Smogon Awards 2016: Voting Round

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You nominated them, and we only picked the best of the best. It's your turn to vote for your favorite ones. As well as the nomination round, you can change your votes as much as you want, just remember to click save when you're done editing.

This year you can vote for multiple candidates—no more need to agonize over which one of your favorites is your very favorite!

Follow the instructions in the Home Page, and you should be all set! Deadline for voting round is on March 21st at 4pm (EST).
Thanks for your patience and feel free to use this thread as a discussion thread.

Special thanks to Toast++ for the awesome site :toast:

-Smogon's Flying Press staff
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faking tasks in navigation
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why did I get nominated for best custom title (especially without the context of my avatar) but not best DOU player

I don't expect to win the latter but ???????
Sorry to change the demographic from all contributers here, but where can I vote for them?

EDIT: I'm in. And I voted 1v1 for best OM. It's a good meta guys! Try it!
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