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Upon popular request from the Jerk...


The premise of this post is is to point out which awards were wholly undeserved and also to show some love to the unfortunate souls who were robbed of their shot of Smogon fame.

I will mainly be doing the Tournament awards, obviously, and not the nonsense like GP etc. for obvious reasons. I will be starting from the top of the Awards page and moving down. Now, let us begin!

Of course bro LMAO ribbon syndrome strikes yet again i bet pohjis could hav been up against prime blimlax and omfuga and still robbed this award unreal. LOLO ok but, looking at the goons who were nominated, this was in fact a DESERVED victory for pohjis. the other players seem like memes, and zestys a loser for ruwc. so there u go.

Can't ever really go wrong with ABR being 1st. If I had to vote for the best overall best player, I would pick John, but you could easily take into account factors such as teambuilding and counterstyling while deciding this too. Fine pick.

Ah yes, the lower tiers. No real surprises here. Have to give Pearl the win after he took down Grand Slam. Ajna's been too dominant and the other mainers haven't really done that much over a consistent period of time, so free win there too. ribbon syndrome rly bumped pohjis to 3rd tho yikes. Lax has been pretty solid throughout official tours so that's deserved also.

bro LOL i mean hav to get it to teddeh just off the basis that he was an spl retain while the other dudes have never touched an spl like. also how tf is the pu bkc 4th? LOL what a sham

Some controversy here probably after Bowman's bad snake. I mean, if you're counting VGC then emi should easily win but i guess this is just a Smogon Doubles award. Bowman has the legacy so it kind of makes sense I guess. I don't really know doubles that much so I'm not that upset with this one.

did u guys watch snake LOL no shit this man should win he body bagged teal w the mystery spider and took every1s lives

well this guy went 2-0 vs me in monosnake so i cant really criticize it

alrite LOL nails has been good at vgc for a while obv, but when u get 2nd place in worlds, i think u deserve 1st place in the fucking smogon awards LOL no offense 2 nails obv he's heat. robbed

Best Battle Spot Battler
  1. bobochan
  2. Psynergy
  3. DragonWhale
  4. chemcoop
  5. greilmercenary9
  6. 11oyd
Best OM Battler
  1. Hamhamhamham
  2. Chloe
  3. jrdn
  4. Catalystic
  5. xavgb

play a real tier.

damn. bkc didnt win old gens LOL what a time. can't even say he was robbed either. lavos won classic and has been body bagging clowns in spl in 5 seconds. deserved win.

Well. can't really go wrong with abr here. i mean, he did manage to win World Cup and hold the ruiners hostage like cdickass did with the bigs in order to finesse a trade to tony and win spl lol. cant really complain. and well...bkc drafted hipmonlee.

yeah. again, can't go wrong with picking abr here lol. he was 40k for a reason

i wouldnt hav minded seein googly win this bro that man rolls up w some dogass every game LMAO ben gay has the clout tho and he still innovates w/e

have u guys not seen fear play spl? LOL jesus christ man this guy has not gotten unlucky in 3 yrs and manages to hax whenever hes about to lose. hes still good tho obv but still. i guess abr plays more tours and hes insufferable w his stupid OMG ITS MATH GUYS so w/e fuck it.

well. if you're gonna give him all the other awards u have to give him this one i guess. theres arguments tho but still solid pick

?? wheres kw vs ajna dude LMAO that shit was heat holy. idk i guess this ones fine. roro won 3 classic cups like 4 yrs ago who cares. zomog and finch was one of the worst series in smogon history

LMAO WHO PUT WORLD CUP 3RD? this shits a garbage tour. snake not even on the list wow. imagine a lower tier tournament bein 2nd LOL spls obv the best every yr not even close

tony makes way too many puns dude LMAO some r p heat tho no lie. deserved win. hows blunder 2nd tho lmk LOL fanboys dude

LMFAO WHAT?? ELODIN LOLOLO HOWD THIS TOXIC CLOWN GET 1ST IN THIS WHAT LOOOOL elodins as toxic as me dude LOL how tf is ll 3rd after the durza saga dude who tf voted this. idk who tf should win this but its def not these goons

if u write enough words, people will get lazy and agree with you.

and lastly...


??? LOL bro i was in disbelief when i saw this. had to check the date to make sure it wasnt april fools dude. like what LMAO BRO R U GUYS BLIND HELLO every sane tournament player knows the holy trinity of artists is anundeadboy / Zracknel / Bummer

and after all zracknel did for spl, how tf did he not win dude LOL my god this has to be the biggest robbery in smogon history. u should all be ashamed. unbelievable. blind ass clowns. i refuse to believe any of the ppl who voted on this did an actual art comparison.

and that is all for this edition of the GOAT METABEAST SMOGON AWARDS POWER RANKINGS! See you all in World Cup lol.

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