Multifaction/FFA Smogeimm Game Over, Winners: Euklyd, Nuxl, Vooper

i posted this in game chat but if you are new to the format in general and are lost do not hesitate to send me a pm/ask questions. it can be pretty daunting for people to get an idea of how to play so i would like to objectively help as much as i can.



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HayasakaToday at 12:22 AM

i don't feel like being randed but i also don't feel like talking to enough people to get myh alias out there



do not shoot it thanks

this way if i die it has to be on purpose

euklydToday at 12:31 AM

this is the one game where we can shoot the host for giving us shitty roles

you've sealed your own fate

HayasakaToday at 12:33 AM

my char is


so you can most definitely shoot him yes

however htis would be a victory bec ause i don't have to play this game anymore??

i'm not suer where the downside here is
I've been informed that masspings are frowned upon, to which I say: cowards, all of you OkAy I gUeSs

Offer still stands ofc - guess my alias here or on disc & tag me and i'll tell you a secret


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Announcement: I've decided to buy the winners of the game a months discord nitro classic, as long as there is not a smogon rule stopping me from doing this that I'm unaware of

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