Smog Awards 2019: Voting Round!

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All the nominations have been tallied up, so let's move to the second and final round of this year's Smog awards!

Click the boxes before the names of the users you want to vote for, and when you're done, click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. As a reminder, you can vote for multiple candidates per category.

Thanks for bearing with us, and feel free to use this thread as a discussion thread; voting closes in a little over a week, on Feb 28th, noon EST / 6:00 PM CET.

Congrats to all the nominees, and may the best one win!

—Smogon's Flying Press Staff
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Smog rewards has a category for meanest user, user most likely to put ketchup on their steak, and worst name changes...

Ah yes! These are SO awards! Especially compared to... I dunno, best OU player or nicest user! Yes! I best users on the worst name changes and meanest user must feel so accomplished. Especially compared to the folks that got nicest user or best Uber player or something...

Sarcasm was obvious. But in all honesty though, I love the smog rewards events. Getting to choose from all sorts of different users, having a talk page, and having so many different categories and some change each year to prevent staleness... Yeah I hope these stay until the day Smogon dies. Which shouldn't be for many more years.

Figured I wanted to get those thoughts out of my head, so I wanted to write this message in appreciation for staff doing this stuff.
How many battles and GXE do I need to vote? Are there any room tournaments I can win to get voting requirements?
I certainly don't recall any GXE or battle requirements to be voting in this. You must be thinking of suspect tests.
Edit: Well then... I knew it was a joke because it's waaaay too obvious there is no GXE or battle requirements or anything, but I decided to respond like I did anyways... Just because I can
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In my defense, I gave out the password to my Attidude(which was my first ever alt on PS) account, dom grabbed it, and got it banned,and I don't want to be known by the banned alt name of a banned user, so I got its backward spelling regged on PS, and changed my name here to reflect that. But, hey don't worry; I take it in good humor that I'm nommed for worst namechange of the year and to let you all onto a lil' secret, I voted for myself in that category :blobshrug:
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