Think it'll get Hashtag #1?

I kno tis kinda selfish of me posting my art here ,buy hey~ It's only 1 image~ ehh heh~~ *happy Face*
Sooo....any opinions on how could I improve it? Does it look nice? Some one talk tooooo meeee~~~

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Little Cup has a team shop now, similar to the one in the OU forum, but I don't want to use the same logo (for obvious reasons). If someone could make one that says "Little Cup Team Shop" with a Mienfoo or Pawniard at a cash register, that'd be fantastic. Of course, if that's not manageable, just something involving an S-rank LC Pokemon and something shop-like would be great. Thanks in advance.

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posting again cos it's been a while and Bummer linked me to this as somewhere to request sprites. Any spriters who would like to make fakemon sprites that they can actually battle with then please come to or pm me on here or leave me a vm or leave me a message on then we can maybe make it come true for you. We really need spriters!!
hi, can we have a banner for the pu room and the main pu thread featuring poliwrath and throh? the highest quality possible is preferred, as it would be the main banner for all things relating to pu.
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