Other Smogon Chess Rapid 2013 Round 1

Important Update

Because of time zone problems, Jayde and Ano couldn't play, as well as Z-Rex and tas. To accommodate them, me and AM have swapped the pairings so now it is:

Jayde vs TAS
Ano nyme vs Z-Rex

Please, play your game as quickly as possible

We have also subbed in Jackal for xtrashine after Seco's activity post. Please play as quickly as possible.

The deadline is extended to 2 days, midterms have made life busy so let's try to get this done guys.


I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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Hey Seco can we play tomorrow? I am available literally all day, VM me a time and I will be there, I am EST

posting this here so the hosts see too!

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