Tournament Smogon Draft Kick-off Tour - Battle Pools (Round One) - Pool #1-#32

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Claiming Act vs Estebano10 didn’t answer my smogon message and never responded to any of my group on discord as far as I am aware.


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Calling act vs Darkster in pool 15. They missed the scheduled time and didn't reply to my rescheduling attempts (or send another message in the server), and even if they replied tonight I can't play anymore
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Claiming act win vs Kalib_32. They've only sent one message during the battling phase that was unrelated to scheduling.
Claiming act win Blazey (Blazey4) vs Skimmy (skimmythegod) Pool 3. They said they cant play by the deadline and they didn't know when the deadline was.
Pool #13

claiming act vs carpius, they have not responded to several attempts to schedule.

regarding inferno1392, we were scheduled to play 3 minutes ago, but they have requested to delay the game by 30 minutes, which would go into the deadline. make of that what you will.
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