Smogon Awards 2016: Voting Round

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logout then log in, make sure to check the "stay signed in button" after that, go to the page and hopefully it will work (im using chrome)
still didn't work, tried on both chrome and firefox. Can anyone else help me?

edit: went to my dad's house and used his computer
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Banned deucer.
I don't even cause SPL drama all I do is post really bad shitposts, what a disgrace to put an apprentice like me with a master such as WhiteQueen

Also I love geemick


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Honestly im surprised i didn't get nommed for worst avatar after how much that madoka one i had in either december or early january pissed everyone off

Also that moment when you see the notoriously-bad OU, ubers and LC ladders as noms for "best ladder"
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