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I did it again
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New thread, same old fun. Just a quick reminder from an old thread (thanks cookie):

1. no tl;dr logs - if you can't be bothered to cut it down, we can't be bothered to read it
2. no quoting yourself - if you're part of it that's fine but if you're the reason why it's meant to be funny it probably isn't

Our version of Ruins of Alph:
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What a beautiful face, I have found in this place
[9:19 PM] Holiday: quote do...
[9:20 PM] Holiday: do you kiss boys or girls?
[9:20 PM] Holiday: :o
[9:21 PM] sometimes: and I kiss whatever
[9:21 PM] Holiday: pancon
[9:21 PM] Holiday: we stan
[9:22 PM] sometimes: would never limit myself based on gender or sex
[9:22 PM] sometimes: only on the most important factor: Do they like a well-made BLT?
[9:23 PM] sometimes: so obviously vegans are out of the question


what are birds? we just don't know.
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[9:59 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: god is a pretty loaded and provocative term, but when I say god here I mean turning your attention towards consciousness itself rather than the objects of it
[9:59 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: so like instead of being aware of the thoughts you are thinking, you would willingly choose to be aware of the awareness that is aware of those thoughts
[10:00 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: focus on that
[10:00 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: and then by spending enough "time" observing it, you find out the innate qualities of that awareness
[10:00 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: one of them being that instead of being a product of the physicial body or elements that it in fact projected both, that it was never born and can never die, that it is inherently blissful
[10:01 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: oh and that its the same in everyone
[10:01 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: so you arent special
[10:01 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: or that everyone is special
[10:02 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: and not only everyone, but in every thing like a rock or a spoon or a giraffe or a squirrel or a drop of water
[10:03 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: time is in quotation marks because really there is only right now
[10:04 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: which funnily enough is another technique you can use to intuit what im talking about
[10:04 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: to only focus on the contents of the 5 senses rather than any feelings or thoughts
[10:05 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: so like if you are sitting in a room you focus on the appareance of the chair, your gazing at the wall, how it feels to sit
[10:05 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: but without thinking "well the chair feels hard"
[10:05 PM] THE_IRON_KENYAN: just the feeling
[10:13 PM] FireBot 2 Mod Mace ♡: tik stop medicating
[10:14 PM] FireBot 2 Mod Mace ♡: just say the n word
[10:14 PM] FireBot 2 Mod Mace ♡: and turn back to normal
powerful stuff
[1:21 AM] Decem: i have a tour set at 3 am
[1:22 AM] Decem: for the intro to ct monon tour
[1:22 AM] Decem: mono
[1:22 AM] Timid Staraptor:
i have a tour set at 3 am
what the actual fuck
[1:22 AM] Decem: LOL
[1:22 AM] Decem: i played
[1:22 AM] Decem: a series at 5 am the other day
[1:22 AM] Decem: i legit fell asleep in the middle of g3
[1:22 AM] Decem: and timed out and woke up 7 hours later
[1:22 AM] Maki: you idiot..
[1:22 AM] Decem: LMAO
[1:22 AM] Timid Staraptor: LOL I remember that!
[1:23 AM] emma ❤: DECEM
[1:23 AM] Decem: wasn't on smogon thankfully
[1:23 AM] emma ❤: LOOOOOOOOL
[1:23 AM] Timid Staraptor: LMAO
[1:23 AM] Maki: stop being mean show some empathy
[1:23 AM] Maki: omg..

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